crowded at campground Thanksgiving??

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Aug 6, 2000
The posts all say that the theme parks are crowded that Thurs, Fri and Sat, but is the campground? Is River Country open then? Is it crowded then if so, and is it warm enough to enjoy??
We arrived in Ocala on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and stopped at the Disney Stop to see if we could check into FW that night (we had ressies for Sunday through the following Friday night). We were told that they were booked up. We did find Hidden Lakes campground off of 192. We stayed there Friday and Saturday night and it was a very nice park (no FW, but nice just the same... and it had a jaccuzi!). We were told that FW had something like 585 checking out and only 85 checking in on the Sunday after thanksgiving. FW was quiet most of the week but got very tight when we left.
Hope that helps.

mb:-) 'o'
We stayed the whole week of Thanksgiving in 99(Monday-Sunday).It was busy the whole week.We thought by getting there on a Monday that it would not be busy until Wednesday(since most schools do not get out until Wed.) but we were wrong.A LOT of people took their kids out of school that Mon and Tue.The campground was packed and the parks were very packed.A lot of people did start going home on Sat but some stayed until Mon to try to get out of the traffic.
There are lots of places to eat turkey dinners though.



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