Boardwalk Buskers going?

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by LIDisneyFan, May 22, 2001.

  1. LIDisneyFan

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    Sep 5, 2000
    Just read on another board that the Boardwalk Buskers, the live entertainment on the Boardwalk, will be eliminated on June 14th.

    The Buskers were a big part of the charm and authenticity of the Boardwalk - and a draw to get people to come stroll the Boardwalk and $$$ at Disney at night.

    Any info on whether this is true, and if Disney has any plans to replace them - or is the live family entertainment draw of the Boardwalk going away??
  2. F.C. Fan


    Apr 6, 2001
    I had read about this on another board as well.
    Since there is an actual date given on their last day, it more than likely it is over for them.Once again I really don't understand Disney's thinking with their live entertainment.

    I see a devious plan here, every month we'll get rid of a musician or group of muscians to free up "millions" of $$$$$$$$$$$ that we have invested in them, and with that money we can build some more Dumbo clone rides, maybe even re-do JIYI again since we didn't get it right last time, plus we still have mega money leftover after axeing Future Corps, The Magic Kingdom Marching Band,and even The Disneyland Marching Band.
    Here's the lastest casualities, April-The Hollywood Hitmen, May-piano player at The Brown Derby restaraunt, June-The Boardwalk Buskers, and The Kids of the Kingdom Band. Who's next??????

    I'm starting to think the people in charge of the Entertainment dept. at The Mouse House, were either kicked out of band when they were in school, or perhaps a friend or family member were trampled by a roaming pack of muscians.

    I know I know I'm in the minority here, but I really think it's a shame they are axeing so many talented muscians almost monthly anymore.
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  4. DVC-Landbaron

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    Jul 21, 2000
    Yes. But a very intellegent minority!!!

    Anyway, that was one of my complaints several months ago, but being in Chicago I didn't personally witness it. Safari Steve was quick to point out that the firings were in conjunction with hiring and the guest would see no decline in live entertainment and (seemingly) spontaneous street performances.

    I shut up since I couldn't verify anything and decided that since Steve was there, he knew best.

    And then in April I took a trip down to WDW. And what do you think I saw in the MK alone. Marching bands, barbershop quartet, piano players and even more marching bands!! Seems Steve was right!! Maybe they cut back, maybe they didn't. Maybe they used to carry more on their payroll and now they hire day help. I don't know. What's more, I don't care. It certainly didn't seem to be any less to me. So if they can run the place more efficiently AND AT THE SAME TIME maintain the same level of entertainment, then I have no complaint at all.

    So, maybe, just maybe, they have other plans for some live entertainment for that area.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they didn't. That would certainly fit with their recent MO. All I'm saying is that sometimes they surprise you - - pleasantly!!

    Maybe one of our resident CMs can add to this. Safari Steve? OnWithTheShow? Know anything?
  5. F.C. Fan


    Apr 6, 2001

    There is no replacement band for F.C.( it's been over a year now), there also is no replacement for The Hollywood Hitmen,( I know it's only been a little over a month) Some people I know in Entertainment said it's hard to find any open slots in any of the other bands and that the hiring freeze applies to muscians as well as the other C.M.s

    and as for the replacement bands at M.K. the muscians are EXCELLENT, unfortunately the music is very repetative due to management, which is kind of a bummer for the locals who go out of their way to see these great muscians.

    Thanks for backing me up though.
  6. Safari Steve

    Safari Steve D23 Expo Here I Come!!!

    Aug 27, 2000
    Wow! Thanks for the pat on the back, DVC. I can't speak on the changes at the other parks, as I am more familiar with mine. As for the hiring freeze, that was only temporary, and is now over (at least as far as hourly ops and entertainment is concerned). It's not a conspiracy, and the intent is not "Lets get rid of the magic"... but some things are being overlooked by some members of upper management. But I digress... DVC, your post made my day.
  7. Hey guys! Just read the other thread here on the Rumors Board "Cutbacks at the Boardwalk" posted by dvcdudes. The Amazing Johnathon himself posted a well written & eloquent response confirming their departure. He seemed unfazed by it and pointed out managements thinking. Perhaps he'd like the "Buskers" to keep performing but he sure didn't seem bitter...Unlike much reaction here on the DIS when a change any change is made...
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  8. Testtrack321

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    Jan 13, 2001
    I realy don't mind them leaving. Why? I NEVER see a band roaming the parks. WHY? I RIDE RIDES AND SEE SHOWS!! By iliminating small bands is a good idea, but if they remove BIG ones (like the pipe and bugle courps of American Adventure) is a SERIOUS Disney mistake. Plus, Disney is battining down the hatches, just incase, of a recoil in attendence.
  9. airlarry!

    airlarry! Did you know some ferns date back to Prehistoric t

    May 30, 2000
    >>iliminating small bands is a good idea

    I must disagree on this point, even though I am a "thrill ride" guy.

    The 'small' entertainment is one large part of what makes WDW so special. Our last trip during Mardi Gras was a case in point. We were a little hot, we had ridden everything we needed, and were over by Ms. Pott's for ice cream in Fantasyland, when all of a sudden out comes these four saxophones guys. They were fantastic, and my kids got a kick out of dancing with them.

    They even called up this little girl for her birthday and got her to play on a pretend saxophone. The music was cool, but it was their repartee with the crowd that was even better.

    Don't forget, you've seen one animatronic, you've seen them all (slightly exaggerating here), but there is something about live performances that are really the heart of being entertained. It takes talent to go out there in front of a crowd and make them forget how hot it is outside, or how bad the lines are.

    BTW: I don't mind if they change the entertainment....just don't eliminate it.

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