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Nov 19, 1999
Just a heads up, sorry no details until it's public, but there's a huge change coming up in the Express service. Starting the week after next the existing system will be removed completely and replaced with a new system. Massive investment in equipment and staff will support the new system.

It's fair to say it will be better than ever before and better than anything that's anywhere else. I'll will say that you'll sure want to use a multi-day ticket, annual or seasonal pass. And for an even better deal, let's just say, it won't pay to stay off-site.

Big marketing blitz coming soon....
Aloha Earl,

How nice of you to make changes that will make us all happy. :) Please make sure all the glitches are worked out before we all get there in March. ;) Got my seasonal annual pass to redeem and will be staying at HRH, so according to your post, things should be great for me. :D Now if only you can reassure us that nothing will be down for rehab and that you plan to meet with us... ;)
Earl, I must say you get the award! Are your messages in code? I think I must go back and reread circling the second letter of every word :rolleyes: Perhaps then I can come away from one of your posts actually knowing something!Of course you know I am is kinda fun <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused"> ? I am so desperatley trying to figure out how they could further enhance the benefits of staying onsite. I know! Maybe they will offer onsite guests passes with their stay? Doubt it! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> Thanks for the info, Earl... :D

Perhaps designated ride entrances for on-site guests and a lil computerized card for entry.
Wouldn't that be nifty!



Earl you do keep us on our toes. I always visit hoping to see if you made a post or not. Can't wait to see what is going to happen.


Wow this sounds intriging. Once it's official please let the rest of us know. Here in the Uk it will probably take ages to filter through!!
Earl-what is the first day of the test? I'm there until Monday morning, Feb. 5. Please advise!!

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Curious.........What can be better for "On Site" guests than FOTL access ALL DAY?????

Can't wait! :D :D


Actually, to add to Earl's hints:

Good news: The new system is ALOT better than Disney's Fastpass and will be available at EVERY attraction (except Pteranadon Flyers) including the stage shows.

Bad news: No more front of line entry for first two hours.

And here's the big one - although on-site resort guests get FOTL access all day, you will be limited to getting FOTL at each attraction only once per day. In other words, no FOTL re-rides. This will be controlled by the computers recognizing your room key and what attractions you have been on already
And that's supposed to be good news for on-site guests? Are on-site guests receiving something new in exchange for losing their FOTL "All day Every day!" perks?


OK, it isn't "official" yet, so we really don't know for sure. But if this is true about FOTL being only once per ride, that takes some of the joy out of it for me. Yes, it's nice to be able to use it once, but the really great thing is loving a ride then being able to jump right back on. (sigh) Well, it did seem to good to be true. :(

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Well, while it may not be official yet, Earl and CoasterFEV seem to be about 100% accurate on these boards. I'm sure the new system will be great, it will just be hard to wait to hear the official details. In addition it seemed obvious the FOTL for on-site guests couldn't work forever in it's current form anyways. It was fine with one hotel, then HR opened, and next year the new hotel. Before long the onsite guest lines would become longer than the regular lines. Just my thoughts,

I'm sad now - I was really looking forward to FOTL all day, with multiple rides. I hope they don't limit it even more before I get there next year.

Donna R.
On Feb 5th and 6th. We are not staying onsite but we do have 3 day Escape passes. I am anxious to see how the express will work for us. I will post when I return.

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I'm having a hard time figuring out any of this is "good news" for on-site guests; especially since they are also taking away "express" mornings.
Don't forget, on-site resort guests will always get the early-entry mornings. (Mon & Wed @ IOA and Sun. & Thurs @ USF)

JTOPICZ1 really was on target. With two hotels now open, and construction on the third already starting - most attractions just can't keep up with the demand of FOTL access for all the on-site hotel guests.

Any of you who attempted to use FOTL access at Spiderman during Christmas week (when Portofino was near full) should have seen the reality behind it. The line was consistently 10 minutes long or longer - many times backed up onto the unload ramp - just for Portofino guests. Now add another 600+ rooms of guests and think of what some attractions (Spiderman, Hulk, Men in Black, etc) will be like!
So is Express as we know it still in effect? I went to IOA last Wednesday (I think; may have been another day) and Express wasn't being done. I didn't receive a card and none of the Express doors/walkways were open.
I think most people can see the problem with unrestricted FOTL access but having said that being restricted to one ride on each attraction would not be sufficient incentive to pay extra to stay onsite. I would imagine that losing this perk will be compensated by on-site guests receiving something else - like exclusive early entry to the parks EVERY day, or something. :D
To quote Earl:
"And for an even better deal, let's just say, it won't pay to stay off-site."
- so I would have thought some other on-site perk must be forthcoming.


I would prefer they keep the park open a few more hours then to have early entry. I am just not into waking up at 6 or 7, gulping down some breakfast and being jolted awake by riding on amusments at that hour of the day. Just not my ideal way to start a day. Much rather be able
to continue my enjoyment by the park staying open longer. Never understood why these parks close so early anyway. In the summer here in New Jersey, our seaside boardwalk amusements and piers remain open till midnight. Any hoo... :rolleyes:, I do think it is necessary to limit this FOTL perk to one ride per day. I think that is only fair to the people who are waiting and waiting and waiting and watching others go for their second time when they are still waiting for their first ride. Nice perk, but not really fair.

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I agree - I would much prefer to stay up late than get up early. Maybe they can do something like the E-ticket nights at MK. We did that year before last and it was fabulous.


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