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May 4, 2006
Sounds just like me. At least we have identified the problem. Many dont
It’s amazing how this has crept up on me - I guess it’s my age because my habits have been the same for decades. I like to be up early so I can start slow, rather than having to rush and it’s the same for winding down at night. I love an hour or two to myself when the house is quiet. Lately though everything is going downhill - my energy levels, mental acuity and even my physical strength. I see a HUGE difference after nights where I have forced myself to get 7 or 8 hours sleep instead of 6. (There are no insomnia issues - I fall asleep instantly and sleep soundly.)
  • DLgal

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    Feb 12, 2013
    I usually head up around 10:30 but no matter how tired I am, it takes me at least 30 min to 90 minutes to actually fall asleep. I wake up, generally, right after 7 hours of sleep.
  • Praying Colonel

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    Aug 16, 2004
    Sunday night: putting off starting the work week, I stay up too late (11:30 or so), wake up at 6:15
    Monday night: stay up too late because DW doesn't get home work until 9:30, go to bed at 11:30 again, wake up at 6:15 again
    Tuesday night: exhausted from staying up too late the previous 2 nights, I'm in bed at 9:30, wake up at 6:15
    Wednesday night: feeling better from having got a good night's sleep the night before, I stay up too late (11:30), wake up at 6:15
    Thursday night: excited about the coming weekend and only 1 more day in the workweek, I stay up too late (11:30), wake up at 6:15
    Friday night: Exhausted from being sleep deprived and having to get up early Saturday morning for a weekly breakfast I help with at my church, I go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 5:15.
    Saturday night: Go to bed whenever, sleep until I wake up--usually about 9 hours.

    So 2 nights/week I'm getting enough sleep, another night (Friday) I get close to 8 hours, the rest I'm getting way less than I should. I'll change at some point--but I don't know when.

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