AP Only Info Thread Reservation System /Extensions / Refunds

mitsukoshi samurai

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Dec 8, 2009
We had 3 platinum passes in our household (all three were cancelled on the phone because we never got a cancellation email) and today we got one magnet. I only received two cancellation confirmation emails so maybe one of my passes never got cancelled. Sigh....Shaking my head......
It’s one magnet per household, not per pass holder
  • jdd

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    Jul 24, 2006
    nothing for me yet either - I actually just found the one I got in Epcot in February in my luggage as I pack for my weekend trip :rolleyes1


    Semi-Local Disney & Universal AP Holder
    Oct 22, 2015
    So here's another complication: I submitted the email request for cancellation for my AP before the August 11 date, but it hasn't been processed yet - no refund yet and my expiration date still shows the extension. I also have two comp tickets from singing in Candlelight Processional last year that still expire at the end of this December, so I have those both assigned to my account.

    However, since all the AP reservations are gone for the day/park that I want, MDE won't let me book reservations for that day, even though there are single-day-ticket spots available. It's not letting me pick which kind of reservation I want and it's only considering the AP, even though I also have those comp tickets assigned to myself. If I switch the comp ticket to a family member's name, it shows that I can make the reservation, but when it's on my account, the AP overrides it.

    I guess I can just make another profile for myself that was never connected to my AP? It's just frustrating that my AP (which I even cancelled already!) is actually making it *harder* for me to get in the park if I decide to go.
  • DaveNan

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    Jul 31, 2017
    Got an out of state AP magnet yesterday. But several family members at different addresses are still waiting.

    Cygnus 2112

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    Mar 10, 2019
    So we renewed our AP in October 2019 over the phone but thanks to 2020 being all 2020 we haven’t been to WDW as of yet (and we probably will not get there until April of ‘21. What happens? That money is lost and I just renew again? I also need to upgrade my pass to Platinum from Gold.


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    Jan 4, 2011
    All of our family AP's are gone this morning from MDE; I opted to cancel them in early August. Hoping it means I'll see a refund soon. We are out of state Platinum AP's; pass would have been good until October 2020.
    Mine disappeared back in April and I got nothing yet. I doubt I’ll even get my refund. The responses are so blanketed from cast members. I have never ever heard of a company running a business like this. How much do I get back. And when. “ ahhh mhhh I don’t know and you get it whenever”
    It’s literally pathetic.
    How many thousands of returns does say amazon process in a day and refunds are quick. The we have soooo sooo many to process doesn’t fly with me. It did back in April and may but now. No way. World is back to work. Get it done.