Anyone know if they have any Nick Jr. things there...


Oct 20, 2000
My son loves nick jr. with Blue, Rugrats and all the other shows. Just wondering if anything like that is there.
Hi mar915,

We were there in December. I was looking for the same thing and unfortunately we did not find very much. There is a small kiosk outside the gates to the Nickelodeon Studios Tour. Its called Nickelodeon kiosk. They had some blues clues stuff and some rugrats as well. My kids were happy, they purchased some autograph books and my little guy got the blue's clues handy dandy notebook. Inside Nick Studio you may find a few rugrats characters. I have seen posts on this board mentioning sightings of these characters. We however did not see any. Maybe you will get lucky! Good Luck :D

we watch only Rugrats and Blue Clues and that is it. When we were there we saw inside the studio of Taina and the slime show. Our 3 kids weren't interested in these at all. Younger kids LOVE the Jr stuff but there is nothing there but posters....
Too bad I know....sniff...I love Steven Burns , he is so darn cute....they kids love Blue, I love Steve....


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