19 days of no work..no worries.. day 3

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    19 Days of no work…no worries…

    Day 3

    We had an 8:30 priority seating @ Breakfastaurus this morning so we were up and dressed early. We drive to the Animal Kingdom and take out our double stroller, the kids hop in and we are on our way. We had to stop at the guest services window to upgrade our Annual Passes for Premium annual Passes. Aprox $345.00 later we have access to the water parks, Disney Quest and Pleasure Island. We checked into the PS line and are escorted to Breakfastaurus. We hear several people asking why this line of people are able to get in and they are not and the Cast Member’s explain to them about the early Priority Seating times at Breakfastaurous. We are seated in the room that has the camper/buss type room connected to it. We enjoy the great food and service while the character’s visited. Mickey, Donald, Pluto and Goofy all made their way to our table several times. Goofy played a lot with Kayla. The kids enjoy showing the character's their home made autograph books with pictures from past trips. Mickey notices that him and Michael have something in common but Michael insits that "no I'm MICHAEL" The food was fresh and Mommy especially enjoyed the cinnamon French toast. The kids enjoyed their cereal, banana and muffins and pancakes that they chose from the buffet. Mommy and Daddy missed the dino hash that they used to have though. After saying goodbye to all the characters we took our children to the “Bone Yard”. They had been asking to go back here since our last trip so we let them play for a long time here while Mommy and Daddy took turns on Prima Whirl. It was then time for several rides with no wait on Tri Ceretop Spin. Daddy took a quick ride on Dinosaur and Mommy walked the kids through the trail with the Dinosaurs that you can touch and sit on. Around noon we left the Animal Kingdom and returned to our room for a nap. This was our only group nap of our entire trip and we all enjoyed it. This was a special treat for Mommy and Daddy, as we don’t get the pleasure of naps at home.

    Around 3:15 the kids have a PB & J sandwich and we dress in our bathing suits and catch the bus to Blizzard beach. We climb the long stairs to the Family Raft Ride and show Michael the picture of the “big blue kiddy pool” that we are going to ride in. He agrees that this looks like fun and we are off. Michael clings onto Daddy for dear life and Kayla giggles all the way down. We thought for sure that Michael would not have anything further to do with this but he fooled us! Michael screams out “I want to go again!!!” This time we take the ski lift, which we all agree, is a much more pleasant way to reach the top. ALL of us giggle our way down this time and a cast member snaps our picture at the bottom (yes, we bought it and it’s on our shelf in our bedroom to remind us of one of our favorite times together as a family) We rode the Family Raft Ride over and over and over again. We then convinced the kids to try out Tikes Peak. They had a great time there and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed hearing their laughs and watching their smiles. It was getting close to closing time so we took one more family trip on the raft before leaving Blizzard Beach for the evening.

    We did not make a priority seating for the evening but did not feel like eating in the food court so we showered, changed and drove over to the Polynesian. We obtained a walk in seating at Ohana’s around 9:30 and were seated at a table near the window with a great view of the Magic Kingdom. They had begun hula lessons so Kayla and Mommy joined in. What fun we had! The waiter brought out Kayla a flower lei after we sat back down at the table, which made her very happy. The food was excellent from start to finish and the kids ate more at this dinner than at any other. The salad, rice, chicken wings and wontons were wonderful and a big hit with the kids. The shrimp, turkey and beef had a wonderful flavor and were very moist and tender. We had a nice relaxing dinner and had a fantastic view of the fireworks. After the fireworks the waiter brought over extra chairs for the kids to make a little bed out of and they slept while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a refill on a few of our favorite items and the pineapple and Carmel sauce for desert. We carried our beautiful children back to the van and back to our room and we all drift off to sleep after another magical day @ Disney World.

    Tomorrow: Typhoon Lagoon & Animal Kingdom Lodge
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    I'm enjoying your trip reports so far! My parents took us to St Augustine when I was little too! This was before there was even a WDW! Of all the places we went that summer in Florida, I remembered St Augustine and the glass bottom boats in Silver Springs the most....oh, and the mermaids.:)
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    Very nice report!

    We sat in the "trailer" last December at Donald's & really enjoyed it! Did your server use the fake ketchup & mustard bottles on the kids?!?!

    The picture at BB sounds really nice!

    We are looking forward to our first meal @ Ohana's our next trip!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    What a beautiful day! The CMs at 'Ohana seem particularly wonderful and accomidating. I'm so glad you are having a special family vacation!

    :earsgirl: Krissy

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