What’s the wettest you ever got at a Disney Theme Park?

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Nov 15, 1999
Kali river rapids.....got seriously deluged with a ton of water. I was wearing white pants. Mental note: Never, ever wear white pants on Kali. As I exited, CM said, "nice underwear" my white pants were completely soaked and revealed my undies. :oops: So embarrassing! I had to buy a shawl from nearby stand to cover myself. Never again, never!


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Mar 19, 2001
May 2009, it monsooned for days. We were in Epcot when a huge wave of water came rushing at us. I had to buy new shoes for DD.


Sep 17, 2009
Kali river rapids.....got seriously deluged with a ton of water. I was wearing white pants. Mental note: Never, ever wear white pants on Kali. As I exited, CM said, "nice underwear" my white pants were completely soaked and revealed my undies. :oops: So embarrassing! I had to buy a shawl from nearby stand to cover myself. Never again, never!
This happened to my mum, same ride. Wore white linen trousers like the proper English lady she is, and ended up having to buy a wrap at a little stall next to Kali.


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Sep 26, 2005
The Halloween Party many moons ago. My late wife had the great idea of Dorothy and the Scarecrow. Spending 8 hours in 85 degree heat and 90 percent humidity wearing essentially a burlap outfit head to toe was the most miserable thing I've done....until the skies opened at 10:30, then it was sweat plus water. Never again.


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Jan 4, 2014
Wettest on a ride : PIRATES! It was during that wierd time where they upgraded the boats and the balance kept being off. They put us 4 adults in the front row and we basically nose dived on the drop as a wall of water poured over the top of the boat into our laps.

Regular Florida rain wet : first night at WBC and a rainstorm (January - so it was like 60!) dumped on us while we made our grocery run. Parking lots were deep with cold water as we were trying to lug groceries in. The grocery bags had lakes in them by the time we got up to the room and I looked straight out of a wet t shirt contest.... a bad one 😂.
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    Jan 31, 2011
    What I love about all these stories is how distinct the memories are for everyone. No one likes being soaked in the moment, but man, does it sure make for a long-lasting memory.

    For us, it would be June 2011. We were at AK, and took the obligatory picture of our happy family as we entered the park. We were back near EE when it just started pouring. We walked over to Finding Nemo show, which we weren't planning on watching, but decided it sounded like a good idea to get out of the rain. My 8 year old daughter was wearing a little spaghetti-strap dress and I'll never forget the look on her face as we got seated and she was shivering mightily from being soaked and now hit with the AC. My wife gave her a sweater to put on while we watched. Once the show ended, it was still raining, but just lightly. We headed over to Dinoland to get a bite at Restaurantosaurus. Naturally, there were no tables inside, but it finally stopped raining, so we used a spare pair of underwear we had brought for our 4 year old daughter to dry off an outside table and happily ate our food. 20 minutes later, our kids were happily running around the Boneyard, while my wife and I sloshed around the rest of the day. We took another photo in the exact same spot as we left for the day, looking decidedly less chipper and fresh.


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    May 6, 2012
    Torrential downpour one day at Epcot park opening. I waded through what seemed like almost waist deep water. My daughters were with me, we tapped our bands and went back to our room.😊


    Oct 12, 2016
    Magic Kingdom at night in February. A mostly unexpected downpour hits while we are near Liberty Square. We have no ponchos or other rain gear. We are otherwise done for the day except that we have FP+ for Splash Mountain. What to do. Wait it out? Run to the exit? Ride Splash?
    My 2 daughters ask me to estimate how far a run it is from where we are to Splash Mountain. I say that it's close, but we'll still get soaked. And they cannot resist the call of the FPP.

    My wife finds a nearby store to stay dry in. The girls and I sort of walk/run as fast as we dare without slipping. What I didn't expect was how much of an effect being in the dark and a heavy rain would have on our sense of direction and perception. We didn't take a wrong turn, but I just never felt as sure as I normally would be as to where we were and which way to go. We tap into the FPP line for all it matters as hardly anyone else is foolish enough to ride in these conditions, and meander through the walkways, which are surprisingly open to rain. I misremembered it as being much more covered. Which is also true of the ride. I thought of it as a mostly dark indoor boat ride with the outdoor big fall/splash at the end. Oh no. That's not really the case. It is mostly outside for the first half plus before that extended inside section at the end leading up to the Splash. Meanwhile we're just fully drenched and the issue of how badly the big splash at the end will get us is increasingly moot. Behind us, a mom is narrating the story of the figures to her amusingly annoyed daughter who says "it's not helping because I can't see anything!" NB: If you wear glasses in heavy rain a cap or hat with a good sized bill or brim is vital.

    When we finish and arrive back at the boarding area, I look up to the people ready to get in just as I get up to disembark and say "It's really not that bad," to their obvious and amusing horror. We get off and engage in a bit more uncertain walking until we meet up with DW in the store. She is righteously mortified when she sees us, all the more so because there is just enough of a chill in the air to worry that we all have now contracted pneumonia. Spoiler: we didn't. It was really the best thing ever, even if I might be the only one who thinks so. The girls don't quite regret the ride, but I don't think they are as enthused about it as I was. I also had difficulty getting anyone back on Splash Mountain for a while even when it was warm and dry.
  • JohnR5101

    Feb 15, 2018
    Love the stories, and the memories.
    Sept 2013, MK late afternoon. Rode Splash and got a pretty good dose of water, but not "soaked". A thunderstorm was nearing the area. Went to BTMR and waited in the inside queue for the lightning hold to pass. Then we rode it with the rain pelting us. Of course, we had experienced some showers on other days that were very welcome and we had quickly dried off, so we were not too concerned, but by this time we were soaked. We had a res at Liberty Tavern for just when the park closed. But we wanted to go down Main Street to buy some dry shirts. For some reason we could not find any shirts to buy so we had to go to dinner dripping.

    The AC was what really killed us. It was the most uncomfortable experience we had. And to top it off, it was our anniversary. Of course, we can laugh about it now. But we just returned from our visit end of May and my wife was super cautious about anything involving getting wet and going inside to dine.


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    Apr 11, 2019
    Definitely not on Pirates of the Caribbean.

    This is an inside joke, in a facebook group I am in. Maybe some of those people are here and it'll be like our Bat signal!


    Jul 16, 2016
    Not technically at wdw but was the old downtown disney. Me and my cousin took the boat from Port Orleans we were both in flip flops and around age 13. When the boat landed it started to POUR! like instantly puddles. We ran in flipflops tot he old mc donalds and once we got inside we were soaked.. never have I been so soaked in my life


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    Nov 22, 2006
    Was there with my adult son, his wife and my sister. We were spposed to spend the day at Universal but I woke up feeling sick, so we decided to postpone Universal a day. Walked to Epcot from Boardwalk Villas instead. I felt worse and worse, and then the torrential downpour started. I HAD to go lie down, so I headed back to the room, crying all the way, in water up over my ankles. Freezing and crying. Didn't even wait for the boat, I was so wet at that point, and just wanted to get back to the room. Besides, did I mention I was crying? Stopped at the Screen Door, bought a can of chicken noodle soup, and went back to the room. Worse Disney Day ever(for me!)


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    Nov 7, 2005
    Kali on a ride. Went down the waterfall part with my back to the drop and my wife said you could see the wave that landed on me coming over the top of the raft. Soaking wet. Though maybe not as wet as we got on Dudley Do-Right's at Universal. Never really got super wet on any other Disney ride.

    At the park, I have a picture somewhere of my wife from maybe 5-6 years ago on a May trip (our first adults only trip) when it rained the whole time. We were waiting for a tram at DHS when it started absolutely pouring (for about the 100th time that trip) and the rain was blowing sideways. My wife is in a poncho and still was soaking wet (as was I) and not looking too happy. That was a pretty miserable trip. We basically gave up on the parks and just went from resort to resort to walk around and hit the bars. People say they'd rather be at Disney but that's not always true--we spent many thousands of dollars to get rained on, walk around in wet shoes and clothes (so it was cold whenever you were inside), and then just hang out at different resorts. I certainly would take my money back over that trip.


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    Jun 11, 2021
    Kali River Rapids! We were soaked. The next time, I put plastic suits over our clothes - ponchos and pants. Do you think we got wet? Nope!


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    Jun 4, 2018
    We tend to go in spring/summer, so we have several may-as-well-have-jumped-in-a-pool-fully-dressed stories. A couple of the more memorable ones:

    1) Had tickets to La Nouba in the middle of a super-active thunderstorm with lots of lightning. The Disney bus stop nearest to the theater was all metal at the time and the tallest thing around, so we didn't dare huddle under the bus stop to wait out the rain. We hightailed it to the theater but just that short distance was enough to soak us to the bone. It was an enjoyable but COLD show in the A/C!

    2) Different trip, we were at AK and had Sanaa dinner reservations. While waiting for the tram, the skies just opened UP. Sideways rain and everything. Once at AKL, remembering our La Nouba experience, we figured we'd buy a couple towels in the gift shop to dry off/cover up a bit. But they had ZERO towels for sale! Luckily the folks at the Kidani front desk were lovely and let us borrow a couple hotel towels for the duration of our meal.
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    Jul 20, 2010
    On our trip in 2019, we were on SDD at DHS. I saw the rain cloud but was hoping we could ride before it started to rain. NOPE. As soon as the ride took off, it started to pour! We were getting pelted with rain and it became painful because of how fast SDD goes. Then on top of that, we were in an uncovered part of the ride waiting for the cars ahead to get loaded and unloaded. When we finally got off...it was like we jumped in a swimming pool with our clothes on. :rotfl2: