What’s the wettest you ever got at a Disney Theme Park?


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Mar 26, 2014
The wettest I have gotten from a ride was Autotopia at Tokyo DisneySea. They had options for "Wet" or "Less Wet" and it was hot so I picked Wet. It took me under a waterfall and paused. I was completely soaked through every layer of clothing. It was so hot that 10 minutes later I was completely dry.


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Feb 1, 2013
During honeymoon at WDW (we also got married there). Went on Splash Mountain several times in a row. Sometimes we were the only ones there. Got so wet it looked like we jumped in a pool. I remember getting off the ride and we were laughing so hard. We had such a good time.


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Mar 11, 2021
AK, waiting for a tram. Lighting hit a tree over by the bus stops and a woman was injured by falling debris. That was maybe 5 years ago?


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Jun 13, 2008
My DH's answer: the water park :rolleyes1

My answer: One year at MNSSHP, it started raining and ending up raining over 5" in a couple of hours. In fact, I decided to google "record rainfall in Orlando, FL" to see if I could find the date. I ended up finding a chart that shows the most rainfall in a single day for each year, and sure enough, I found it. It was October 8, 2011, and it rained 5.59". Besides September 10, 2017 (where it rained 6.95"), that is the most rain in a single day since 1968. My family ended up going back to the room, while I stood in line for 3 hours at City Hall to try to get tickets for another night. I have never been so wet!

Runner-Up: My two DSs rode Kali River Rapids right before our ADR at Yak and Yeti. They got soaked and had to eat inside in the air condition. When we left, we noticed the giant puddles of water under their seats! They were miserable the whole time.


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Oct 12, 2001
I was at EPCOT during the no name storm in the early 90's very few people there and was drenched. There were very few people in the park it was the best day I had there. I was almost by myself watching Illuminations.


Apr 15, 2011
At DCA my brothers and I would ride GRR during rainstorms. We’d get pretty soaked. I guess we figured if we were going to get wet anyways we may as well ride. They were some of the best times.
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Mar 15, 2017
Our first trip, it poured buckets while we were at AK and we got stuck at the back of the park. By the time we’re trudged to the front, through the actual running rivers of water, we were soaked to the bone, underwear and all. We actually paid to dry our clothes it was so bad.

On our most recent trip, we were eating in the outdoor restaurant space in the Mexico Pavilion (I don’t remember the name) and it started to rain sideways and up under the little gazebo. While the family scrambled to cover up, I got pelted and enjoyed some decadent nachos and honestly had the time of my life. Rain and nachos, two of my favorite things, came together that day and it was peak happiness. I’ve gotten to the point where I pray for some sort of rain every day we’re there.
  • wfjny

    Apr 30, 2012
    If I can turn the question around a bit…

    About 10 years ago, my wife and two younger children decided to leave MK and head back to BLT. The heavens opened up about 30 seconds after we arrived. How lucky we were. We were bone dry.

    We had left my oldest daughter with my BiL, SiL and two nieces. They stayed on It’s a small world three times around. The rain did not let up, and they finally made their way back to the hotel. They could not have been wetter if they had jumped in the lake and swam from MK to BLT.

    We still laugh about that night to this day, and every time we go on It’s a Small World. We also check our Weather App alot...

    emily nicole

    Aug 18, 2017
    Christmas Party 2019, I’m not sure of the exact date, but the party had pretty much just started and it came a downpour. The downpour turned into a full blown thunderstorm and most of the attractions closed. We walked through ankle deep water in Tomorrowland. Waited in a 2 hour line at Guest Services for a refund. Unfortunately it was the last night of our trip so we have never yet experienced a Christmas party at MK.

    Covid happened and we canceled our Dec 2020 trip. I rebooked for Dec 2021 using that Christmas party refund for the deposit. Hoping we get some kind of party (like the Boo Bash) this year!


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    Apr 9, 2016
    From the rain, HS in October 2019 when we caught the tail end of Tropical Storm Nestor (I think).

    From a ride, Jaws over at Universal.
  • pigletto

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    Oct 27, 2007
    At Epcot during a torrential downpour. It rained so hard that the water was up over our ankles and mid calf in some parts ! It just poured and poured.

    Everyone was waiting for it to let up but there was no signs of slowing down so we walked from the Japan pavilion to the front entrance in this torrential rain storm . At one point where it was really deep my husband laid down and pretended to swim to make my kids laugh . I can’t tell you how many times they’ve brought that up in the years since . What a great memory !


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    Jan 1, 2003
    We've had many drowned rat experiences, but the one that wins the prize was getting caught in a severe thunderstorm leaving Trail's End at FW. We ran down to the dock to catch the boat to CTR, but it was late. :eek: There is absolutely no shelter there, so we had to huddle under the overhang of a small out building. It was a bit scary because we were standing in water and the lightening was relentless. :scared1: When the boat finally pulled in we made a run for it; we were the only fools on the boat that night.:sad2: The ride back was pretty wild, we had no idea those waters could be so rough. Our captain and his mate were dressed head to toe in yellow rain gear, and we were joking with them all the way back that we felt we were in a scene from the 'Perfect Storm '. It was still a monsoon when we arrived at the CTR dock, so with our ponchos flying in the wind we had to wade through the ankle deep water into the safety of the CTR. Thank goodness for those towels in a basket by the door!


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    May 14, 2021
    It had to be our first day there in 2019. We went to Disney Springs before heading to Typhoon Lagoon, the bottom fell out on our way back to the buses. We tried to wait it out but we needed to get going because we were going to a Glow Party at Typhoon. Luckily we all had bathing suites on under our clothes and flip flops on. I looked like I'd taken a dunk in a pool before I even got to the waterpark, as did my girls and mom.


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    May 3, 2004
    This year, April. We were at HS in Galaxies edge toward the back when we had a downpour. Couldn't get into any stores due to Co-Vid. Going to Toy Story land was not going to be any help.
    We walked toward the tunnel, soaked. Its amazing how many people can be packed into that area. We waited there a while. The rain wasn't stopping, so we left and walked back to Boardwalk.
    Even with a rainjacket and umbrella we were soaked.


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    Jun 22, 2012
    Son and I got soaking wet on Splash at Disneyland. They put us in the front. My son decided to duck when we went down, and I tried to duck so that I wouldn't take the full brunt of the splash. Our shoes were already sopping wet, because there was a couple of inches of water in the log to begin with. Every bit of my clothing, including undergarments, was sopping wet. I could physically squeeze water out of my clothes. I was dripping everywhere. Thank goodness we had already had our dinner in the freezing restaurant. The people behind us were Disneyland regulars and commented that they had never gotten so wet on that ride before. It was getting dark and kind of cold. Well, cold for Texans in California in summer. We bought beach towels at the gift shop to try to dry off and keep warm. Still have those beach towels and use them often. I still haven't gone back on Splash, even at WDW.


    Sep 17, 2009
    This is a bit of a crazy story.

    I went to Hollywood Studios back in 2002 with my family. We decided to check out the Studio Backlot Tour and I was asked if I wanted to participate in the “Harbour Attack” scene. Sure, I’m up for it!

    They gave me a slicker and waders because the “scene involved water”. Cool cool cool. I was playing along, doing what they told me, when a thousand gallons of water was dumped on me. Obviously part of the act but I had NO IDEA what was happening. And worse, the waders were super loose on me so the water basically filled up the pants like a water balloon. I came out of there soaked to my skin. Totally drenched head to toe and actually dripping. What was funniest was that there are obviously no water rides at DHS, so I sogged my way around the park, dripping everywhere, on a perfectly clear sunny day. Everyone was like “WHAT HAPPENED?!”


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    May 28, 2014
    You mean wet from rain or from a ride, or either? I'd have to say the first time I rode KRR. Felt like I was dropped in a dunking booth. Of everyone in my party, I like water the least, so of course I got soaked :rolleyes1 No, I wasn't wearing a poncho! Rain wise, probably right outside of Norway heading to Maelstom. I did have a poncho on because of the storm, and when I got in the Maelstrom boat, the CM said "you don't need that poncho, you don't get that wet." Lol I knew that but he must not have known it was pouring outside :scratchin


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    Sep 2, 2019
    For us it was Epcot, October 2019 when we went to see Boyz II Men's Eat to the Beat concert. DH is a huge fan, never seen them live and their appearances at Epcot have never lined up with our trips before. Everything was fine until we got seated and then the heaven's opened and thunder and lightning started. We waited in the rain getting soaked for a good 30 minutes while they worked out what they were going to do. Eventually they announced that the concert was cancelled because of the electrical storm that was still going on. The audience just started singing "End of the Road" spontaneously and eventually the band came out and sang along acoustically with us. It was probably the shortest and wettest Boyz II Men concert on record. We then had to walk back to the front of the park to get the bus back to the hotel. I can tell you that was not a pleasant experience - water was flowing off of me as I was standing on the bus, I was so embarrassed but a lot of other people were just as bad as us! Walking through the Contemporary back to our room was equally embarrassing too! That was our last night in Epcot and we'd planned to see Epcot Forever for the first time but obviously it was cancelled. So after a shower and changing into PJ's we ended up watching a YT video of the fireworks on the TV while eating our deserts we'd brought back from Homecomin' the previous evening - a pretty perfect end to a hilarious adventure (we couldn't stop laughing at just how wet we both were and that the rain showed absolutely no sign of stopping!)