Weight Loss and Running

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    Jul 14, 2012
    I lost a little over 30 pounds last year by doing a modified South Beach diet (a little more generous on the fruit and whole grains but avoiding all simple carbs) while training for the Princess Half marathon (down 60lbs from my all time high) and still need to lose another 30 to get to my goal weight (right at the top of the "correct weight/BMI range" for me).

    My weight loss stalled around November and I've been stuck at my current weight (+/- 5lbs) since then. I'm very happy with my progress this far. :banana: I'm very happy that I haven't put the weight back on. :banana: But I really really really want to get to and stay at my goal weight. ::yes::

    Has anyone had success doing South Beach while training for distance races or doing other heavy exercise (one hour a day or more)? Do you modify it in any way to compensate for the need for carbs while training? Would I be better off on Weight Watchers?

    As you can tell, I'm feeling a little lost. :confused3 I'm recommitting to serious effort towards my goals when I get back from the Expedition Everest 5k at Disney next weekend and I'd like to figure out whether to go back to South Beach or to try Weight Watchers. Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions would be exceedingly welcome! :mic:
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    Personally I think your modified south beach diet sounds good, but maybe add in tracking portions and planning snacks more carefully to make sure you are fueled enough for long runs. I'm not speaking from experience because I haven't successfully lost weight while training for a half but in theory, your healthy eating plan sounds like it would work. And I might try it too! I did a modified south beach about 10 years ago when I did hard spin classes a few times a week and that did help me lose weight. Not sure if hour+ of spinning equates to hr of running.... My other days were strength training, elliptical, kick boxing and Pilates. Wow... I just realized i worked out a lot more before kids!

    Good luck on everest!
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    Does South Beach have any guidelines for adding in extra food for when you are very active?

    I know that with WW I have to use all Weeklies and Activity points, or I'm in trouble, now that I'm running. At the beginning of April I actually passed out in the shower after a particularly long run, because I had burned so many calories (I wear a heart rate monitor) and hadn't had a snack of any kind after my run. I *have to* fuel my workouts both before and after my runs, and I'm glad that WW gives me guidance in the form of Activity Points.

    Today I was skimming an article called 'The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition" in the free Competitor magazine I got in March from REI, and they talk a lot about good fats, fruits and veggies, and grains. So I'm not sure if it would go along well with SB. Then again I've never done SB!
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    Sep 5, 2012
    Have you tried adding Strength training into your routine? Its the only thing that has really helped me after a plateau. Strength training can rev up your metabolism and help you burn off more fat. Plus its done wonders for my leg strength which has really improved how I feel during my long runs :thumbsup2
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    This is what I was going to add! Jillian's 30 Day shred or Ripped (both available on Youtube) really helped to build up all muscle groups...or simple but consistent weight lifting for all muscle areas would help you burn an additional amount of calories.

    Also, pace your calories, try allotting 300 for breakfast, 100 for each snack (handful of almonds is good!) and 400 for lunch and dinner...keeping your blood sugar regulated with something every 2-3 hours helps everything work efficiently...and cut out caffeine or reduce it...that can have effects on your body's regulators...stay clear of sweeteners, avoid diet drinks...

    Congrats on such a super loss and maintain!!

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