We "opened" Toon Town(kinda long)

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    Dec 5, 2000
    Last week we got to open Toon Town at MK. We heard from a cm that Toon Town would open at 8:30 (it was an EE day). When we got there NO ONE was there and Toon Town was roped off with a sign saying it opened at 10am. Going on our info from the cm, we waited from about 8am. A cm from the train came over and explained that it wouldn't open till 10, but we stayed the course. About 8:20 Alice in Wonderland came out to greet us and open Toon Town. She usually picks a family based on a short trivia quiz,but we were the only ones there, so we were a shoe-in:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: Alice walked us to Mickey's house and told my DD to "Wish really hard, and knock three times". When she knocked, Mickey opened the door and took our family on a private tour of his house:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc
    I can't tell you how cool this was. Mickey walked us through the house then took us to his meet 'n greet area for photos...NO WAITING! The WDW photogs also took numerous pics (we bought all of them of course). This was a huge dose of Disney magic for a group of seasoned Disney tourists:D
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    Dec 28, 2000
    Thats cool sounds like a fun time you guys had.

    We went over to MNSSHP on the 31st this year and were waiting for the park to clear out some befor we left.
    So we were sitting by the train station and a security guard walked up and asked if my 6yr old would like to make the last call
    for the monorail :D

    We sat there for maybe 10 min and this CM walked out of a door and started talking with my kids and they talked for over a hour
    it was great then the guard told us it was time to go.

    So we walked up the ramp to the monorail and she was given
    the order to make the last call on his radio it was cool to see her do that.

    So the monorail pulled in we got to ride in the front and had a blast with the driver. That has to be one of the best times we ever had at WDW.

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    Those are great stories. Sometimes it's the things like that that are so much more memorable than anything planned ahead.

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