WDW Eplorer Software

I'd talk to lots of people to make sure you want this. I got it in February for about $25. I enjoy it. BUT it's very outdated. The AK segment consists of a few photos of ToL, and some artist renderings. Lots of closed rides are included. (JII, Skyway, 20,000 Leagues are just a few examples.) As I said, I do enjoy it, but I don't feel it was worth the money.
I've had it for a couple of years and my seven year old son just discovered it and spent hours on it. He loved finding the hidden mickeys. I think one of the best things about it is that it has the old rides on it. Even though they're gone we'll always be able to remember them by just popping in the CD! As for the price, I think I found mine on special at Sam's Club or Walmart but can't remember what I payed for it. :)

I'm sure it depends on what your goals are. For people who use it as a tool to bring back memories of past trips, I'm sure it's great. We aven't been to WDW yet and were going to use it as a planning tool. So for us, the fact that it's out of date greatly reduces its usefulness. (That being said, there are a couple of fun items on it.)


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