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    I thought I had my heart set on Sunset Pointe at the Polynesian because of the castle in the background and because we honeymooned there 10 years ago. The more I think of it, the less enamored I am because the castle is SO far away. Also, we want to have our first dance and then a father/daughter & mother/son dance and it doesn't appear that there is any cement or anything there. It looks like it is all grass or sand so we would be dancing on that.

    Does anyone have any good pictures of the other locations. I have been looking at the Boardwalk location as well as the Yacht Club gazebo, but haven't found any really good pictures. If you were married or renewed your vows at Disney, could you please post a link to your location pictures.

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    I don't have pics of the other sites, but I can tell you at Sunset, there is cement for the 'aisle' which is very long, and there is no sand. The sand is off the side of the site down the hill, so you can have beach pics but you wont have to be in it if you don't want to.

    Hope this helps

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    i have our site visit pictures of the yacht club gazebo that i could send you, if you pm me your email ill send them when i get home, i also have 2 or 3 pics of seabreeze point but also check out kt27's site visit thread on this forum she had some great pictures of seabreeze point posted just the other day. seabreeze point has a cement area around it where you could easily have those special dances, yc gazebo has grass & a brick aisle/walkway. you could also do an intimate wedding/vr at the trellis outside the pavilion which has a closer view of the castle still in the distance but something to ponder.
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    PM me with your email address and I'll give you the link to my Sea Breeze Point pictures.

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