US or SW?


Jan 16, 2000
If you HAD to choose, would it be Universal Studios or Sea World?

Here is a synopsis of my family and such...
I have been to everything in the area but AK. My DH has been to nothing. He loves rollercoasters but also loves animal parks such as SW. Our kids (4 1/2 and 27 months) have never been to anything in this area either. We will probably have to choose either US or SW and I can't decide. I did just read on the SW board that there are free visits to SW (I am thinking w/ the Funpass or something like that). Does US have anything like that?

Anyway, which would you choose? Both have positives (Barney at US, animals in general at SW--DS loves stuff like that, etc). Thanks!

2/28/01-03/06/01: Wyndham Palace for $36 a night!
In my opinion, the kids will like Sea World better. The adults will like Universal and IOA.
Thanks. We may just play it by ear. I should have stated in my OP that I had been to everything that was current the year MGM opened :)

2/28/01-03/06/01: Wyndham Palace for $36 a night!


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