Top 20 Hits -How many do you remember?


Can't decide who's Statler and who's Waldorf...
Jul 15, 2000
Here were the top 20 hits in Chicago this week in 1958; how many of them do you remember?

1. All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers
2. Return To Me - Dean Martin
3. Twilight Time - The Platters
4. Witch Doctor - David Seville
5. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
6. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - Elvis Presley
7. He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands) - Laurie London
8. Jennie Lee - Jan & Arnie
9. Chanson d'Amour - Art & Dotty Todd
10. Kewpie Doll - Perry Como
11. Do You Wanna Dance? - Bobby Freeman
12. Let The Bells Keep Ringing - Paul Anka
13. I Met Him On A Sunday (Ronde Ronde) - The Shirelles
14. All The Time - Johnny Mathis
15. Talk To Me, Talk To Me - Little Willie John
16. Book Of Love - Monotones
17. Rumble - Link Wray & His Raymen
18. No Chemise, Please - Gerry Granahan
19. Sugar Moon - Pat Boone
20. Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu - Dicky Doo & The Don'ts

I'm surprised, I only know 12 of them well! How about you?
Considering I wasn't even born until 1965, I did pretty good. Dad and Mom listened to this kind of stuff all the time, so I became familiar with lots of 50's music. :banana:
I know 11 and I wasn't even born yet in 1958 (this week at least)I wouldn't be born for another 3 weeks!
I only know 4 :blush:

This was 43 years before my time x_x

I remember all of them except Sugar Moon by Pat Boone. I was born in 1942.
I know ten of them, but I'm sure if you sing a few bars of the others, they will come back to me. :teeth:
I know about a dozen, but mainly from listening to the oldies stations. I was born in 1957, but really don't remember many originally.


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