Things to do before you go to Disney!


Jan 24, 2010
Hello everyone! I'm trying to come up with a list of
"Things to do before you go...", and I need some ideas for it! Some things I want to include are check in to the airport online, print tickets from home, check into CBR online, etc. So far those are the only things I can think of, but I know there's more! Please help me come up with a list of what you do before you go!

Thankks :thumbsup2


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Dec 10, 2008
Have copies of all your important info. In case the original gets lost. I have all my reservation details in my iphone but made 2 paper copies just in case something bad happens! ( Of course I would die if I lost my iphone)


Nov 9, 2006
1. We sit down and talk about what is important for each person to see/do in Disney. We make a list so everyone's needs are met. (within reason)

2. The kids tell me the 3 important things they want to take so we don't forget anything they want/need

3. I tell the neighbors where we are and when we will be back so they are looking out for our house

4. Clean the house from top to bottom. It is better to come home to a clean house and it is easier to see what you need to pack.

5. Make sure I have insurance cards

6. In the event of an accident, we have papers letting our family know what we want. I put it out for someone to find. Yep, I know it is morbid but a reality.
  • rhpools

    Jun 14, 2009
    Write your name and resort on a piece of paper and take the first picture on your camera. If your camera gets lost, and they look at your pictures they will know who it belongs to.


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    Jul 27, 2008
    Make sure your drivers license is not expired. :drive:
    Unplug appliances. :happytv:
    Turn off the water. :dance3:
    Extra pair of :cool2:
    popcorn:: for the plane ride and layover.
    :thanks:note for those watching your home.
    Quarters for the :laundy:
    Medication in case someone gets :sick:
    :ssst: Don't post your plans on social networking sites.
    :umbrella:in case it rains.
    Finally, have a party:


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    May 22, 2007
    Have your mail & paper stopped or arrange to have someone get them daily.

    I see you've been before, so I'm sure you know about this, so I put it in just in case a 1st timer is reading...If you are not used to walking, start out doing some everyday, if you can get up to 2-3 miles per day by the time you go. You do alot of walking at Disney. I clocked 12 miles one day (granted, it was one long day...rope drop to emh evening close the park :) ) If you can't get out, the Leslie Sansone dvd sets are good, and easy for the me!

    If you will be using a cc, leave the card# and phone# with someone you trust. If it gets lost this will make it quicker to cancel the card.

    Don't put your address on luggage tags. Just use your cell phone. That way nobody knows what house will be unoccupied.

    In addition to the tip about the name/resort on your camera...also take a photo of your cell phone #. Make sure to take one with the memory card and one without. This way it is on the card if it gets lost w/out the camera...and/or the camera if it is lost w/out the card.

    Make a photocopy of your tickets and/or kttwc when you arrive (concierge/help desk will do this for you). Keep it in your backpack/purse/pocket daily to make it easy to replace lost cards.

    Have a great time!!!
  • scarlet_ibis

    Jan 23, 2005
    Feed the fish.
    Take out the trash.
    Make sure that there's not a wet load of laundry in the washer. :eek:
    Make sure your children have flushed the toilets. :scared1:

    Print coupons for your airport parking and check traffic.
    Put your contact information INSIDE your suitcase, in case the tag comes off.
    Pack your checked liquids in baggies with a note to TSA requesting that they reseal the bags if they inspect them. (We had a huge mess one time!)
    Gather addresses of people you'd like to send postcards to, and buy the postcard stamps. (Then pack the addresses and stamps!)

    Book the petsitter/kennel.


    Jan 14, 2006
    Most of the really good ones are already listed above...

    print airport maps if you are connecting, to make it easier to find your connecting gate - especially if your time is limited!

    print disney journal pages for the kids (adults too!) from the mouseforless website

    if you're pulling the kids out of school - make sure the kids have homework done ahead of time, so you don't have to haul schoolwork with you

    don't forget your cell and camera chargers

    stash one credit card someplace in your carry-on, just in case you lose your purse/wallet - so you aren't left high and dry

    pack gum - disney doesn't sell it on property

    be aware that only coke products are sold on property - so you will have to deal with your pepsi/dew/etc need in another way

    relax and enjoy every minute - it will all be memories before you know it!


    Feb 12, 2010
    If you are a twenty something, travelling with your forty something parents... don't forget to give them the money you owe them for your portion of the trip that they charged on their Disney rewards card! Hint, hint, my DD lol.


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    Feb 14, 2010
    If you are a twenty something, travelling with your forty something parents... don't forget to give them the money you owe them for your portion of the trip that they charged on their Disney rewards card! Hint, hint, my DD lol.
    But. . .that's at least three quarters of the Magic!!


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    Sep 10, 2008
    pack aloe vera...suntan lotion...small first aid travel kit...stop your mail at home...if your driving oil change & rotate tires...go the bank for $$...water the plants at ponchos before you get there...go with the mindset of whats at home stays at home HAVE FUN:cool1:



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    Jul 13, 2009
    scarlet ibis- sounds like you speak from experience!!

    I'm usually awake from noon the day before I leave to 10 pm the second night I'm there (excitement and clinical insomnia) so I have to find ways to eat up those nights. Last trip I looked up "hello, thank you, and good bye" in all the Epcot countries' languages, looked up the menus for one last time for all our ADRs, check the weather one last time, try to come up with goofy/stumping questions for the characters that can talk.


    Mar 13, 2010
    Sorry if these are repeats..

    Clean out the cabinets and fridge of foods that might expire while your gone ( trust me on this one! as I have learned my lesson! lol)

    If you have a digital camera make sure the camera or batteries are well charged.

    If you have pets make sure you have someone you can watch them, call and remind them of when they are suppose to go to your house to take care of them, what they need to do, where are the pet supplies, etc.

    If you are taking your own car make sure you clean it out, put air in the tires, have the oil changed if needed, take it through the car wash, add wiper fluid, etc.

    Make out a new packing list, re check your luggage, and cross out everything to make sure you have everything packed.

    If you have someone who is going to come to your house, make sure you leave them a note of numbers where to reach you, emergency numbers, house rules, etc.