The Better Late than Never/TTMF trip Report September 2008 Part 3

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    Aug 8, 2008
    The 3 day Cruise
    We took the luggage that we were not taking on the cruise with us to the lobby and had it transfered to POR so it would be waiting for us when we arrived there after our cruise. We left AKL at 12.15 on the DCL coach to go to Port Canaveral stopping first at the AK to pick up people who had gone there in the morning.

    The check in was so easy and very quick as there was a dedicated check in for non US citizens. We went on board and were directed to our stateroom. We had booked stateroom 7500 with a porthole window and on check in were allocated room 7624, it had a Navigators Veranda :yay:
    To celebrate our anniversary which was the end of August we had ordered Champagne and some chocolates which were in our room and as a surprise Michael had also ordered champagne and ice bucket and bath robes with the DCL logo on them.:lovestruc
    The Welcome Aboard sign was made of chocolate so I had to eat it.
    After putting our things in the safe we had a buffet lunch,excellent food and as much as you could eat. We had a walk around the upper decks and then it was time for the lifeboat drill. I cant swim and have a fear of the water and had threatened to wear my lifejacket for the whole cruise :rotfl:
    Michael in his lifejacket
    Its amazing how many people take no notice of instructions we had been told not to take of our life jackets until we got back to our staterooms, people took of their jackets trailing them on the floor causing tripping hazards on the stairs. :confused3
    I put on my wrist bands ( I did turn green on the ferry to France and thought I would take no chances I also had travel sickness pills though happily I didnt need them), and we went back on deck in time for the ship to leave port. When the ships horn plays When You Wish Upon a Star it was totally brilliant, When I look at the video and I hear that sound it gives me goosebumps.
    That night we had our dinner in Parrot Cay a very bright, casual, totally laid back restaraunt, our servers would be with us for the whole cruise in the different restaraunts we would be using.
    After dinner we were very tired still recovering from our late arrival in Orlando so off to bed and tomorrow we would be in Nassau.
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    Sounds lovely!

    It brings back many happy memories - DH and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last year with a Disney Wonder cruise :thumbsup2
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    How lovely to get a balcony when you were not expecting it. Lovely day.

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