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Feb 11, 1999
Did my first scrapbook page last night. It was a lot of fun! I started with a trip we took in Jan. It was a cruise/disney trip. I bought the Creative Memories Disney Book. Where do you get all of the paper? I have been to Michaels and AC Moore. They don't have any disney paper. Should I try to find a scrapbook store? Layouts in the book and magazine are amazing. My first page is quite plain. I bought a kit that came with two sided tape. Do you use the tape for the paper too or just photos? Would a glue stick be better for the paper? What are crop classes I have been reading about on other threads? Do you write your journaling on the scrapbook page or on other paper and glue it on?

Sorry so many questions - my mind is racing!!!

The basics in my opinion would be:
  • book or refill pages
  • acid free pens - you can start with black
  • Acid free colored paper
  • acid free adheshive - I prefer a tape runner

Nice additions would be:
  • paper cutter - swing arm type
  • corner rounder
  • design line stickers - they're great for borders
  • a FEW die cuts and stickers
  • decorative scissors - I use deckle edge most
  • patterned paper - use sparingly
  • templates and fancy edged rulers

When you get really bored or hit the lottery:
  • circle / oval cutter
  • punches
  • rotary paper cutter
  • paper crimper
  • rubber stamps and acid free pigment ink pads
  • acid free pencils or chalks
  • more, more, more - pens, stickers, die cuts

Scrapbooking really is addictive and there is so much stuff you can really go overboard if you're not careful. You can also create beautiful and interesting pages with a few very basic items. In most cases less is more. :)

Have fun scrapping!

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DIS Scrapbook - I just bought a starter kit today
Well - I took the plunge and I picked up a starter kit for scrapbooking today. It includes a bunch of different color paper, a 50 page book (top loading), a pair of fancy edges scissers, some acid free glue, and a photo safe marker. It also has a bunch of stencils to draw shapes and stuff.
My question for you 'seasoned' scrapbookers is - what else do I need? As I walked through Michaels today, my eyes began to cross


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Photo organizing thought
Hi Ladyn & other scrapbookers: this tip came from a ladies' type magazine & it got me "out of the closet" & a step closer to albums:
1. You need a couple of hours for 15yrs worth. Are any of those 7 cuties out of the house at the same time?

2. Ok, so you've got a couple hours. You need about 15 manila envelopes, a yummy drink, music YOU like & an answering machine.

3. Separate the pictures by year (wherever possible) & put them in a pile. Try to start with the most current & work back.

4. If you have 15 piles, you're almost done.

5. Decide if you want to do any major theme books, i.e. holidays, parties, by kiddie...pick just one theme if more seems daunting. Pull out all the pix that belong to that theme for your starter envelope. Mark the back of the pix the best you can & file them in MANILA NUMBER 1.

6. The rest go in a manila envelope by year.

I love my photos & this organization method isn't perfect, but it is good enough. Good enough that I have elaborately scrapped over 100 pages.

best wishes

posted 07-26-00 11:07 PM

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Dis Scrapbook
I'm so excited about this, my two favorite things Disney and scrapbooking. I started about a year ago. My advice would be to go forward first. When you have extra time work backwards. Starting from the beginning is too overwhelming and you will have trouble getting started. I have been working on mine a lot the last 2 weeks. I had knee surgery and have lots of sitting around time, about 6 weeks altogether. I should get a lot done. I get my books from Creative Memories they are great quality and well worth the price. My other supplies I pick up when they are on sale at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
posted 07-26-00 11:14 PM

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So glad to see there's another mother of seven out there! You've received lots of great advice from previous posts regarding sorting your pictures and working on the present. I pretty much try and keep the present scrapped, and only then do I allow myself to go back in time. I'm currently only back as far as 1995. So, as you can see...it's going to take me a long time to get back to those mid-70's when it all began!
Don't let yourself get overwhelmed! Take it slow, work on your most recent pictures. That's the nice thing about the CM strap albums. You can start in the back of the album and work towards the front - and keep adding pages to the front of the book.

Happy Scrapping!!

For message boards and shopping, I like dMaire Everything I have ever purchased has arrived in less than 3 business days and the message boards seem to have a lot of good, current information. I also like About.com's scrapbooking page This page has a ton of links and information (also message boards). As for shopping sites, here's some I've bookmarked:

MouseMemories -- specializes in Disney stuff!!

Two Peas In A Bucket

Scrapbook Factory Outlet -- for basic supplies at low cost

Southwest Scrapbook Supplies -- paper and cardstock by the sheet

Scrapbook Nook

Scrapbook Superstore -- they seem to have anything you could ever want

ScrapPatch -- currently having a 25% inventory reduction sale

Is that enough? : Brer Mama

I really like ScrapLink. It seems they have a link to most everything.

Some of my personal favorites are Graceful Bee for the lettering and layouts, and Scrap Addict for the posts from other scrappers.

I think it was posted here already, but Scrap Shopper is neat for finding those items to buy online.


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