TEAM MICKEY--Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge!


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Jul 25, 2008
Welcome to the Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge---Team Mickey!

If you would like to join the Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge please start here to be assigned to a team:

Teams will only be assigned by posting to the Main Biggest Loser 11 Challenge thread. Teams are assigned on an alternating basis.

Please indicate whether you are a Loser or a Maintainer.

We would like to strongly encourage everyone to post on either/both team threads. Posting regularly is a great way to make new friends and get the support that you need to reach your goals!!!:goodvibes



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Jul 25, 2008
Welcome to Team Mickey!!!!!

If you would like to be a coach for Team Mickey—Please send me a pm.

Welcome to the Biggest Loser 11 Spring 2011 Team Challenge for Losers and Maintainers!
Dates: January 1, 2011—May 20, 2011 (ending date subject to change based on participant consensus or the Biggest Loser schedule)

If you would like to join the Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge please start here to be assigned to a team:

Teams will only be assigned by posting to the Main Biggest Loser 11 Challenge thread. Teams are assigned on an alternating basis.

I’d like to start by welcoming everyone who is new to the BL challenge and to say thank you to the folks who are helping to organize this challenge! :)

A participant list will be posted on this thread and on the team threads and updated periodically.
The coaching schedule and links to Healthy Habits, “Whittle Inches Now” (WIN), and weigh-in and goal results will also be posted on the first page of this thread.

Please note: Question of the Day (QOTD) archives will be maintained on each team thread.

We are so happy to have you join us on the BL 11 Spring Team Challenge! It’s a New Year, the perfect time to jump start a new, healthy routine! You have picked a wonderful place to get started on your healthy living journey! This is a very supportive and active group. You will laugh, you will cry and hopefully through it all you will lose—all on the way to a healthier you!

It is NEVER too late to join the WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge.

We will have two teams this Spring—Team Mickey and Team Donald. Participants will be assigned to teams on an alternating basis. Our goal is to have some Team Challenges—more to come at a later date!!

The purpose of Teams is to make it easier for participants to get the support they need. As the challenge goes on, a decision will be made as to if and when the threads will merge. When the threads merge we will post on this thread. Until then, this thread is for participant information and results posting.

We would like to strongly encourage everyone to post on either/both team threads. Posting regularly is a great way to make new friends and get the support that you need to reach your goals!!!

Now the details:

1. Join the challenge—post to the main thread or send me a pm. You will then be assigned to a team.
2. Jump in and introduce yourself on your team thread. Each team will have a hostess—Team Mickey (Rose&Mike), Team Donald (donac) and a coach for the week. The coach will keep things going with comments and a Question of the Day (QOTD).
3. On January 1, PM your initial weight to tigger813 (Tracey). While you are welcome to post your weight in the thread, you still need to send Tracey a PM or your weight will NOT be recorded.
4. If you would like to have a goal tracked for the season, please send that to Tracey as well. You can change goals as needed. Goals are tracked as pounds lost and reported as a percentage. Tracey will use your weekly weigh in to calculate how close you are to goal. Example: Tracey—my goal for this challenge is to lose xx pounds.
5. Maintainers—A maintainer is someone whose weight is within +/- 2 pounds of their original weight. Maintainers should also PM Tracey each week. Maintainers are welcome to adjust their maintain weight as needed and are always welcome to move to the Loser team on their team challenge.
6. Please Note: Weigh-ins are on Fridays. The first weigh-in will be January 7, 2011. Each week our Biggest Losers and our Maintainers are recognized. Results are usually posted on Tuesday or Wednesday. Results will be posted in the main thread with links on the team threads. Final results are tentatively scheduled for the week of May 22, 2010.

As usual, you do not have to watch the TV show to be a part of our challenge. No one is ever voted off our challenge.

After three weeks of not reporting your weight to the weight keeper you are removed from the challenge but if you decide to rejoin you are welcomed with open arms.

The purpose of the WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge is to help you on your weight loss journey and keep us all on track this Spring. The challenge forces you to be accountable. Each week you will report your weight to the weight keeper (tigger813). She is the only person that will know your weight. Your weight will never be published for anyone to see, unless you choose to post it on your team thread.

We do not strictly follow the dates for the BL show, because our participants like as little gap between challenges as possible. We celebrate those small victories and offer advice to help each other meet the weight loss challenges we face. We get to know each other. We laugh together and we cry together. If you do the work, WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge can be your weight loss support system.

You will get out of this challenge what you put into it. If you get serious and use this program it CAN and WILL help you lose weight. As you make choices during the day consider what your fellow losers would do. They would say no to the doughnut at the office but they would find time to get some exercise even if they are tired after a long day. Losing weight is not a 'quick fix'. It takes time, commitment, and lots of hard work. We are all here to help you!

Each team will have a clippie.
Here is the Team Mickey clippie:

To put the clippie in your signature, do the following:
1. Right click on the image. Click on properties. Copy (control c) the url.
2. Click on User CP in the upper left hand corner of the screen -- it's in the blue bar.
3. Click on Edit Signature in Settings & Options on the left
4. Paste the phrase you copied (control v). Add
at the end of what you copied.
5. Save your signature.

Don't worry if it takes a couple of tries and let us know if you have any problems.

Let's review the components of our WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge.
The weight report
* Your weight report is due each Friday.
* You PM your report to tigger813 (Tracey).
* Report your weight in pounds, i.e. xxx or xxx.x.
* Carefully review your weight before you send your message to Tracey. PLEASE make sure the weight is typed correctly. Is that 166 or 156? Are you at 174 or 177? Misspelling is forgivable, typos happen, let's just make sure they don't happen with those numbers in your weight.
* Weight reports are required to remain in the challenge. After three weeks of no reports you are dropped from the challenge. After being dropped from the challenge you may return by reporting your current weight. We will welcome you back any time you want to rejoin if your drop out for a few weeks.
* You can chatter on our thread even if you don't do the weigh ins.

Again this challenge we will have Healthy Habits and Whittle Inches Now.

Healthy Habits (formerly known as challenge of the week)
* CClovesdis will be our Healthy Habits coach. Weekly challenges will encourage us to develop healthy habits for our bodies and souls. Thank you, CC for being our Healthy Habits coach!
* CC will post the challenge of the week on our BL thread.
* Not every week will involve a challenge.
* Participation in the weekly challenge is optional. You can pick and choose what part of the challenge that you want to do.
* Each challenge will clearly state a beginning date, ending date
* Each challenge will include tasks to perform and point values awarded for accomplishing the tasks.
* It is helpful to print the challenge tasks to refer to throughout the week or use the handy link on the first page of the thread

Whittle Inches Now! (WIN!)
* Connie96 will be our Whittle Inches Now coach (WIN). This is our newest component of the WISH Biggest Loser Challenge and another way to measure your success -- by tracking inches lost! Thank you, Connie96, for being our WIN keeper!
* There will be several measurements used in this challenge—more details to follow.
* Every four weeks you will take your measurements and PM them to Connie96.
* Your measurements are never posted for anyone to see

In Summary:
WISH Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge 2011
* Two team threads which may be merged at a later date.
*Teams assigned on an alternating basis.
* Participation on the thread is optional.
* Each week a new 'coach' will serve as hostess on our Challenge. Their duties include posting questions of the day, acknowledging posters, posting mini-challenges and offering encouragement. Some coaches may serve for a second week later in the challenge. If you are interested in serving as a coach please PM Rose&Mike—Team Mickey or dona---Team Donald. We strive to have a different coach each week so that means lots of volunteers!

So that's the scoop losers and maintainers. If you have any questions PM me or donac or lisah0711.

Good luck and GO TEAM MICKEY!!!!!


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Jul 25, 2008
We are proud to present our Losers and Maintainers!!!

Team Mickey --hosted by Rose&Mike
mommyof2Pirates (Lindsay) QOTD ARCHIVE
DavidandDenise (Denise)
keenercam (Cam)
mizzoutiger76 (Nicole)
Mrs D(Dawn)
liesel (Lisa)
bgirldeb (Debbie)
Yogamama (Mary)
my3princes (Deb)
cclovesdisney (CC)
tea pot
dis75ney (Stacy)
ScubaD (Dave)
ReAnSt (Becky)
yanni2 (Michelle)
KristiMc (Kristi)
janmadre (Jan)
Jordans Mommie (Michele)
disneymom2one (MB)
lovedvc (Vicki)
Williamandmom (Jenny)
Molly Meow
RT's Mom
tmfranlk (Tia)
bethbuchall (Beth)
Disney Yooper (Vicki)
Good Morning Dewdrop
tinkerbell of winter
Mary Jo
Princess Nancy
DaiseyJaneDisney (Kris)
disney mommy
swissfamilyrobinson (Tammy)
flipflopmom (Taryn)
tigger813(Tracey) WEIGHTKEEPER

Rose&Mike (Rose) HOSTESS
Stinasmom (Marcy)

Team Donald --hosted by donac
donac (Dona) HOSTESS
mikamah (Kathy) QOTD ARCHIVE
SettinSail (Shawn)
lisah0711 (Lisa)
Octoberbride03 (Maureen)
SunnyB1066 (Sunny)
BobbinWeez (Robin)
dvccruiser76 (Sue)
SpaceEngEM (Tara)
Happy Mom2
Disneyland emily
pudge the fish
Craftydawn (Dawn)
collins316 (Bernie)
LuvBaloo (Shannon)
SetzKitten (Cody)
DaPanMan (Pete)
Zoesmama03 (Melissa)
heather.mohler (Heather)
susan514 (Sue)
wickey's friend (Pat)
princess reject
*Wish*Upon*A*Star* (Marsha)
MinnieMouseMom (Kelli)
Connie96 (Connie)
TimonTracy (Tracy)
buzz5985 (Janis)
Wendaeh (Wendy)
2 Eagle Mom
charming23 (Elizabeth)
DVC Kathy
BernardandMissBianca (Buffy)
Eeyores Butterfly

pjlla (Pamela)

Birthdays!!! :bday:

tarheel618 **** 30-Dec Donald
tggrrstarr **** 4-Jan Mickey
pudgethefish **** 5-Jan Donald
phorsenuf **** 9-Jan Donald
Disneyluvr **** 10-Jan Donald
skmommy **** 10-Jan Donald
Octoberbride03 **** 15-Jan Donald
mommyof2Pirates **** 18-Jan Mickey
yogamama **** 23-Jan Mickey
HappyMatt **** 29-Jan Mickey
WDWangela **** 31-Jan Mickey
Mrs D (Dawn) **** 1-Feb Mickey
Cupcaker **** 7-Feb Mickey
charming23**** 11-Feb Donald
SettinSail **** 17-Feb Donald
ang **** 25-Feb Mickey
mikamah (Kathy) **** 25-Feb Donald
KristiMC **** 28-Feb Mickey
Stinasmom (Marcy)**** 18-Mar Mickey


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Jul 25, 2008
Coaching schedule:)

PLEASE NOTE: We will be merging the team threads on 3/25.

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to coach during this challenge. Coaches act as hostess for our thread, post the Question of the Day (QOTD), reply to posts, and help keep our conversation moving. We couldn't have a challenge without you!:goodvibes

Coaching rotations start on Fridays.

We would like to fill the first three months of the challenge and hold off on April and May for now. We will re-evaluate in the beginning of March as to whether we should merge.

Coaches--Please note:
In order to make it as easy as possible to maintain the QOTD archive, please post your questions in this format:
1/1/11 Saturday QOTD--xxxxxxxx


Team Mickey--hosted by Rose&Mike
1/1--1/6 Tigger813
1/7--1/13 mommyof2Pirates
1/14--1/20 flipflopmom (Taryn)
1/21--1/27 my3princes
1/28--2/3 kinntj
2/4--2/10 KristiMc
2/11--2/17 tggrrstarr (Kelli)
2/18--2/24 ScubaD
2/25--3/3 cclovesdis
3/4--3/10 Merryweather27
3/11--3/17 BELLE1109
3/18--3/24 Rose&Mike

Team Donald--hosted by donac
1/1--1/6 donac
1/7--1/13 lisah0711
1/14--1/20 Dreamer24
1/21--1/27 mikamah (Kathy)
1/28--2/3 Octoberbride03
2/4--2/10 MickeySP
2/11--2/17 goldcupmom
2/18--2/24 50sjayne
2/25--3/3 pudge the fish (Abby)
3/4--3/10 jimmduck
3/11--3/17 SettinSail (Shawn)
3/18--3/24 lovetoscrap

Merged BL Thread starting 3/25
3/25--3/31 tggrrstarr(Kelli)
4/1--4/7 lisah0711
4/8--4/14 keenercam
4/15--4/21 tigger813
4/22--4/28 mommyof2Pirates
4/29--5/5 mikamah
5/6--5/12 donac
5/13--5/20 Rose&Mike

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteers to coach! If you would like to try coaching please send me a PM and I will add you to the list.:goodvibes


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Jul 25, 2008
Reserved for Weigh-in and Goal Results:goodvibes

Team Mickey
Week 1
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11

Team Donald
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11


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Jul 25, 2008
Reserved for Healthy Habits:goodvibes

Healthy Habits Info:
Healthy Habits Week 2 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 3 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 4 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 5 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 6 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 7 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 8 Info: (pamper week--no results)
Healthy Habits Week 9 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 10 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 11 Info:
Healthy Habits Week 12 Info:

Healthy Habits Results:
week 1
week 2
week 3
week 4
week 5
week 6
week 7
week 8--no results, pamper week
week 9
week 10


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Jul 25, 2008
The WIN Challenge--Whittle Inches Now!!!
WIN Kick off

WIN 1 Results Team Mickey
WIN 1 Results Team Donald
WIN 2 Results Team Mickey
WIN 2 Results Team Donald

Measurement Dates For BL Spring 2011
January 28
February 25
March 25
April 22
May 20

Thank you to Connie96 for hosting the WIN challenge!! We will take our initial measurements on January 1st and tentatively every 4 weeks after. Specific dates and updates to follow. But for now, here is something to get you started.

For specific questions regarding WIN and to get the sheet for tracking measurements, please pm Connie96.

The WIN! Challenge (Whittle Inches Now!)
Introducing a way to challenge ourselves to achieve fit and healthy bodies!! In addition to reporting your official weigh-in each week, you can now measure your success in terms of inches. Many of you may be doing this anyway, but as an incentive to those of us who need incentive (like ME!!) we can now challenge each other by reporting percent-of-inch-loss just as Tracey (Tigger813) reports our Top Ten(-ish) weight-losers every week.

Since the WIN! is optional, no one will be dropped for not reporting and there is no need to be “excused” from measuring. All stats will simply be based on who does report in. Weekly Biggest WINners will be determined by percent of change between the current and previous WIN! numbers reported by each participant. When measurements are reported after having skipped the previous time(s), the percent loss will be divided over the missed weeks. Overall Biggest WINners will be determined by percent of difference between the final and originally reported measurements. If you miss the first scheduled reporting day, just jump in anytime and that will be your “original” measurement for the remaining weeks.

Tentatively for the Spring Challenge, we will be recording measurements and posting WIN results on a 4 week interval, with the first day being January 1, 2011.

There will be a reminder post, so as long as you hang around here you shouldn’t have to worry too much about forgetting. Since taking measurements requires more time that just stepping on the scale, I’m sure many of us will do this part over the designated weekend. Measurements can be reported up thru the following Monday, and results should be posted on Tuesday.

Here’s how we’re gonna do it:
1) Take a measurement at each of these locations:
. . . a. Left or Right Upper Arm (stick with the same one for subsequent measurements!!)
. . . b. Bust or Chest
. . . c. Waist
. . . d. Hips
. . . e. Left or Right Thigh (remember which one for next time!)
2) Add all of these measurements together
3) Send only the sum of the measurements to me (Connie96) via Private Message

If you need more information or tips about how to measure, please refer to

If you still have questions, please feel free to PM me (Connie96) or post in the thread and we’ll try to get you the info you need to participate.

I also have a handy dandy Excel spreadsheet for tracking weight and measurements. If you'd like for me to email you a copy, just PM your email address to me and I'll forward it to you.

Whether or not you choose to participate in this optional challenge, I’d like to encourage EVERYONE – especially anyone new to this thread – to take your measurements at the very beginning. This is something so many of us never did when we first started losing weight and I think we’re fairly unanimous in wishing we had that information to encourage us in our continued loss and maintenance.

For questions or to get a copy of the spreadsheet, please pm Connie96
  • Rose&Mike

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    Jul 25, 2008
    Welcome to the BL Spring 2011 Team challenge!

    Our fall challenge is wrapping up this week.

    If you would like to chat with us you are welcome to visit us on our BL Reunion Thread at:

    Or please feel free to visit our Fall challenge which will be wrapping up this week.

    It's never too late to join a BL challenge! So come on over and chat. :goodvibes

    We will begin coaching/chatting on our Team threads on January 1st.


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    Jul 6, 2009
    BL Spring Challenge 2011- Team Mickey QOTD Archive

    1/1/11 Saturday QOTD--two parts
    1. Introduce yourself, if you haven't done so yet.
    2. Do you have a goal for this week, this month, this challenge?

    1/2/11 Sunday QOTD
    This is kind of a sharing information and strategies question as we have a lot of newbies with us:
    What types of exercise are you going to do or have been doing that can help others with this challenge?

    1/3/11 Monday QOTD
    When was your first trip to Disney, your last trip and when is your next trip? How many times have you been?

    1/4/11 Tuesday QOTD
    What music really gets you moving? (Can you tell I want some new music for my ipod?)Or just what is your favorite music?

    1/5/11 Wednesday QOTD
    Did you watch (or will you if you want to answer tonight), watch Biggest Loser tonight? If you did (or will), what did you do that was healthy during it?

    1/6/11 Thursday QOTD
    Describe your ultimate day at Disney!!!!

    1/7/11 Friday QOTD
    What are your plans for the weekend? and what changes or plans are you making to be sure you stay on plan?

    1/8/11 Saturday QOTD
    If you were told you only had 1 week left to live (and you werent sickly) how would you spend your time?

    1/9/11 Sunday QOTD
    Which is your favorite Disney Park and why?

    1/10/11 Monday QOTD
    Tell us one or more NSV (non scale victory) you have had since Jan 1st.

    1/11/11 Tuesday QOTD
    Here is a simple question. We are all from such different parts of the country/world. Tell me what is the current price of gas where you live?

    1/12/11 Wednesday QOTD
    This snowy weather stinks!
    Where is your next vacation planned and what are you looking forward to the most.

    1/13/11 Thursday QOTD
    What was the funniest/wierdest date you ever went on. If you dont have one than give us your best date story.

    1/14/11 Friday QOTD
    So, we've had two weeks on this journey together. Time for a little introspection. What have you learned about yourself thus far?

    1/15/11 Saturday QOTD:
    Who is standing in your way? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

    1/16/11 Sunday QOTD
    Think ahead to when you reach your goal, which you will, I can feel it! What are the things you want to be able to do as a result? This will be your motivation for the days ahead! Maintainers, dig deep. Think about mental, physical (yes, Rose, I'm thinking about your push ups ), emotional outcomes you are still working on despite being at goal.

    1/17/11 Monday QOTD
    Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the US. His "I have a dream" speech has been replayed many times. What is YOUR dream for you and/or family?

    1/18/11 Tuesday QOTD
    We've talked about who is standing in our way, we've talked about what we want, now it's time to get motivated to stay on target. Share your favorite quote, song, "mantra", whatever you can repeat to yourself to stay motivated. I'm hoping if we all share, then we'll each have a collection to draw from!

    1/19/11 Wednesday QOTD
    What is one thing you can do today extra to help you reach your goals? An extra 10 minutes of exercise? Sub out a veggie or a fruit? A few minutes of mental coaching? Go the extra mile today to give yourself a boost. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

    1/20/11 Thursday QOTD
    What is your "go to" food? The one that you can reach for when you are hungry between meals, need a little something, or even too busy for a meal, that is HEALTHY!

    1/21/11 FRIDAY QOTD:
    I'll start off with an easy one. What is your favorite color and why?

    1/22/11 Saturday QOTD:
    Is there an article of clothing that you aspire to wear when you reach your goal?

    1/23/11 Sunday QOTD:
    I have invented a teleporting machine. You can pick one location anywhere in the world to be teleported to for 12 hours. Where would you go?

    1/24/11 Monday QOTD
    What can you do along your weight loss journey to magnify the impact or give yourself a self esteem boost?

    1/25/11 Tuesday QOTD:
    What is your favorite outside activity during the winter months?

    1/26/11 Wednesday's QOTD:
    What is your best tip for keeping your life organized. Clearly we are all juggling many things and trying to keep everything running smoothly. What have you found keeps you most organized?

    1/27/11 Thursday QOTD:
    What Disney character are you?

    1/28/11 Friday QOTD 2 part
    Part 1 -What are your top 3 movies? Any that made you laugh, cry or think?
    Part 2 -Do you have a favorite exercise DVD?

    1/29/11 Saturday QOTD:
    How much screen time do you get a day that is not work related?
    This would include tv and computer. Have you been tempted to unplug for awhile?

    1/30/11 Sunday QOTD
    Is exercise a habit in your life yet? Typical number of days is 21 for things to become routine.

    1/31/11 Monday QOTD:
    Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight-loss programs and products. What is your part? Any regrets and what have you learned from past mistakes?

    2/1/11 Tuesday QOTD:
    Now that we are starting a brand new month I thought I would ask what is the plan? Is it the same or are you changing it up a bit?

    2/2/11 Wednesday QOTD:
    How did you set your calories? Do you have a specific number or range? Is it enough with the exercise you do so you're not hungry?

    2/3/11 Thursday QOTD:
    Do you have a motivational before or now picture to help you lose weight? If you have lost weight and are maintaining, do you have before and after pictures? Do you use them to help with maintenance or do you use other motivators?

    2/4/11 Friday QOTD:
    What is your favorite Disney World Resort that you have stayed at, and which resort would you like to stay at next?

    2/5/11 Saturday QOTD:
    What is your favorite vegetable/fruit.

    2/6/11 Sunday QOTD:
    Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?

    2/7/11 Monday QOTD:
    What is your favorite ride at a Disney Park?

    2/8/11 Tuesday QOTD:
    What is your favorite non-Disney vacation?

    2/9/11 Wednesday QOTD:
    Do you plan your meals out for the week before you go to the grocery store?

    2/10/11 Thursday QOTD:
    Please share how you journal and what you record, is it just the foods or do you list calories, fat, protein, fiber, etc for each food?

    2/11/11 Friday QOTD
    Do you have a tradition when you go to Disney? Something you collect or do every time you go?

    2/12/11 Saturday QOTD
    What is your favorite combination of foods in your salad?

    2/13/11 Sunday QOTD
    What foods have you lost a taste for since you have started your journey?

    2/14/11 Monday QOTD

    In honor of Valentines Day, what if any treats will you eat today? Will you be smart about it or will you pig out?

    2/15/11 Tuesday QOTD
    What is your favorite way to add fruit or veggies into your breakfast?

    2/16/11 Wednesday QOTD
    Now that we are all on our way to being in better shape and Spring (seems) is on it's way, what sport or activity do you want to try/ get back to?


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    Jul 6, 2009
    2/17/11 Thursday QOTD
    What is your favorite Disney non animated movie to rewatch?

    2/18/2011 Friday QOTD
    What is the meaning of your DISboards name

    2/19/2011 Saturday QOTD
    What job would you like to have in Disney World?

    2/20/2011 Sunday QOTD
    What is your favorite piece of Disney art?

    2/21/2011 Monday QOTD
    What is your favorite "Non-Theme Park" Disney activity

    2/22/2011 Tuesday QOTD
    When was that Disney moment when you knew you were hooked

    2/23/2011 Wednesday QOTD
    Are you a member of Disney's D23 community?

    2/24/2011 Thursday QOTD
    What would you say to Walt?

    2/25/2011 Friday QOTD
    What is one health-related goal you have for yourself this weekend? What is one other goal you have for yourself for this weekend?

    2/26/2011 Saturday QOTD
    If you were in a Disney park right now, what would you be doing?

    2/27/2011 Sunday QOTD
    I'm big into planning. What is one thing you can do today to make Monday a great day?

    2/28/2011 Monday QOTD
    It is 5 AM and you are lying around trying to fall back to sleep. About what are you dreaming/WISHing?

    3/1/2011 Tuesday QOTD
    What is your exercise goal for the month of March?

    3/2/2011 Wednesday QOTD
    What is positive choice you made in eating in the las few days? A healthy swap? Anything really-share something positive!

    3/3/2011 Thursday QOTD
    What have you never done at Disney (WDW, DL, DLP, any park really), that you want to do on your next trip?

    3/4/2011 Friday QOTD
    What have you never done at Disney (WDW, DL, DLP, any park really), that you want to do on your next trip?

    3/5/2011 Saturday QOTD
    What does a typical "on plan" day of food look like for you?

    3/6/2011 Sunday QOTD
    I think we've done favorite movies, favorite music, favorite TV shows, but not favorite books. What is your favorite book and/or book series and/or magazine?

    3/7/2011 Monday QOTD
    What Disney film do you enjoy that you feel is commonly undderrated or overlooked?

    3/8/11 Tuesday QOTD
    What sources of inspiration and motivation do you turn to on this journey (online or off) besides the WISH boards?

    3/9/11 Wednesday QOTD
    What hobbies do you enjoy?

    3/10/11 Thursday QOTD
    What is your favorite non-Disney activity in the Orlando area?

    3/11/2011 Friday QOTD
    Going "off plan" can happen because you have a bad day or it can come on slowly and you don't even realize it until you get on the scale. Do you have any warning signs that you recognize as being an indicator that you are falling off the wagon? Do you have certain things you do to help you get back on track?

    3/12/11 Saturday QOTD
    I've been really struggling with food lately and feel like I am constantly being reminded of what I can't eat. I've had to reinvent what I eat since going gluten-free, so on that note--Think of your very favorite meal--could be anything. Now think of how you can make it more healthy while still having it be a tasty treat and share your ideas. Or if you have not found a way to make your favorite foods healthy, share what your new favorite healthy foods are.

    3/13/2011 Sunday QOTD
    What is in your favorite salad?

    3/14/11 Monday QOTD
    I just started planning my next Disney trip yesterday. How long after your previous trip do you usually wait before planning your next one? Or do you overlap your planning?

    3/15/2011 Tuesday QOTD
    We've talked a lot about the exercise we do, but what is your favorite exercise?

    3/16/2011 Wednesday QOTD
    What would your dream vacation look like?

    3/17/11 Thursday QOTD
    Do you celebrate St Patrick's Day? What do you do to celebrate or do you have any fun memories of celebrations in the past?
  • tigger813

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2007
    Hi Mickey Team!!!!!

    Rose- I will sign up for a week or two of coaching in a week or so! Still feeling "return from vacation" brain and I want to give others a chance to sign up.

    Haven't eaten the best today! DH and I just finished making 2 batches of homemade fudge! YUMMY! I also plan on making 2-4 different kinds of cookies tomorrow. I just called our local Market Basket and they open at 6 in the morning. I may go around 7 and stock up on what I need for the cookies. DH makes his Mom's Christmas pudding each year so I have to get those ingredients too! Had bbq chicken pizza for lunch. I've also been snacking on chex mix. We had spreadable cheese and Ritz crackers for supper. I want to make some cookies tonight but need to decide which ones. I also have to make cupcakes for DD2s class for Tuesday. I'll do that while she's at school on Monday. I also plan on wrapping all the gifts on Monday morning. DH has the day off but is going shopping!

    The girls made our "presents" this afternoon. They spend an afternoon each year doing this. It's amazing what they come up with. They go into DD1s room and shut the door. They are so quiet and don't fight so it's rather cute! They listen to Christmas music while they do it.

    We're watching Muppets Take Manhattan right now.

    We have to be at church by 9:15 so we will have to get up early.

    Need to finish making my shopping list for the morning!

    TTFN :tigger::santa:


    Earning My Ears
    Dec 11, 2010
    Hi there!
    I'm Mary. I have three elementary school aged kids, and an amazing husband. I'm hoping to loose 20 pounds to bring my BMI down to where it should be. I'm concerned with the amount of heart disease and diabetes in my family and want to live a long healthy life.

    I live in Orlando.

    I like to sew, read and cook. I plan on run/walking the princess half in February - which is one month after my 35th birthday. My weight loss plan includes journaling what I eat and finding a way to keep moving for 1 hour each day.

    Thanks for letting me join the team!

    Oops...I'll work on fixing my Team Mickey thing when I have more time later today!


    <font color=red>Looking for a milestone to claim<b
    Mar 23, 2004
    My name is Deb. I am 41 years old and have been happily married to my high school sweatheart for 18 years. We have 3 boys, ages 15, 13 and 8. I never had weight issues until I got pregnant with my boys. I gained 60 lbs with the first, lost 30 and got pregnant with the second, gained those 30 back during the pregancy, lost it post pregnancy, gained 10 just cause I wasn't done having kids yet so why bother, had a miscarriage, got pregnant with our last and when all was said and done weighed in at 198 lbs. I decided in 2003 that I wasn't happy being that weight and truly my boys were kicking my butt, I just couldn't keep up. Dh and I did Atkins for 4 months and I dropped 50 lbs. Since that time I've gained a few, lost a few, went to WW, did it on my own, reached a low of 137. I had done really well until vacation last summer. We did a week at WDW, a week caribbean cruise, another week in Orlando and I came back 14 lbs heavier. Since vacation I have started a new full time job plus kept one of my part time jobs. The adjustment has been harder than I thought for myself and for my family. I feel like I have things in pretty good control right now so my goals for the holidays is simply to maintain under 150 lbs. I am going to start WW again, attending meetings after the new year and hopefully I will figure out a way to incorporate exercise into my day.

    In my free time I coordinate a Lacrosse program (5 teams), do home renovations (the whole projects), do crafts, ski, ride motorcycles, cut, slit and stack wood. You get the idea. Not a lot of idol time here. My full time job is a desk job (still not liking being on my butt all day). My part time job is bartender and waitress (depending on the day).

    I think the Spring BL will be my 3rd challenge.


    DIS Veteran
    Jul 25, 2008
    Hi Mickey Team!!!!!

    Rose- I will sign up for a week or two of coaching in a week or so! Still feeling "return from vacation" brain and I want to give others a chance to sign up.

    TTFN :tigger::santa:
    Thanks Tracey!

    Hi there!
    I like to sew, read and cook. I plan on run/walking the princess half in February - which is one month after my 35th birthday. My weight loss plan includes journaling what I eat and finding a way to keep moving for 1 hour each day.

    Thanks for letting me join the team!

    Oops...I'll work on fixing my Team Mickey thing when I have more time later today!
    Hi Mary! There are several of us doing Princess! We'll talk about it more in January!:goodvibes I think working on getting your bmi down is an excellent goal!

    A big :welcome: to all our TEAM MICKEY members!

    The holiday BL alumni thread is in full swing -- it's for past, present and future members so that means all of us! Come on over and say hello! :santa:
    Thanks for the reminder Lisa!

    Hi Deb! So nice to see you!:goodvibes

    Ok Team Mickey--this will probably be my last post on our team thread for 8 days. If you have any questions that can't wait, you can pm lisah0711 or post on the BL alumni thread.

    If you just want to chat here is a link for the alumni thread. We will begin posting here regularly on Jan 1.

    If you would like to coach a week, please send me a pm with the dates. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful week!:goodvibes


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    May 11, 2006
    Just thought i'd pop on over and say hello to the competition!! Hello Team Mickey!!

    Looking forward to a fun and healthy challenge on the first!!!


    Aug 28, 2009
    Hi teammates!!

    I am thrilled to join this event! I needed a good kick in the bum to get motivated. I have been 140 lbs pretty much my entire adult life, the past two years I have put on about 25-30lbs (depending on the day) and I feel so uncomfortable! I am looking forward to the journey toward a healthier and more active lifestyle with you all!

    Its nice to meet* everyone:yay: