TEAM MICKEY--Biggest Loser 11 Spring Team Challenge!


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Jul 25, 2008
Hi Marcy! Glad you had a good trip. We merged the threads and are chatting on the main BL thread. I hope to see you there!:goodvibes Just jump right in and re-introduce yourself. No need to go back and read unless you want to. :)

And don't stress too much about the scale. I have found that those vacation pounds come off really quick if I jump right back on the wagon!:goodvibes


Able to leap a double stroller in a single bound!
May 15, 2005
I'm still a Mickey Member - just been so busy with DD's senior year, especially with the drama club musical (why did I volunteer for costumes??!) and choir with competitions, concerts and the WDW trip next week! :cool1:

I'm hanging in there, maintaining my weight for the most part and hitting my exercise goals most of the time, too.

Good to see the success stories for Team Mickey! :goodvibes


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Apr 8, 2008
Hey guys! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy seeing y'all still participating in the WIN Challenge. If any of you meant to send in your numbers and haven't, bring 'em on! I'll be compiling results Tuesday or Wednesday evening.


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