slo’s MONDAY 6/24 poll - Ironing

Ironing - Do you do it, what’s your opinion of it & how often do you do it? (m.c.)

  • Yes - I iron

    Votes: 39 37.9%
  • No - I don’t iron my clothes, but someone else does

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • No - I don’t iron my clothes - the laundromat does

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • No - I don’t iron my clothes - I wear them as they are after washing them

    Votes: 45 43.7%
  • I don’t mind doing it

    Votes: 17 16.5%
  • I do not like doing it

    Votes: 21 20.4%
  • I iron once a week or less

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • I iron about once or twice a month

    Votes: 8 7.8%
  • I iron sporadically when needed

    Votes: 50 48.5%
  • Other - please post your answer

    Votes: 10 9.7%

  • Total voters


My tag used to say - I'm a Tonga Toast Junkie 😁
Feb 28, 2004
I’m starting to think that ironing clothes is becoming an extinct thing. I look around and see people with wrinkled clothes on all the time, and my DD20 wants no part of ironing - she chooses to not buy clothes that require ironing. She told me that one of the perks of her becoming an occupational therapist is wearing scrubs to work every day - LOL! So let’s talk ironing today…..

Do you iron your clothes?
If yes….what’s your opinion of it & how often do you do it?
(multiple choice)

For Me……I hate hate hate ironing clothes - hate it! I had to do some ironing yesterday, which is what inspired this poll. I told DD20, that if we go on a game show and they ask you, “What’s your mom’s least favorite activity?” You say - Ironing! :rotfl:

How often I do it depends on what time of year it is. Warm weather months - about every 2 weeks. I have a lot of summer clothes that require (at least for me) ironing. Cold weather months - about every 3 weeks. My DH has a job that he dresses business casual and he try’s to buy clothes that say no ironing required, but some of them still do, but the majority do look fine with no ironing.

DH wears dockers and "dress" shirts to work most days, so he does a lot of ironing. He likes to have at least several week's worth of shirts ironed and hanging in his closet. It's a good thing he doesn't mind ironing! He usually irons while watching a ball game of some, basketball, baseball. I iron only when absolutely necessary, which isn't too often as my daily work outfits are mostly jeans and shirts (I work in a chemistry lab where clothes can easily be ruined, so nobody really 'dresses up.') I'm mostly a believer of the "toss it back in the dryer" to get the wrinkles out of what I wear!
Been ironing since I was a kid - used to do it every Sunday afternoon when I had to wear dress clothes to work - now I’m casual and rarely ever need to iron - if something is wrinkled I throw it in the dryer with a wet cloth and it comes out 10 mins later wrinkle free ! If I need to wear something dressy I will iron and have on vacation and on a cruise several times - don’t really mind doing it - but if I don’t have to I won’t .
I haven't needed to iron anything in a long time. When I traveled for work though, I would hang up a wrinkled item in the bathroom while showering and the steam would help smooth things out.

I remember an elderly neighbor teaching me and my sisters growing up that we could also use the spine of a hardcover book and run it several times over an item of clothing to help smooth out a wrinkle. It worked well enough in a pinch.
I iron. Usually don’t mind it.

Dd has uniform khakis and of course the ones she loves need to be ironed. (Dickies) Only an experienced person could iron those pants. Those I’ll iron for her.

Dh needs his work shirts ironed. He is pathetic with an iron and would take them to be professionally done if I didn’t do it.

As for my own clothes, it is mainly in the summer I need to iron. Shorts and shirts. I hate wrinkles!
I don’t iron. I’m not sure if we even have one anymore. We do keep a bottle of Downy wrinkle release around, but that’s about it.
I probably iron every day. Or what I call "pressing off" something. I cannot STAND wrinkles but I don't need sharp creases or anything. I'm not sure why but all my clothes seem to be a wrinkled mess and it's been much worse seen I have the front loading machines.

I wear a lot of wrinkly cotton I guess. Just this morning, I pulled pulled out my San Diego white cotton T-shirt and it's just so wrinkled so I had to get those wrinkles out or I just look like a slob.

Anyway, my biggest problem now is finding an iron that gets hot enough for my cottons/linens and work clothes. I used to have a Rowenta that was great. It died and I got a new one and it was not great (despite still being a German Rowenta). On many recommendations, I bought a Chi iron and it's just awful.

I was going to post here for suggestions but it looks like no one irons so I guess I won't, lol!
I have not ironed anything in 30 years. I buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed. I went to a wedding in the fall and borrowed a steamer from a friend to steam my dress. If I had to remove wrinkles regularly I would buy a steamer before I ironed.
I iron about once/month or two. It depends on how large the pile has gotten.
I'll usually try and find a movie I can have on in the background, while I"m doing it.
SLO - my answer is almost the same as yours. Ironed yesterday and I would have to say it is probably my least favorite thing to do. Dh dresses business casual and I do everything that I can to make the clothes not wrinkled. Ironing is the very last choice. I had to break down and iron five pairs of his dockers yesterday. Luckily his shirts can go in the dryer about five minutes and get hung up and be fine. I personally hate wrinkled clothes.

Both kids moved out within the last year and they don’t own an iron and don’t want one.
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We wear mostly Tshirts and jeans, we don't iron them. I used to iron a lot 20 odd years ago. Did the same as my mom did, Iron in front of the tv. Now it's a tablecloth a few times a year and maybe an odd item.

I don't mind ironing, but maybe if I had 20 shirts to do, I might not feel the same.
I iron if i need to, but try to buy the no-iron shirts for work. Some of them though do need to be ironed, but they are not in heavy rotation, so I don't do it that often these days.
I probably iron a couple of times a year -- basically if there is a reason to "dress up". Most of our clothes don't require ironing.

she told me that one of the perks of her becoming an occupational therapist is wearing scrubs to work every day - LOL!

Where does she plan to work that OT's wear scrubs all day? Maybe in a hospital setting, but not around here. I've had reason to interact with many different OT's over the years and I can't think of a single one who wore scrubs -- not even the OT who met with DH (and I) in post-op after shoulder replacement surgery. They all wear regular street clothes.
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