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Jun 26, 2008
I am wondering if anyone can help me, with our trip cancelled the kids are a bit disappointed. Anyway the school superintendent here (Michigan) said any work given was a suggestion, however my son's science teacher (middle school) has sent a total of 61 pages so far, since saturday. I'm not sure what to do, she's not one to mess with, so do I make my son do this or this just really crazy? I am feeling really overwhelmed, I can handle the math, english and even global studies. Besides contacting the teacher which I won't do, would you have your child do this or just forget about it? Thanks so much, just looking for maybe someone else who is in the same boat. Good Luck to all parents with kids at home :)
  • tinkerhon

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    May 1, 2012
    DD9 started his first day of homeschooling today, using the
    I-Ready, which is really a great program, and he loves it - it allows allows his teachers to monitor the work each child is doing - we were told that they should do 1 hour of reading and 1 hour of math per day

    After the first hours, his teachers sent me a memo on class dojo, that said " keep up the great work, dylan"
    ( They are amazing teachers - very hands on)

    Then first thought that entered my mind was the fact that out of the 32 students in his class, MAYBE 3-5 are doing the work - not because they don't want to, but because they don't have access to a laptop or device that supports the work - it's sad. I was told by a friend that is part of faculty that more than 70% of the parents answering the questionnaire that was sent home last week, stated that they did not have the ability to homeschool. :((


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    Oct 11, 2013
    If the teacher sent 61 pages....I would contact the teacher and ask if this is the amount of work for a 2 week period? 4 week? 6 week ? Etc.
    We always homeschool, so nothing has changed for us. I have a sixth grader. I normally do 4 pages of textbook in science plus 2 pages of worksheets or questions that pertain to the pages we read. If we do a lab that day, then we only have the lab plus 2 pages of questions etc or a report on the lab. Science specifically we do 3 days a week. 61 pages isn't a ton of it is text based mixed with questions to answer from the text....if the teacher has meant this for perhaps a month long timeframe. If it's less than 3-4 weeks, then yes, that is a lot. I encourage you to contact the teacher so that you can see what is expected of your child. There is no way I would not do the work, your child will go back to school unprepared.


    Oct 27, 2011
    As parents, we're used to seeing "homework" and 61 pages looks overwhelming as homework. The teacher expects this to cover both in-school and homework assignments, so try to divvy it up as such. Assuming this is to cover 2 weeks, that's ~6 pages per day. I would take time to look through it all carefully, and see how it can be divided up logically - like units or subsections of a unit. If it's all text, read 1-2 sections each day depending on length. Or if it has worksheet pages, again try to sort it into smaller logical groups of pages and work on a set each day. Anything that takes more than an hour gets set aside for the next day. And definitely reach out to the teacher with any questions. Ours are available by email, and some have even shared home and/or cell phone numbers.

    Good luck!


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    May 26, 2015
    So, these 61 pages are they all questions/problems to complete or is there material to learn along with the work to complete, such as daily lecture slides? Is this the work for a week? A day? you child is in this class for probably 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 61 pages doesn't seem too crazy to cover 200 minutes of class time.

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