Quarantine and chill and kindness chatty clubhouse: Jump in and join the conversation! All is welcome!

Oh, boy, I don’t look forward to that day. Toto is going to be 11 this year. (Where did the time go?) He’s got a vet appt coming up this summer. I was cleaning his lips yesterday in his little pool and I noticed he has something going on with his gums. Will have to have that checked out. Grady would be so lost without him. Hugs to all for pet issues!

I should keep a pad of paper handy for when I catch up here as there are things I want to say, but then I forget what they were!

Someone mentioned baseball. DS had his first outing this summer pitching last weekend and over six innings he struck out 10, and only gave up two hits, two walks and one run, and they won. I was working so I missed it, but his gf and the kids went.

Had a long weekend at work, and back at it again. I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday evening! 🐥
Hug extra to all and all precious kiddos in your family. Dad, I think, was briefly told to change hands. I believe that thankfully didn't last long. Grandma, I could see easily standing up for him. Grandpa in a quieter way would have too.

Pea, congratulations to your son⚾Toto wll always have a place in my heart because he is a canine Quacker. Extra prayers for him and always for you:hug:

Sweet dreams and love to all.
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@PollyannaMom Sending good thoughts for your son

Good morning. The heat wave starts again. We're going to be at least 88 today, mid to upper 90's next week, with no rain in sight. I'm going to close up shortly and turn the ac on, after the cats have their morning sun baths in the open windows. They love stretching out between the sills and the windows and just sunning themselves

All errands done yesterday and weedwhacked the edges of the driveway last night after it cooled down. Already watered everything this morning, will give the flowers another drink after dinner.

Decided to start watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix again. I forgot how much that show made me smile and laugh.

Have a nice day, stay cool if you're in the heat.

after the cats have their morning sun baths in the open windows. They love stretching out between the sills and the windows and just sunning themselves
One of mine does that too!

Decided to start watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix again. I forgot how much that show made me smile and laugh.
Always an excellent rewatch!
Happy Thursday!:sunny:

Turned the AC on yesterday, I knew it was going to get hot today.🥵

Took Twix to her spa day yesterday. She looks like a completely different cat when whe gets her hair cut, and she's not happy with me. 😠

Decided to start watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on Netflix again.
I've never seen that show. Maybe I'll start watching that instead of another old Survivor episode for the 10th time.🤔

Funny story about being left handed. Evan is the only left hander in our family. When he was playing baseball in kindergarten, he walked up to the plate and stood how he always did when we played in the yard. The coach told him to move to the other side of the plate and Evan was very confused so the coach told him to move over again. I realized what he was doing and boy did I run down the hill to tell him not to move him. He didn't realize Evan batted left handed.⚾

Not much going on today. We're having a good-bye luncheon for someone in the office so I ordered some boxed lunches for everyone. I think I may have ordered too many but oh well, looks like I'll have lunch and dinner for the next couple of days.🥪

Have a great day! :wave:
Good morning. It is 66 now with temps heading into the 80s. Last I heard we are expecting storms this afternoon. I will have to get out and about before they come in. I was in the office yesterday. I did ask my boss if I could skip driving in the week with July 4. Traffic on the highways will be miserable with alot of people heading north. She was OK with that and said she would come in and do the deposits if needed. We have off the 4th and 5th anyway. I went to my grief group yesterday. There were only 2 of us and the other person was new. The one who took over the last group was not there. This time was a nice quiet meeting where we really were able to talk freely and have alot of support. I mainly go to connect with people and to hear what the counselor has to offer. All the grandkids has their last day of school yesterday. That school year went by quickly.

Off to work. Have a good day.
Good morning. We have the same weather as Snowysmom low to mid 80's with chance of storms this afternoon. This is after saying we had no rain in sight for at least 10 days. But we could use some, everything is drying out quickly from the heat. I'm already tired of watering the plants and flowers. It's been 3 days since I mowed, and the lawn has slowed down enough that I can get away with another day or 2. I'll be glad when I can get away with doing it once a week.

Yesterday was cleaning day, I finished the last room of carpet cleaning, and then dusted and vacuumed the living and dining rooms. Summer is coming today to take my old carpet cleaner (not that it's that old, it's just not my newer one).

We had no internet or cable yesterday afternoon for almost 3 hours. I was in the middle of paying a couple of bills online and everything went down. There had been trucks parked on the road since early morning. I went out to find out what was going on, and there was a truck parked down 4 houses with a guy on a cherry picker, and another truck parked next door with a guy in a cherry picker. I called the ISP, and after 15 minutes on hold, was told they had no idea why anyone was working in the area, or why customers weren't notified ahead of time. They gave me a $20 credit for the inconvenience. Add that to the issues I had with them 3 weeks ago, and the 2 weeks we had no ABC channel during the day, and I have almost $75 off of this months bill from all the 'one time credits', lol. They say it's one time every time, yet anytime I call with an issue, I get another one.
I went outside when I saw one of the trucks move and park across the street. By then the internet and cable were back on. I asked if they were done, or if we were going to lose it again. He said they were done. There was a bad line that went from the next door neighbor, down the road in the other direction for over a mile that they had to replace. I lucked out that it stopped before my house. It's one thing after the other with them, and I'm about ready to cut the cord. I'm thinking of switching my internet to my cell carrier.

Going to sit outside and read while it's still cool and dry outside.

Have a great Friday

@lynxstch, glad your issue was resolved, and happy you get the extra credits!

Tom looked this morning and it seemed would be getting late thunderstorms, but that threat is no longer mentioned.

It’s been a beautiful day, and we did bike ride and swim for a bit. Only 4 in the pool, two women, me and Tom. It’s often like that in the mornings early in the season. We’re a friendly group, mostly chatting and doing exercises in the water.

A neighbor across the street was out and we chatted. They are part time, and she and her hubby often are out doing landscape work. They have beautiful trees, I have such a nice view from my porch! She mentioned how she likes to hear our waterfall while she works outside. We both benefit from our house position! They are nice people, also Phillies fans!

That’s it! I’m reading Henry Winkler’s book about “Being Henry.”
It was sunny until about 3. Then we had a few showers, then the sun came out again. It just now started thundering a bit and dumped down some rain, but it seems to be tapering off. I did a whole lot of nothing today. Did some writing, watched some Hawaii Five O, and took a nap. Now it's time for dinner and some more Five O

Have a nice evening all


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