PCR testing for under 12


Earning My Ears
Jul 21, 2010
I scheduled our 2 younger girls at CVS 3 days before we leave. We fly out the day before our cruise. With the increased testing nationwide I know some tests take longer to get back now than they previously did. My question is if the tests aren't resulted by 24 hours prior to departure are there rapid PCR anywhere? Is this a back plan I should have? Anyone know the cutoff for the "24 hours" prior to departure (PAT vs ships departure)? If we land at MCO and still don't have results do I need to take them somewhere else to be tested again? I hope this makes sense I feel like my question is all over the place


DIS Veteran
May 24, 2000
Call Inspire Diagnostics, they are the third party handling testing for DCL. 1-877-250-5132 They just opened a testing site at the airport. Fee is $98.33 I tried to schedule one on the Safe Passage website but it didn't give me the option.



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