Our PTR for DD's first WDW trip! (DDP)

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    Hi! We're going next week (YAY! :cool1: ) May 9 - 13th with the DDP! I'm so excited I can't wait! From reading all the reviews, I know next time DD and I are going to do the DxDP... there's too much stuff that I want to try! I wish I checked into the DISboards before I booked all my ADR's through my TA! Anyway, our plans are:

    5/9 - Check-In/EPCOT - No, CS planned (where we end up and we're hungry, we'll eat) Breakfast will be eaten in the car on the way to check in. We're staying with the greatgrands, so I'm sure they'll pack us with some BK before leaving early! After our early check-in (just to get our passes), we'll be heading to EPCOT for the day and having dinner at Akershus for the Princess Storybook Dinner (1 TS). Would like to try Liberty Inn or Lotus Blossom (for CS).

    My only thing to really try here is the Grey Goose Slushie, the bakery in France and Norway for the schoolbread. Too many snacks to try in EPCOT!! :thumbsup2

    5/10 - AK - BK at the Tuskar House for Donald's Safari breakfast (1 TS - 2). No CS meal planned, just where ever we end up for late lunch/early dinner. Would like to try Yak & Yeti, Restaurantaurus, or Pizzafari

    5/11 - DHS - Again no CS planned and don't have anything on the "to try" list :scared1: Our TS will be at the 50's PTC for dinner. (1 TS - 3) Any recommendations for CS?? Maybe try the Turkey Leg as a snack....Our dinner is at 4 pm, so I'm thinking late breakfast at resort or early lunch w/ granola bars for BK in the room.

    5/12 - DHS/DTD - Defintely changed this day a few times! We'll have breakfast in our room, granola bars, etc., and spend some time at the pool. CS Lunch will be at DTD at Wolfgang Puck express, just because I read such great things! Snacks at Goofys! We'll do Characters in flight and then head to HS for dinner at Sci-Fi (1TS - 4) and stick around for Fantasmic!

    5/13 - Finally, Magic Kingdom! - I see myself spending some $$ OOP if we don't have some left over Snack credits from earlier in the week. Anyway, we're having lunch at CRT (OOP.) For our dinner CS, I want to try Cosmic Rays, Casey's Corner or Columbia Harbor. My definite snacks to try are a Dole Whip, Cinnamon Roll and a Funnel Cake!

    5/14 - Check-out :sad1: / MK - Breakfast at The Crystal Palace (TS - 5). Then to use any remaining CS/Snack credits for the ride home.

    DD is only 5, so I plan on using 1 snack credit for each of us to share which would give us 10 snacks to try :yay: From what I read, CS meals are huge, so I assume DD and I can split one and we would be able try more!

    My trip won't be live :sad2: BUT, I'll be asking DD her opinion and writing it down in our journal. I'm so excited, I can't wait! DD doesn't know that we're going yet, so I'm sure she won't have a negative thing to say :rotfl:

    Any recommendations!?? :upsidedow

    The Cast:

    DD and I:

    Me: 28 year old single mom. I'm definitely not picky about food :rotfl: I'll pretty much eat anything and everything.

    DD: 5.5 years old, graduating from Pre-K in May and starting K in August. My rule for her is to try everything once and she's pretty good about following it. She ends up liking pretty much everything she tries. I will have one rule for her during our trip... we can NOT have chicken nuggets/hot dogs/pizza every meal. She loves her fruits/veggies, so I don't have to "nag" her about that :woohoo: I hope I don't see much of this during our trip :lmao: :

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    Your trip sounds great!!!!!!! Your DD is SO adorable, oh my goodness!!!!!! I think it's great that you encourage her to try things once. That's a great way to show kids that there are sooo many things that they like, and they would never know it! I can't wait to read your reviews! :yay::yay:

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