Official 2015 MNSSHP Guest List Thread


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Mar 18, 2011
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the 2015 guest list thread! For those who are unfamiliar with past threads, they can be found here...



The MNSSHP 2015 discussion thread:

Dates were officially released on the Disney Parks Blog. Here is the announcement...

From the article, here are the dates

  • September 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27
  • October 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31
  • November 1
Here is the announcement on prices...

Most notably are the lack of parties the first half of September, and the inclusion of Oct. 6, Oct 13, and Nov. 1. I am truly sorry for those of you who will miss the event this year! Now, let's cover the basics...

I will be listing all dates for MNSSHP along with all Disers who will be there and what their costumes will be. If you would like to be on the list, just post your info including the following:

date(s) attending
total number of people in your party
# of Adults and # of children
costumes for each party member
ADR place and time (this will be listed in red)

Here is my line from 2014 for an example: smitch425-4(2A/2C)- self-Black Widow page 45 post# 667, DH-Thor, DS-Iron Man page 16 post#236, DD-Captain America page 16 post#236

I will be frequently updating the list in post one. If you will not be dressing up, I will list you as "no costumes". If you will be dressing up, but do not know what you will be, I will list you as "undecided". If you think you know what you will be, let me know and I will list it as "tentative".

When a party has sold out, I will list ****sold out**** in green next to each date.

***Once you have completed your costume, please feel free to post a pic and I will list where it can be found (page# post#) in the master list in purple.

Costume rules for MNSSHP:

Halloween costumes should not:

--Obstruct the guest's view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system (including monorails, ferry boats and motorcoaches)

--Drag on the ground

--Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest

--Be offensive to other guests

--Contain any weapons which resemble or could be easily mistaken for an actual weapon


15 ****SOLD OUT**** (on 9/15/15)

georgina-1(1A)-Cheshire Cat
Mrs Grumpy-???-no costumes
Bishoparc-2(2A)-self-Dapper Dan, DW-undecided
MissMaryQC-3(3A)-Lock, Shock and Barrel from NBC Kona 1:50pm
tiriggs1-3(2A/1C)-self-undecided, DH and DS-superheroes
switch15foot-2(2A)-Anna and Aurora page# 30 post# 593 (both costumes)
han22735-5(4A/1C)-undecided BOG 4:55pm
finney1981-6(2A/4C)-no costumes
WDW Fan since 1975-1(1A)-undecided
Fantabulously Cherry-3(2A/1C)-undecided 1900 PF 4:35pm
mommaleatherwont-8(3A/5C)-self-Maleficent, DD-Diablo, DD-Elsa or Jasmine, DS-Inquisitor, DS-Darth Vader or Mickey Mouse, mother-Tinker Bell, father-Goofy tourist
ollynholly-3(2A/1C)-Peter, Wendy and Tinker Bell
kilowatt-5 or 6(4 or 5A/1C)-undecided
Regan1103-3(2A/1C)-self-undecided, DS-undecided, mother-no costume
3monkeymomma-5(2A/3C)-adults-??, DS-pirate, DD-princess, DD-Wendy
buttercup14-1(1A)-Mad Hatter page 18 post#343
krennaker-5(3A/2C)-characters from Inside Out BOG 4:00pm
godders-1(1A)-Mary Poppins
scrappymel-3(2A/1C)-Timon, Pumbaa and Nala Kona 2:30pm
mickeymum-4(2A/2C)-self, DH and 2 DGDs-??
Disneydreamsdancer-4(3A/1C)-dapper people from Tomorrowland
njmomof1-self and DH-??
platinum93-3(2A/1C)-no costumes
snitchseeker-2(2A)-self-black dress with candy corn or Sally Minnie ears, DF-??
shameless3-1(1A)-Merida (tentative)
UrbanOkapi-2(2A)-self-Ursula, boyfriend-Hawaiian shirt Genie
Mom2Stitch-4(4A)-possibly Disneybounding as Inside Out characters
AGoofykindagirl-2(2A)-self-and sister-no costumes
Toyotaae86lg-3(2A/1C)-self-Prince Eric, DW-Ursula, DD-Ariel

moremouse-2(2A)-Haunted Mansion shirts
buttercup14-1(1A)- super duper secret costume ;)
AlexofArendelle-3(2A/1C)-self-Boo, DH-Sully, DS-Mike W.
DisneyCAL-6(4A/2C)-Alice in Wonderland theme (tentative)
godders-1(1A)-Provencial Belle
Mamato2cutekiddos-7(5A/2C)-adults-undecided, DD-Joy, DS-Thor
BelleKer-2(2A)-self-Belle, DH-Beast
Dax-3(2A/1C)-self-Halloween tee (tentative), DH-no costume, DD-undecided Trail's End 4:55pm
Famsen-4(4 adult)- self-Halloween Tee Shirt (skeleton with Mickey shaped red heart), DH-Halloween Tee (Creature from the Black Lagoon?), DD and DSIL-undecided

pigletgirl-3(2A/1C)-self-no costume, DD-Minnie dress, mother-no costume
disneyjes-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-Mr. and Mr. Potato Head, DS-Mike Wazowski
KNovacovschi-2(1A/1C)-Alice and Minnie Mouse
party-of-five-6(2A/4C)-self-Agent Peggy Carter, DH-Captain America, DS-Iron Man, DS-Spiderman, DS-Hulk or Thor
ArmyVet80-5(5A)-self-Flynn Rider, DW-Rapunzel, DSIL-Sally, DMIL-Tinker Bell, DFIL-Goofy Tony's 5:05pm
went503-4(4A)-no costumes
godders-1(1A)-possibly Indiana Jones
CooperPrincesses-5(2A/3C)-self-Mary Poppins, DH-Burt, DDs-Rapunzel, Belle, Sofia the 1st
Disneydreamer31-8(4A/4C)-pirates and mermaids (PL appts) CM 5:00pm
svecchitto-6(5A/1C)-self-Wendy, DH-Peter Pan, DD-Tinker Bell, grandpa, uncle and aunt-undecided
Sparkie-3(3A)-Hocus Pocus tees
MattsPrincess-self and DB-undecided

22 ****SOLD OUT**** (on 9/22/15)
Carrie RWM-2(2A)-undecided
FaithsWish-3(2A/1C)-self-Wendy, DH-Peter Pan, DD-Tinker Bell
Rivermonster-3(2A/1C)-self-Ursula, DH-Sebastian, DD-Ariel
seeingstars-5(4A/1C)-self-Halloween inspired Minnie Mouse, DH-Indiana Jones, DD-Baymax, rest-undecided
PDJPrinceCharming-2(2A)-self and mother-no costumes
woodynjessiemomma-6(3A/3C)-self-Disgust, DH-Fear, DS-Anger, DS-Sadness, DD-Joy, friend-Ariel inspired mermaid
andie325-3(2A/1C)-self-R2D2 or Princess Leia, DS-Luke Skywalker, DH-Darth Vader shirt
Raimiette-2(2A)-self-Minnie, sister-possibly Elsa CP 2:20pm
hiroMYhero-2(2A)-self and friend-Disneybounding as Baymax and GoGo Tomago CG 5:30pm
Stophie-3(3A)-self-Death Star construction worker, parents-undecided BOG 4:35pm
ebradley23-3(2A/1C)-Dory, Marlin and Nemo BOG 5:50
Melissa Miller-7(4A/3C)-undecided ???? 2:25pm
Brer Shay-6(6A)-Gilligan's Island- Gilligan, Skipper, Mr. and Mrs. Howell, Ginger and MaryAnn Plaza 5:20pm

25 ****SOLD OUT****(on 9/23/15)
seltzer77-1(1A)-no costume
barbara13-2(A)-no costumes
1983DisneyFanatic-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided
heywagners-5(2A/3C)-Sully, Celia, Mike, CDA member, Boo
Leelee1980-5(2A/3C)-self-Wendy, DH-Disneyboaunding as Peter Pan, DS-John, DD-Tiger Lily, DD-baby Smee BOG 4:05pm
wiserabbit-2(2A)-self-Little Leota, DH-Carl Fredrickson
Jenlyn75-5(2A/3C)-self-Princess Leia, DH-Han Solo, DD-Stormtrooper, DD-Darth Vader, DS-Luke Skywalker
Amw1064-4(2A/2C)-self-Evil Queen, DH-Gaston, DD-Belle, DD-Snow White
seashell7290-1(1A)-Bing Bong
Melpenn14-2(2A)-self-Kuzco, friend-Yzma

27 ***SOLD OUT**** (on 9/26/15)
LadyRayado-5(3A/2C)-self and sister-wicked stepsisters, DS-Prince Charming, friends- Queen Elinor and Merida
wildfortink-9(5A/4C)-DS-Carl Fredrickson, DD-Kevin, rest-undecided
disneydoll87-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-no costumes, DD-Cinderella (BBB) CRT 5:15pm
garris3404-2(2A)-undecided CP 4:35pm
FoodieFriend-4(4A)-Hawaiian tourists Boma 9:00am GVTea 2:05pm
MrsSaraG-3(2A/1C)-possible Frozen theme
Whitney Springer-2(2A)-undecided CP ??
rey_rey-3(2A/1C)-self-Anna, DH-Olaf, DD-Elsa
TarheelMom-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-no costumes, DD-Aurora CRT 3:55
4leobeans-5(2A/3C)-self-Disney bounding as Princess Leia, DH-Chewbacca tee, DD-Darth Vader, DD-R2D2, DSYoda
starswilldiex-2(2A)-self- Provencial Belle, DH-undecided
CheshireCrazy-2(2A)-self-Cheshire Cat, mother-Alice Tony's 3:25pm
Team Agent P-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-LOVEMUFFIN, DS-Agent P
DisneyBabies-4(2A/2C)-self-Alice page# 31 post# 607, DH-Mr. Incredible, DS-Peter Pan, DD-Snow White (BBB) page# 19 post# 369 CRT 5:45pm
tinkertoes-3(3A)-self and parents-undecided
maryandtyson-4(2A/2T)-Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
MsLindsey2-2(2A)-self-Cinderella, DH-Kanan BOG 5:25pm
disneychick75-2(2A)-undecided Tony's 5:05pm
dcraythorn-2(2A)-no costumes
scdak-2(2A)-possibly Halloween tees
eeyoreali-6(4A/2C)-adults-Halloween clothes, kids-skeletons
Mitzicat-2(2A)-self and BF-no costumes


wdwmaw-2(2A)-University of Kentucky fans
YYCPoohFan-2(2A)-self-Winnie the Pooh, DH-Christopher Robin
sbarisch-5(4A/1C)-two adult pirates, two adults and child-steampunk/vampires
FeralCatRogue-1(1A)-self-Wicked Witch of the West page#2 post#23, mother-no costume CRT 4:20pm
Choozee-3(2A/1C)adults-matching vacation shirts, child-Aurora
DisneyBabies-4(2A/2C)-self and DD-mermaids, DH and DS-pirates (PL)
sms2015-10(6A/6C)-self-Jedi (komono style), DH-Jedi DD-Chewbacca, DD-Ewok, rest-undecided CM 1:20pm
Cando86-2(2A)-self and DF-undecided
crostorfer-2(1A/1C)-HM maids page# 30 post# 589
KellaCat-2(2A)-self-Izzy, DH- Jake
ksromack-2(2A)-self-Little Red Riding Hood, DH-Big Bad Wolf BOG 1:40pm
ImagineersApprentice-7(7A)-Disney fairies or Sanderson sisters/Kingdom Hearts
angel0321-2(2A)-self-Tweedle Dee, DH-Tweedle Dum
Jesika-7(4A/3C)-self, DH, parents-undecided, DD-Belle, DS-Olaf, DS-Captain America
brnrss34-3(1A/2C)-undecided CP 5:00pm
k8seeley-20(12A/8C)-self-Mother Gothel, DH-Flynn, DD-Rapunzel Others- ProvencialBelle, Lumiere, French Duster, Cinderella, Gus Gus, Prince, Ariel, Ursula, King Triton, Sebastian, Cruella, Jasper, a Dalmatian, Elsa, Anna, Sven, and Olaf
katyj26-3(3A)-self-Disneybounding as Minnie Mouse, mother-Disneybounding as Goofy, "Fairy Godmother" Joan- Witch
Lottie24-2(2A)-self-Boo, DH-Sulley
grcer9977-13(??/??)-self-Sally, DH-Jack, D-Ella (2015 Cinderella ballgown), DS-Ant Man, SIL-Cruella, Niece-Tinker Bell, Nephew-Optimus Prime, rest-undecided CM 5:00pm
lilyyuna-2(2A)-self-Anna (coronation gown), DH-udecided

kasedroz-4(2A/2C)-self-blue/black Ariel, DH-Prince Eric, DD-pink Ariel, DD-mermaid Ariel
smsraven-4(2A/2C)-PotC theme
j2thomason-2(2A)-self-Mickey, DD-Sadness
thedjwaver-???-undecided CRT 5:45pm
ImagineersApprentice-7(7A)-Disney fairies or Sanderson sisters/Kingdom Hearts
Tulles-2(1A/1C)-self-Blue Fairy, DS-Pinocchio Plaza 4:25pm
wyonative78-2(2A)-Disneybounding as WALL-E and EVE
princess_ariel_85-2(2A)--self-Ariel, DH-Fix-it Felix, Jr.
wheatly-2(2A)-self-Queen of Hearts, mother-card minion page# 34 post# 662

Mrsktbrown-5(2A/3C)-self, DH and DS-undecided, DDs-princesses (BBB)
MikeRx-4(3A/1C)-DS-Indiana Jones rest-?? Citricos ????
BrittyRo-2(2A)-possibly Belle and Beast
Mz. Maleficent-2(2A)-undecided
Danni123-2(2A)-Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (tentative)
scdak-2(2A)-ladybug and bumblebee Kona 1:00pm
ratlenhum-2(1A/1C)-undecided and Boba Fett Plaza 3:20pm
lilmape-4(3A/1C)-self-Disgust, DH-Anger, DD-Joy, mother-no costume or Sadness
EyeofDTiger75-3(2A/1C)-undecided (self-possibly Jack Sparrow hat and dreds) Tony's 5:40pm
Madaboutthemouse-4(2A/2C)-self-Izzy,DH-Captain Hook, DS-Jake, DS-Cubby
ksromack-2(2A)-self and DH-possibly Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf or NBC or Halloween tees Via Napoli 1:30pm
chupacabra-2(1A/1C)-self-tee shirt, DD-Mad Hatter's Daughter

kittyab-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-pirates, DD-Alice
DalGal-6(3A/3C)-niece-undecided, rest of party-Halloween tees
dkb624-4(3A/1C)-self-Snow White, DH-undecided, DD-Frozen Fever Anna, mother-undecided
mgellman-5(2A/3C)-adults-Halloween tees (tentative), kids-rock, paper and scissors (tentative)
LadyRose38-3(1A/2C)-self-Minnie Mouse, DD-Stitch, DD-Chi the cat page 17 post# 337 (all costumes)
chrisc88-4(3A/1T)-self, sister and mother-Soos, Mabel and Wendy, niece-Dipper
angel0321-2(2A)-self- HM maid, DH- HM butler
ajsary-4(2A/2C)-Halloween tees
totebagg-5(4A/1C)-self and DH-Mrs. and Mr. Pac-Man shirts, DD and DSIL-pregnant 50's housewife and milkman, DD-Snow White
Katie In Wonderland-2(2A)-self-Mal, mother-no costume
chupacabra-2(1A/1C)-self-tee shirt, DD-Mad Hatter's Daughter

MsMamaBear-2(1A/1C)-self-Myeisha (Doc's mom), DD-Doc McStuffins
dkb624-4(3A/1C)-self-provincial Belle, DH-undecided, DD-Frozen Fever Elsa, mother-Snow White
JamiLeigh1913-5(3A/2C)-adults-no costumes, kids-IU basketball players
mesathemom-4(2A/2C)-self and DH- Leeloo and Corbin Dallas (tentative), DD-Princess Peach, DS-Toadstool
Katie In Wonderland-2(2A)-self-Ella, mother-no costume

9 ****SOLD OUT****
MarieKat-2(2A)-self-Maleficent, DH-Baymax
ajsary-4(2A/2C)-self-Snow, DH-Olaf, DD-Anna, DD-Elsa

misse320-8(4A/4C)-pirates (tentative-hoping for PL)
tooh8ful-4(1A/3C)-self-Mrs. Incredible, DD-Violet, DD-Dash, DS-Jack Jack
moonburst37-7(4A/3C)-pirates and princesses CRT 4:00pm
DonaldDuck77-4(2A/2C)-undecided CM 2:15pm
rhondag508-4(2A/2C)-self-Olaf (hat), DH-Sven (hat or headband), DD-Elsa, DD-Anna
Princess 'n LA-8(6A/2C)-self-Daisy, DH-Donald, friends-Cinderella, stepsisters, Fairy Godmother, Jack and Gus
Swtonscrappn-5(2A/3C)-self-undecided, DH-George Neumann, DD-Cinderella, DD-Belle, DS-undecided
Rigby-2(2A)-self-Mike Wazowski, DW-Disgust
BuzzLiteyear-5(3A/2C)-undecided BOG 2:35pm
weskbob-4(2A/2C) – self – Jack Skellington, DW Sally, DD Aurora, DD Maleficent

LoodlesNoodles-2(2A)-self-peasant Snow White, BF-undecided
eeyoresnr-4(3A/1C)-adults-undecided, DGS-Jake (tentative)
Bricket-4(2A/2C)-undecided 1900 PF 4:35pm
GarrettJD-2(2A)-Baymax and Honey Lemon page 20 post# 414
kkendle-2(??)-self and DD-HM hostess aprons and matching ear headbands
Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina-2(2A)-pirates page 37 post#732
MooksterL1-4(2A/2C)-self-Cinderella, DH and boys-Maverick, Goose and Iceman (all tentative)
Pixiedustspreader-4(??/??)-undecided, possibly Mickey Halloween tees BOG 2:05pm

smitch425-4(2A/2C)-Carousel of Progress family-4th of July scene-self-Patricia (the daughter) page# 20 post# 386, DH-John page 15 post# 291, DD-Sarah(the mother) page 13 post# 255, DS-Jimmy page# 29 post# 579
TwinMomEsq-4(2A/2C)-self-Dorothy, DH-paparazzi, kids-flower princess and pink mermaid
TeresaMRoberts-5(2A/3C)-Electric Parade theme-self-Sleeping Beauty, DD-Belle page 4 post# 71, DS- Beast as Prince page 4 post# 74, friend-Alice, friend's DD-Cinderella
misse320-8(4A/4C)-(possible date)-no costumes
GarrettJD-2(2A)- Captain Hook and Tinker Bell page 20 post# 414
LindsayL-6(4A/2C)-adults-undecided, kids-Maleficent and Elsa (tentative)
hallen4-4(2A/2C)-self-Alice, DH-Tim Burton's Mad Hatter, DD-Cheshire Cat, DD-White Rabbit
Lynne G-1(1A)-Halloween tee
roller99-6(3A/3C)-undecided CM 2:20pm
Marshmelo-3(2A/1C)-self-Disneybounding as Cheshire Cat, DH and DS-Gladiator
Aschenputtel-2(2A)-self-young Ellie, DF-young Carl Plaza 4:10pm
MickeyHereWeCome!-6(3A/3C)-The Incredibles

mommy2jack-5(2A/3C)-NBC themed clothing
HeatherLassell-6(2A/4C)-characters from Inside Out
Bubbenstein-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-Disneybounding as Mickey and Minnie, DD-Jasmine (tentative)
Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina-2(2A)-pirates Plaza 4:35pm
PoohsFan1-3(1A/2C)-self-Riley, DD-Joy, DD-Disgust Tony's 5:25pm
Sunshinegrl1243-9(5A/4C)-self-Vanellope, DH-Wreck-It Ralph, DS-Fix It Felix, DD- Taffyta, DD-Blinky (orange Pac Man ghost), parents-Cinderella and Prince Charming, sister-Alice in Wonderland, DN-undecided

18 ****SOLD OUT****
avic77-4(2A/2C)- 3 Ghostbusters and Slimer or Stay Puft
leshunlenese-4(2A/2C)-(tentative) self- Jessie, DS-Buzz, DN-Woody, mother-no costume
DoctorWhoGirl-4(2A/2C)-self-Rose Tyler, DH-10th Doctor, DS-10th Doctor, DS-11th Doctor
TeresaMRoberts-5(2A/3C)-Electric Parade theme-self-Sleeping Beauty, DD-Belle page 4 post# 71, DS- Beast as Prince page 4 post# 74, friend-Alice, friend's DD-Cinderella
mjojacob-4(4A)-self-Mary Poppins, DH-undecided, DS-possibly Frozone, DD-Belle
AGoofykindagirl-2(2A)-self-Joy or Goofy, sister-Sadness
mandi321-4(2A/2C)-self-Emma Swan, sister-Halloween tee, niece-Evie, nephew-undecided
carable-3(1A/2C)-possibly Descendants theme of self-Evil Queen, DD-Evie, DS-Carlos
RachealM-4(2A/2C)-pirates (PL @3:55pm) CP 5:50pm
JessLyn-4(2A/2C)-the Callisto family-self-Pheobe, DH-Leo, DD-Miles, DD-Loretta Kona 2:00pm
Sprackmore-4(2A/2C)-Nemo, Dory, Seagull, Darla

20 ****SOLD OUT**** (on 10/20/15)
Missyrose-2(2A)-self-Ariel, DH-Prince Eric
jennthompson111-5(2A/3C)-self-Snow White, DH-undecided, DS-Miles from Tomorrowland, DD-indecided, DD-Bo Peep
Liz Z-2(2A)-undecided
pixi3ness-2(2A)-self-Mary Poppins, DBF-Jack Kelly (Newsies) GF Tea
Kerri1211-7(4A/3C)-undecided Wave 5:00pm
blackpearl77-3(2A/1C)-self and DH-HM maid apron and butler shirt, DS-Jack Skellington or a Stormtrooper
DisneyDreamerMN-2(2A)-self-Jessie tee, DH-Buzz tee
DEJ07-3(2A/1C)-Halloween shirts WCC 1:35pm
melissahen-3(2A/1C)-self-Captain Callisto, DH-Leo Callisto, DS-Miles Callisto
Bubbenstein-3(2A/1C)-self-Jafar, DW-Queen of Hearts, DD-Ursula
Stucas-3(2A/1C)-self-Ursula, DH-Prince Eric, DD-Ariel
DisneyMama21-10(6A/4C)-pirates and princesses theme
goalierich-4(2A/2C)-self-Phineas, DW-Minnie Mouse, DD-Vanellope, DS-undecided, possibly a basketball player
goodmorningirl-6(6A)-self-Rapunzel, mother-Mother Gothel, DH, DD, DFIL and DMIL-Snuggly Duckling Ruffians (tentative)
scooby9932-2(2A)-possibly Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

22 ****SOLD OUT**** (10/22/15)

Missyrose-2(2A)-self-Honey Lemon, DH-Hiro
Lizzy B-3(2A/1C)-undecided
cadale-5(5A)-self-possibly Minnie or Cruella, DH-undecided, DS-Sven, DDIL-Anna, DD-a dalmatian
SpacePod-2(2A)-self-Snow White, DBF-Humbert the Huntsman
pixi3ness-2(2A)-self-Ellie (up), DBF-undecided
sug78-4(2A/2C)-Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Princess Tiger Lily and Tiana
kmrada-2(2A)-self-Snow White Mickey Ears and accoutrements, BFF-Ariel Mickey Ears and accoutrements
butterfly71076-4(2A/2C)-self-Mr. Smee, DH-Captain Hook, DS-Peter Pan, niece-Wendy
ldymcbth-3(1A/2C)-Descendants- self-Evil Queen, kids-Evie and Carlos WC 12:50pm
lizzyshakuntala-4(2A/2C)-self-Boo, DH-no costume, DS-Peter Pan, DS-Woody
Momma_T-3(2A/1C)-self-Joy, DH-Anger, DD-Disgust

23 ****SOLD OUT**** (10/20/15)
blackpearl77-3(2A/1C)-Star Wars theme-self- Rey from Star Wars force awakens, DH-Chewbacca shirt, DS-Boba Fett
Mom2aJessieGirl-2(1A/1C)-self-Disneybounding as Maleficent, DD-Mal
Ms. Heimlich-2(2A)-undecided
BrianL-1(1A)-Sir Albert Falls

25 ****SOLD OUT**** (10/22/15)
hollypoast-6(5A/1C)-self-Mary Poppins, DH-Bert, DS-Halloween wear, DS-Aladdin, DD-Jasmine, DD-70s go go dancer
disneygal55-2(2A)-self-Minnie, DH-Dr. Goofy
Beast2Prince-4(2A/2C)-self and DW-undecided, DD-Belle, DS-Indiana Pacer Paul George BOG 5:50pm
Noro-4(4A)-3 My Little Ponies and 1 no costume
Disneymom1126-2(1A/1C)-self-Go Go Tomago, DD-Honey Lemon page 18 post# 358
hebbynan-2(2A)-self-Kevin, DH-Russell
ilovejsparrow-2(2A)-self-Provencial Belle, DH-HM butler
ashleybea1-3(3A)-self-Ariel (blue dress), BF-Prince Eric or Anger, friend-Prince Phillip
Judyfun-3(3A)-Inside Out (tentative)
elunemoon-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-OUAT's Hook and Emma Swan, DD-girly Jack Skellington, DD-undecided BOG 6:30pm
tinkerbell615-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided
dekkerdisneydream-3(2A/1/C)-self-pink haired troll, DH-Slinky,DD-Bo Peep

27 ****SOLD OUT**** (on 10/19/15)
DisneyMagicMomma-3(2A/1C)-(Tentative)-self-Vanellope, DH-Wreck-It Ralph, DS-King Candy
nkereina-2(2A)-no costumes
jenineh-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-undecided, DS-Cheshire Cat, DS-Dipper
JacknSally-2(2A)-self and DF-undecided
disneydude365-3(3A)-Peter Pan and possibly Tink and Wendy
madlove4disney-3(2A/1C)-undecided BOG 2:20pm
Michy-4(4A)-self-butterfly, DH-no costume, others-undecided
Renhen-2(2A)-self and BF-undecided
elopez-2(2A)-undecided BOG 5:45pm
HyperPippi-6(2A/4C)-self-Ahsoka, DH-undecided, DSx2-Jedis, DS-Storm trooper, DS-Clone trooper
Narnia_girl-3(2A/1C)-self-Ellie, DH-Carl, DD-Russell
Brocktoon-3(3A)-self-Flash Gordon, father-Kenny Rogers (The Gambler), mother-doll
ebpak-4(2A/2C)adults-??, DD-Stormtrooper, DD-tween Minnie
scooby9932-5(4A/1C)-self, DH, DD, DSIL and DGD-pirates
Patricksp-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-no costumes, DS-Peter Pan

29 ****SOLD OUT**** (10/15/15)
steelernation-5(3A/2C)-(tentative)-self-Wendy, DH-Peter Pan, DS-Captain Hook, DD-Tinker Bell, mother-Mr. Smee
HizMinnie2015-4(4A)-self-Minnie, DF-Mickey, BFF and her daughter-Minions Plaza 4:25pm
SamRoc-3(3A)-Sanderson sisters (Hocus Pocus)
McGreezy-4(2A/2C)-self-frog Tiana, DH-frog Naveen, DS-Dr. Facilier, DD-Mama Odie
FunkyDuckToo-3(2A/1C)-undecided Ohana ??:??am
bengeneric-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-no costumes, DD-undecided
cath1979-4(2A/2C)-self-Maleficent, DD-Elsa, DS-Captain America, grandmother-Minnie (tentative)
MaryAunt-7(5A/2C)-self,DD,DSIL,2 DGDs, DD, DIL-???
jenf22-7(6A/1C)-self-Black Widow, DH-Thor, DS-Iron Man, mother-undecided, dad-undecided, sister-Bat Girl, sister's BF-Batman
Kenai1972-4(3A/1C)-self, aunt, uncle and cousin-undecided
MamaJessie-4(1A/3C)-self-no costume, DS-undecided, DD-Maleficent, DD-Cruella
mara512-7(6A/1C)-self-HM maid, niece-Peter Pan, DGNiece-Tinker Bell, mother-leopard, DS-tourist, Brother-Smee, SIL-Sadness Coral Reef 2:40pm
Kellie_G3-2or 3(2or 3A)-undecided
pross46-3(3A)-self-Tigger, DD-Olaf, DD's BF-Sulley
Jazzerfan-2(2A)-self and sister-Mickey Halloween shirts and self-Minnie ears and sister-Ursula ears
waffocopter-3(3A)-self-Yuffie Kisaragi, DM-female Assassin's Creed, DBF-Natsu from Fairy Tail

31 ****SOLD OUT****(on 8/2/15)
Hadley's Mom-3(1A/2C)-undecided
Mrs.viv07-5(2A/3C)-self-Queen of Hearts, DH-Mad Hatter, DS-card, DS-White Rabbit, DD-Alice
River Country-5(4A/1C)-undecided
ammag-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-undecided, kids-Storm Trooper and vampire
alievans719-3(3A)-Aurora and Phillip, friend-Rosie the Riveter/Capt America
Laniy-2(2A)-self-Anna (tentative), mother-no costume
BigMommaMouse-3(2A/1C)-Max Modem, Lindana, Evil Doofenshmirtz
lizzytizzy-3(2A/1C)-adults-no costume, DD-undecided
AquaDame-2(2A)-undecided GF Café 5:00pm
BattyMcDoon-3(3A)-self-Jack Skellington, BF-Sally, sister-Ariel
DisneyWorld4Ever-7-(3A/4C)-adults-no costumes, kids-undecided
GeorgiaHoo-4(4A)-undecided Plaza 3:10pm
Durrantl-7(3A/4C)-undecided WC ??:??
apainterxx44-2(2A)- undecided Kona 3:00pm
aVASTGrl-1(1A)-Provencial Belle
summer621-5(2A/3C)-IASW dolls (German, Dutch, English, Mexican, Hawaiian) CP 3:15pm
cousinbb-2(2A)-self-Drizella, sister-Anastasia
50sPrimeTime-2(2A)-self-1940s greyscale old Hollywood starlet, sister-Technicolor 1950s TV housewife
CSchex-8(4A/4C)-Luke, Leia, Obi Wan, Han Solo, others-undecided
luv_ags-3(3)self, mother and friend-no costumes
Lulubelle17-4(2A/2C)-undecided (possibly the Incredibles) BOG 7:45pm
jcjen519-5(4A/1C)-adults-no costumes, child-??
jmaussies-3(2A/1C)-OUAT characters-self and DS-undecided, DS-Hook
cindycastle30-4(2A/2C)-self-undecided, DH-Jack Skellington, DS-Wreck-it Ralph, DS-Fix-it Felix
avalanch00-3(2A/1C)-self-King Fergus, DW-Queen Elinor (bear), DD-Merida
pross46-3(3A)-self-Tigger, DD-Olaf, DD's BF-Sulley
Patricksp-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-no costumes, DS-Peter Pan
Calissto31-6(6A)-self and DH-burglers, friend and husband-butterfly and butterfly catcher, 2 friends-undecided
Hibiscus-2(2A)-Alice and Mad Hatter


1 ****SOLD OUT****(on 10/6/15)

Wala&Shoonoo-2(2A)-self and DF-Anna and Kristoff
MommyofaPrincess2010-5(4A/1C)-adults-matching Halloween Mickey tees (ladies with purple glitter Minnie ears and gents possibly wearing baseball hats), DD-Anna (coronation gown) Tony's 3:45pm
Ladyfish77-5(5A)-undecided Plaza 4:05pm
MUDisneyCouple-5(4A/1C)-5 emotions from Inside Out
blessedby3-7(4A/3C)-undecided WCC 2:15pm
ThinkTink09-2(2A)-self-Weeping Angel, sister-a Dalek
CSchex-8(4A/4C)-no costumes
Jenna319-3(1A/2C)-self-Sebastian, DD-Flounder, niece-Ariel CRT 5:30pm
Keels-1(1A)- possibly rags Cinderella BOG 6:30pm
CandiceF-5(2A/3C)-undecided Plaza 5:10
pmaurer74-4(2A/2C)-self-Cheshire Cat, DH-Mad Hatter, DD-Alice, DD-Queen of Hearts
nobellybutton-4(2A/2C)-self-Maleficent, DD-Mal, DS-Star Wars tee, mother-undecided
justindt1-3(2A/1A)-self and DH-undecided, DS-ninja
Last edited:


Earning My Ears
Mar 10, 2012
SO excited that the dates have officially been released! I'll post again once I know once I know what everyone's costume's will be. Thanks so much for creating this post.
  • LadyRayado

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 5, 2013
    So excited - we're planning on attending the 9/27 party. 3 people, 2 adults and 1 toddler. We're going as the Wicked Stepsisters and Prince Charming. Hoping for a late lunch/early dinner ADR at BOG.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    So excited - we're planning on attending the 9/27 party. 3 people, 2 adults and 1 toddler. We're going as the Wicked Stepsisters and Prince Charming. Hoping for a late lunch/early dinner ADR at BOG.
    List is current! :rotfl2: Congrats on being the first! We are going in October, but not sure when just yet. Need the park hours first. :)


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 18, 2009
    We're in, this will be our fourth MNSSHP trip in the past five years! We're planning for October 20 and 22 this year.

    We started out boring in our MNSSHP attire, opting for just Disney Halloween shirts our first year.

    The next year we were the head mice.

    And in 2013, we were Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (Flynn even asked to see what was in Franklin's satchel, hehe).

    We've got ideas already percolating for our two sets of costumes this year. Can't wait to start working on them!


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 18, 2011
    Missy, I put you down as undecided for now. Can't wait to hear what you've come up with!

    List is current! Lol
  • MommyOde

    Earning My Ears
    Jul 24, 2013
    Going 9-15! 2 adults; 2 kids (3&4yr) .. Undecided on costume

    Bummed as we were hoping to go twice this trip (we're going 9/4 - 9/18) but since they started later this year and not earlier like last year, we'll only get to do it twice.


    I miss Disney...
    May 9, 2007
    We will be attending October 20th. myself, DD20 and DS3. Not sure on costumes.

    So excited for our first MNSSHP! We've been to MVMCP 2x, always wanted to do MNSSHP!!! DS3 is Halloween crazy, so I decided to do it! :goodvibes
    Promised my other 2 children (staying home with DH) that if MNSSHP is great, I'd bring them back next trip! :thumbsup2
  • HeatherLassell

    DIS Veteran
    Aug 17, 2011
    Ok I think my family and I will be at the October 15th MNSSHP! :)

    1 Adult 3 kids (though the oldest will be an adult (18) 2 days after the party!
    No idea on costumes yet BUT I think we will be pirates since we are bring pirate costumes for our cruise that sails on October 17th!
    No ADRs during the party for us.


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 21, 2003
    October 22ND
    2 people, both adults
    We are probably going to be pirates, but I bought a store costume and it is mega stiff, so I may bag it and just not dress up. Still trying to soften it though.
    No ADR, we do counter service only to optimize time.


    Fish out of water
    Aug 14, 2007
    October 18th 2 adults 2 teens costumes undecided. Will be with a family gathering of an additional 5 adults and 3 teens if they all decide to go to party.


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 9, 2010
    I'm still excited especially since we skipped last year! This will be our 3rd MNSSHP. We are going october 18th 2A/2C. We are not sure about costumes but tentatively thinking buzz for my DS and Jessie for me. Maybe woody for nephew! My mom most likely won't wear a costume!


    Last chance to lose your keys.
    Feb 11, 2009
    Add us to Tuesday October 27th! 2 adults, no kids. No costumes. We'll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary on this exact date :goodvibes


    Aug 13, 2014
    Going on 10/20, 2 adults, 3 children, undecided on costumes.

    We are so excited, this will be our first MNSSHP!


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 21, 2003
    I will be there Sept 15, one adult. Not sure on costume yet, either Ursula or the Cat in the Hat (or is that a no-no since it is not Disney?) The Ursula dress I have may be too warm for Sept weather. My first MHSSHP, I wonder if it will be more crowded than I was expecting since it is now the first one?


    Type A planner. Type B vacationer.
    Dec 17, 2011
    October 29th Hubs, 22-month Mr Littles, and me. Undecided on costumes.


    Mar 31, 2011
    October 18th for us ~ party of 13 ~ 7 adults/6 kids ~ not sure on costumes yet (everyone's trying to make up their minds, LOL)! Can't wait!!!


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