No Fooling! The Amusingly Amazing April Exercise Challenge!

  • Tasha228

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 3, 2013
    Hi, guys! I have done our final April updates!

    Congrats to @galaxygirl76 for making it to Dory Pink despite an injury earlier in the month! I find that impressive!! :rainbow:

    Congrats to myself and @LizardQueen8 for making it over 90% to goal and reaching Sebastian Red! :rainbow:

    And a special congrats to @sophy1996 for completing her goal and making it to GoofyWISHGreen! :rainbow:

    And as a team, we made it to Dory Pink! Not bad!! :rainbow:

    And, Garsh! Thanks for letting me host this month, everyone! I'll see you on the May thread! :)

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