No Fooling! The Amusingly Amazing April Exercise Challenge!


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Jan 3, 2013
*Since no one else has been able to take on April, I guess I will. Please bare with me though. I've never done this before! :) *

Welcome old friends and new to the April Exercise Challenge. In honor of April Fool's Day, this month we will focus on the goofy side kicks, the witty characters, and the hilarious shenanigans in our favorite Disney movies, etc.

Here's how it works:

1) Choose a monthly goal in minutes.

Since April has 30 days here are some popular conversions, but it can be any other number you choose.
10 minutes/day = 300
15 minutes/day = 450
20 minutes/day = 600
30 minutes/day = 900
45 minutes/day = 1350
1 hour/day = 1800

2) Post your active minutes towards that goal. You get to decide what exercise counts towards that goal. It can be anything you like.

The most fun and motivating part of these challenges are the
:rainbow:Color Changes:rainbow:
as you get closer to your goal.

10% of goal: Genie Blue
25% of goal: Olaf Orange
50% of goal: Pumba Purple
75% of goal: Dory Pink (sure, she's blue, but do you think she even remembers that?! :duck:)
90% of goal: Sebastian Red
100% of goal: Goofy WISH Green

If you're discovering this later in the month feel free to join in as well.

This month I'll go for 2000 minutes.


2manypets 1545/1500 (103%)
cassie58 200/300 (67%)
fitgirl36 500/780 (64%)
galaxygirl76 900/1100 (82%)
LizardQueen8 860/900 (96%)
PollyannaMom 735/450 (163%)
Saphire5742 40/1000 (4%)
Shrfleen 340/450 (76%)
sophy1996 1215/1200 (101%)
Suprize2017 65/1000 (7%)
Tasha228 1815/2000 (91%)

Twilight Sparkle 1560/1100 (142%)

Team Total: 9775/11780 (83%)
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Mar 9, 2006
Thank you for hosting! I didn't meet my goal last month so this month I'm going to try for 780 minutes. I like to take one day per week off so I think this goal is doable.

April 1st I treadmilled at the gym while my DD was at kidfit.

  • Tasha228

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    Jan 3, 2013

    In honor of several reaching Genie Blue and everyone else getting close, let's start with one of my favorites...Genie!

    How can you not love Genie?! Voiced by the irreplaceable Robin Williams, he was witty, spunky, and downright loveable! So here are just a few fun facts about our favorite Blue Man!

    1. John Candy, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Martin Short, John Goodman, and Albert Brooks were all considered at one point to provide the voice of the Genie.

    2. Williams's morphing genie owes a lot to Bugs Bunny. As he told Jules Feiffer in a 1996 interview, "I [was] basically mak[ing] a Warner Brothers cartoon in Disney drag... like where all of a sudden Bugs is with James Cagney, or he's running from Peter Lorre. That's why, in 'Aladdin,' I did Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro and William F. Buckley. I threw in everything. I think they just wanted me to do a straight voice, but the first day I said, 'Can I try something?' And they said, 'Oh, all right.'"

    3. Williams improvised 16 hours of material in his recording sessions. The Academy reportedly turned down the script for Best Adapted Screenplay consideration because so much of it was improvised.

    4. Williams agreed to voice the Genie at union scale rate (which came to $75,000) on the condition that his voice not be used for merchandising and that the Genie not take up more than 25 percent of any advertising. The Genie became the most popular character and Disney violated the agreement. A furious Williams refused to promote the film and was replaced in the direct-to-video sequel "The Return of Jafar" by "The Simpsons" Dan Castellaneta. Disney CEO Michael Eisner bought Williams an original Picasso as an apology, which Williams refused. But it wasn't until Katzenberg was fired that Williams accepted a public apology made by new studio head Joe Roth. Williams returned for the second sequel and went on to do several other Disney features.

    5. One of the reasons Williams didn't want to emphasize his involvement in the film was he also had the holiday movie "Toys" coming out. It ended up tanking with a mere $23 million to "Aladdin"'s $217 million.

    6. Before the bad blood, Disney was considering mounting a Best Supporting Oscar campaign for WIlliams, despite the Academy's rules about not considering voice-only work.

    7. WIlliams also voiced the street merchant at the beginning of the film, who was originally going to be revealed as being the Genie in disguise. ''People in previews saw Jasmine and Aladdin kiss and started getting up,'' Clements told EW, so the reveal was cut.

    8. Scott Weinger, who voiced Aladdin, told one story so many times -- of how Williams made him laugh so hard that he fell off his chair -- that he couldn't remember if it had really happened or not. But as he says on this podcast, "In the DVD extras, you actually see it happen, so that's pretty cool."
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    Jun 7, 2009
    Thanks Tasha228 for hosting! Please add me for April. Since I made my goal for March I will push it higher this month, so I will go for 300 min.

    Two 15 min.walks so far, so I am at 30/300.


    I was a click-clack champ!!
    May 16, 2006
    Thanks so much @Tasha228 for picking up April!! - and a big :welcome: as our newest host! - I'm sure you'll do great!!!

    I'm definitely in for April (love the theme!!) and will stick with my usual 15 minutes per day / 450 minutes. I didn't make it last month, but am ambitious to go over goal this month due to some planned time at DISNEY!!!

    My minutes so far are:
    4/1 - 20
    4/2 - 15
    4/3 - none
    4/4 - 10

    for a current total of 45/450.


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