Mickey Bars


DIS Veteran
Jun 25, 2012
Has anyone seen the mickey ice cream bars anywhere in any Canadian grocery stores yet? Are we even going to get them up here in Canada?


Proud Redhead
Jan 1, 2001
I'm down in the US on vacation right now and have not even seen them in any grocery stores down here.


Suitcase and a Dream
Mar 7, 2014
I'm digging up this old thread because I am curious about this too. I think we eventually did get the Mickey 90th Oreos at some stores around my area (Edmonton, Alberta), even though it took forever and by the time that happened... I had already ordered a few packages off Amazon. Any time I've popped into the grocery store and have thought about looking, I've browsed the freezer section to see if the Mickey Bars were there. As of this point, nothing that I've seen so far...

It seems that more often than not, Canadians get shafted on special releases and such.

Much like how our Disney Blu-rays and 4K films (for those who are collectors and care about consistency) are now suddenly forced with case artwork and sleeves that are bilingual and because of this, often feature doubled up English and French logos on the art... which to me... is ugly, off-balance and definitely not consistent with the rest of my huge film collection. Urg! Sorry, that's a rant for a different thread...


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