March 4-11 Eastern Magic trip report (part 1 of 2)

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    I always love reading the detailed trip reports so here is mine—watch out, it is long (I split it into 2 parts). I am by nature a details person but won’t bore you with ALL of the details! Cast of characters were me (36), DH (37), DD (almost 7) and DS (turned 5 the day before we left for FL!) and also my parents (63 and 62).

    Left BWI and flew to Orlando—uneventful travel day. We have a friend who got us a great rate at the airport Renaissance hotel. Stayed there overnight.


    Car service (Orlando Executive) picked us up at 10 am at the hotel. We got to the port around 11:00 or so; we got boarding group 8 but we were on board at 11:45. Everything went extremely smoothly. We were told our rooms would not be ready till 1:30, so we headed to Parrot Cay for buffet lunch. After lunch we explored a bit, I signed up for spinning at the gym, etc. Then we went to our rooms. We were in cabin 6524 and found the room to be bigger than expected. My parents were in 6578 which was the same room but with a verandah. Our travel agent had sent Mickey/Minnie water bottles for the kids and a bottle of wine for us which were nice surprises. Had the lifeboat drill which was no biggie. I don’t recall exactly when the luggage came, but it was in plenty of time to change for the sailaway party (we had 5:45 dining so we wanted to dress for dinner prior to sailaway). Sailaway deck party was lots of fun—and when the ship’s horn blew, I got all misty-eyed! I am a sap but I was so excited that the trip was finally here!

    Note-per the recommendations here, I bought an over the door holder thingy at the dollar store. I found I didn't need it. We had plenty of counter/shelf space in the 2 bathrooms and I kept all sunscreen stuff in our beach bag all week.

    Our first night dining was in Parrot Cay (5:45 seating). We met our servers Noemi and Ana. They didn’t make a particularly amazing first impression, but by the end of the meal we were quite fond of them. More on them later. After dinner we went to Studio Sea where DD and I were chosen as the “Blue Donalds” team for Mickey Mania. After an early lead, we ended up tying for 2nd place. It was a lot of fun! Got some autographs and photos with characters. Then we went to the “Welcome Aboard” show. We enjoyed Freddy Fusion and Mark Nizer.

    Sunday (day at sea):

    Woke up early so I went to the gym and worked out while my family slept. Then we all headed to Topsiders’ for breakfast buffet. I enjoyed having an egg white omelette made to order each a.m. that we ate there. After that we took the kids to the Oceaneer’s club.

    DH and I had a 10:30 couples’ massage at the spa. I have been to many spas in many different places. While the massages themselves were good, I was unimpressed with the spa overall. One of the things that I enjoy is the pampering that goes with the treatment appointment (you know, the robes, fancy locker rooms, steam/sauna, etc). For this appt we went directly into the treatment room and changed there. So there was no pampering per se outside of the appointment. For the cost of the treatment, I didn’t think it was worth the $$$.

    Spent some time sunbathing, had lunch and picked the kids up from the club. They had a great morning. We took them to the Mickey and Goofy pools for a bit. Then we got primped for formal night and went to get portraits done. Dinner was at Lumieres. It was very good. We were impressed that Noemi and Ana remembered our names and drink preferences, etc. This was the night we really started to bond with them. We had ordered a cake for DS’ birthday and that was fun. We went to the Freddy Fusion family show at 7:30 pm which was funny, and then to the Golden Mickeys which was great too. Took the kids back to the club after changing them into PJs.

    Went to the adult Freddy Fusion show, which we left halfway through as it was basically identical to the family show with a couple of other tricks thrown in but we didn’t need to see all the same tricks 2x. It was Oscar night, so we went and watched it in the Promenade Lounge for a while. They did trivia during the commercials and we won a frame. Went to get the kids around 11:30 pm and expected to find them passed out during the movie. NOT! They were wide awake (and our kids are usually in bed by 7:30 pm most nights!).

    Monday (at sea):

    Took an awesome spinning class. Relaxing day, kids got some autographs/photos throughout day. Dinner that night was at Animator’s Palate. Very cool but I expected more things to turn color. After dinner we went to Mark Nizer’s family show which the kids really enjoyed. Then we went to see Twice Charmed which I thought was adorable.

    Tip--definitely visit Shutters throughout the week so you don't have to make all photo decisions at the end. We bought the 6x8 package of 10 photos and the 8x10 package of 5 photos. You can exchange photos throughout and I found this made it easier for me than waiting till the end to wade through all the photos taken of us!

    Part 2 will include Tues-Sat. Thanks for reading!
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    Thanks for the report...
    It allows me to wait until our next cruise.
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    Just booked an Eastern cruise for September.....Reading you makes me look even more forward to it.

    Thanks for all the details, can't wait to read the rest.
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    So far so good. That's not too many details for me. I'm going to go to spin class this time and skip the massage. I booked a minifacial/massage package. I think I got a new kid. My husband gives a way better massage and the facial felt like glop. At least I she didn't try to sell me anything and part of the package was champagne and use of the Tropical Rainforest room. That was nice.

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