Earning My Ears
Oct 23, 2001
Well not that anyone wants to do laundry when on vacation but with 2 little ones it will be inevitable. We are staying at POR this Thursday. YAY!!

Any ideas on where we might do a quick load if we had to???

We are then off to the Wonder and so I will also post this question there as well.

I don't want to have to do laundry but I also don't want to have to take lots of luggage either;)

Thanks for the info

There are coin-op laundry facilities near the quiet pools, which puts them fairly flose to all the buildings.

Being cheapskates, we usually bring some of those detergent "tablets" with, since the vending-machine detergent can get pricey.

Have a great trip and cruise!

At POR there are laundry facilites in a small building adjacent to each quiet pool. The machines cost $2 each, both washer & dryer. Like the previous poster suggested, it is best to pack either a small bottle of detergent or we've found, tablets like Wisk tablets are easy to pack and store. That will save you $1 a load, which is what the vending machine charges for a packet of detergent. What we usually do is put a few of the tablet packs , along with a bunch of fabric sofetener sheets, in a large ziploc bag. This way you just zip up what you don't use, and keep it in the suitcase for the next trip.

Hope that helps,

Take care,

Originally posted by mnagel55

Now I won't have to be the family Pack mule

I have a hunch you'll still be the "Pack Mule", but you might be able to haul your load in less trips! :D


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