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    Just got back last night from BLT (12/1-12/5), back at work today. :sad1: Here are my random musings from the trip...

    Stayed in room 7612 (1BR LV). Called MS the day before we left and made a room request for a room ending in either 12 or 10. The room assignor finally smiled upon us. While the 6th floor isn't very high, the view of this being a lake view room is fantastic.

    7612 is HA, which was a little different for us, but not enough to really be noticeable. The main difference for us was that the master shower was a tub like the 2nd bath. At first I was a little bummed about that, but it turned out we liked it after I remembered how the overhead rain shower head would drip cold water on you when not in use. I found it strange that a HA unit had a tub to step into instead of a roll-in shower of some kind.

    The room was in fine shape to me eye. Sure there was a couple small stain marks on the carpet, but no more than I would expect for a hotel that's running guests in and out.

    The living area felt larger than the 1BR LV we stayed at on the pool side of the crescent before.

    We didn't have any storage containers in the kitchen so DW called down to get a set. The CM told her they were completely out and that she/CM would need to order more. Thought that was kind of weird.

    Some kids have scratched in their names and affections in the glass walls by the elevator on the 5th floor - stupid kids.

    This was our 3rd stay at BLT, but our first trip up to TOWL to watch fireworks. It was a lot nicer than fighting the MS crowds, but was interesting to see how far back the fireworks are launched. Those walls are pretty high though - no way smaller kids can see over them.

    We had a rental car, so no comments on transportation. We only took the monorail one night over to O'hana for dinner and then around to MK.

    The weather was just on the cusp of swimming weather for us (mid to upper 70s, but pretty breezy) - perfect park weather though. We passed on BLT's pool and went over to the CT's pool yesterday/Monday afternoon (we like the CT's pool better than BLT's). As you would imagine the pool crowd was sparse, but the water felt fine (and I'm a wimp for cold pool water).

    Had breakfast one day from the Contempo Cafe - breakfast sandwich was good.

    I used to love the stores at the CT. It just doesn't feel the same now with the arcade and toyish store in the middle. Still a decent store for some souveneirs though.

    Non-resort comments...

    We had purchased a batch of tickets from UCT before the price increase in order to upgrade to APs. The process went fine for us - it took a while, but the CM didn't even press us on it. And we actually got credit for the ticket value being more than the AP cost (by $2). Normally I don't think you'd get a refund, but we were buying a TIW after the AP transaction and the CM used our $6 credit against the $75 TIW cost.

    TIW - so much better for us than DDP so we have the freedom. I think we've already recouped our $75 on this trip and we have a short trip in Mar12 before a cruise and another 4 nighter next Oct12. So we'll definitely come out ahead with TIW.

    Food - we're not foodies, but we were really happy with the food this trip. CP breakfast, Tutto dinner, Cape May dinner, 50s lunch. Finally had the sticky toffee cake from LTT - as good as advertised. Burritos from the place by Pirates - won't go back.

    Parks - well we didn't even go to AK. But the other parks were pretty good in the morning, we'd take off after lunch, and do a couple things at night after dinner. It felt crowded, but we did fine with rides and such with FPs for the things that are important to us.
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