Just Back From Akl 2/11-2/17


Earning My Ears
Nov 30, 2003
Just back from visitand took some notes to share w/ everyone..this is my 1st time posting a report so do be kind!
We stayed at AKL concierge room 6208 we thought the room was a great size and worked well for our family had bunkbed, double and daybed.We thought AKL was beautiful but very busy and concierge was crowded, they ran out out bagels(not a biggie)but also ran out of desserts and snacks during our trip which is unusual because we have also stayed at BC/Boardwalk?wilderness lodge concierge and never had that happen..staff was good though!We saw giraffes, ostrich, birds(Vulture like?) and horned cattle?We forgot to close balcony door 1 night and was awoken by the strangest sounds!!The kids loved the pool w/ the 0 entry..and lots of fun activities for the kids:they had something planned almost every hour like cooking demo,plant life, kids earned a bead for each activity they did which turned into a necklace...my older kids liked this (8&11). We also used the daycare 1 night for the youngsters(8&5) they didn't want to leave Simba's daycare!
That's a good start...ask me anything! Have to mention maid service was outstanding 1 of my kids got really sick and she did a great job cleaning and airing out the place...Can't wait to get back!
Sorry one of your little ones got sick. :(

What was Simba's like? I am staying at AKL in May with my DH but am considering a solo trip with my oldest son (4) later in the year so would like to know there is a good place to take him if I need a little break. :)
Glad you had a wonderful trip! I hope the food shortages will be taken care of in the future. I am glad this didn't effect your trip! We slept with our door open at night and LOVED hearing the animals when they'd suddenly roam about or eat under our balcony! I have only stayed in the far edges of the resort over on Uzima savannah. How did you like your room location? If you have a balcony view picture I would love to see it! I am trying to prove to myself that I CAN be in another location besides where I have requested..... for the third time now!

Welcome back and great review!
Glad to see another satisfied AKL concierge guest!
Will you do concierge again?
Sunrise safari....were you able to do that?

And, were you "bitten" by the concierge "bug" on this trip?;)

Oh, yes! Most importantly....how was Baby Ankole?

Debbie....I'm suprised that you didn't inquire about your little baby!:teeth:
We just returned tonight from Florida. We also were at AKL concierge 11-15.

Our room was on the 5th floor, 5419 also a great savanna view room with bunkbeds. Lots of animals to view.

Other then the concierge lounge being very crowded everything was wonderful about this resort. I would definitely stay here again.

The concierge staff was great. I had not made any PS's ahead. Unlike me, we would discuss where we wanted to have dinner over breakfast, the staff always got us a PS for the times we wanted.

Bus service was also good.

I was impressed with all the activities that this resort offers. Always something going on. This is a great resort for families. If you want a day off from the parks this is the resort to be at. You won't be bored. One word to discribe this resort and it's activities WOW!
I thought Simba's playhouse was great for the kids. It was very clean, the staff seemed very proffessional.You can book at 1 hr intervals which was nice for $10 per hour.That also included dinner for the kiddies: chicken nuggets, pizza and other kid food and a drink. They cmae back with 2 art "projects" that had made during the 2 hour period a drawing and sparkle glitter glue mask...they loved it and I would use them again!

I would definitely stay at concierge again...for us it makes our life easier.It is nice to grab breakfast before heading to the parks...and really nice to get a glass of wine or a cordial as you head to put the babies down for the night without having to sit in a bar or restaurant!Ok, maybe we had a couple of glasses of wine:)!
I do not have a picture of the balcony view from our room- but it overlooked the lobby. I think next visit I would like to go back to the Beach Club-my favorite!
Thank you for answering all of our questions! I can't wait until we go back!

Bambi>> I didn't ask, because I knew they were on a different savannah! This is crazy.. but I really do miss "my" savannah, my ankole family, my giraffes, my tommies, my giraffes... you get the idea! It was nice seeing it for the first time in mid-November, then going back, one room away and seeing everything again in January! I think I need to track down the savannah keepers for Uzima savannah, as I need to get a message to my family that I'll be there soon! :) *yet another reason I should book the sunset savannah and forget to tell DH the cost* DS wants to do the sunrise savannah again and he knows he can't go on the sunset savannah, though we never ate at Jiko and we've been kicking ourselves ever since! (jan stay was mom/son)

Did your 11yo think Simba's was too childish? I ask becuse I travel solo with my two kids and would like to have an evening to myself one night but am afraid my 11yo won't want to go to the day care. Also is it $10/hour per kid? Thanks! We fell in love with AKL last summer and hope to spend a few days here again this trip.


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