June 10 Wonder part 1

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    Nov 5, 2000
    This is acutually day 6 of our trip since we spent the first 5 days in the parks having a wonderful time. Our group includes myself: age 44, husband: age 49, daughter: age 17 (1 month short of 18), daughter: age 16.
    We took the bus from the Beach Club to the port. Smooth check in process. We just stood in a line at 11:30, they loaded our luggage, put us on a bus, and 75 minutes later we were at the ship. We had already checked in at the BC when we arrived on the 5th so we just walked though the metal detectors. Had a slight problem with that. Something was wrong or they were too sensitive becuase I kept setting it off and I had no metal on me. They finally just waved me through. I notice they did that with a lot of people.
    It was crowded as we first got on and they were telling us to go to Parrot Cay to eat but we didn't want to haul our carryon luggage around. It was 1:15 so we asked about going to our rooms. We were told two different stories, one was that the rooms would be ready by 1:30 and the other was that the rooms would be ready by 1:15. We accepted the second time and went and found our room. It was ready so we dumped our luggage and went to lunch at the Beach Blanket Buffet. The shrimp was good but our side of the line only had a few pieces left. We waited for several minutes holding up the line while they were supposed to be refilling it but they never did. We ate plenty of other stuff though.
    After lunch we went back to our room to quickly unpack. There was plenty of room. I had taken a shoe holder to put over the door to keep all our stuff organized but my 2 teenage daughters who have stuff spread out all over the bathroom at home were incredibly neat and tidy so I never used the holder. The big luggage did not fit under the bed but 2 cases did fit in the bottom of the closet and the other two we just set upright by the closet and it worked great. Our outlet for the hair dryer would not accomodate the plug on ours and we had brought an extension cord, but I never used our dryer. The one they provided did not have much power but it was enough for us. We stayed in room 6048 with a veranda and we really enjoy it.
    The girls went to Common Grounds (the teen area) and discovered that they wanted to sign up for an activity on Castaway Cay. That ended up being the only teen activity they did. There isn't too much for older teens so they did a lot with us on the ship.
    Went up to deck 9 and 10 and loved the party. Also enjoyed watching the huge, dark clourds roll in. We're from Kansas (you know, home of Dorothy, Toto, and The Tornado) and I have never seen a wall cloud like the one we saw that day. There was a bright neon green strip at the top and as the whole thing got closer the clouds following the main one turned dark green. We were moving away from the storm but it did manage to produce two water spouts right beside the ship.
    That made us decide that it was time to go in and get ready for the evening show. Herc was a good show, we all enjoy it. Then it was off to dinner at Triton's. We all tried new things this trip since this is not food we are accustomed to. Had Camembert (very good), shrimp, escargot, Sea bass, lamb, duck, and beef tenderloin. The girls have had fun since we've been home telling their friends what they ate. After dinner the girls went off to I don't know where and my husband and I checked out the 50's/60's party. The girls showed up there about 11:30 and they must have looked old enough becuase they were told to come in. Went to bed about 1:00. A lovely but long day.

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