Jersey Week November 2019 Crowd Levels


Earning My Ears
Oct 8, 2018
We were there last week...been a long time since we were there but these were my observations.
Sun (11/4): MK and the hook
Monday: AK and the hook
Tuesday: the hook
Wednesday: DHS. just problem
Thursday: Epcot: just fine... no problem

the crowds at MK Epcot and AK the first 3 days were nearly un-navigable at times. Tuesday exit, bus line and bus trip back to BC was 1.5 hours after fireworks. Was scooter rammed multiple times.
Sunday and Monday. WS at Epcot was the same level.


DIS meet junkie
Sep 29, 2002
TP has stated they only look at wait times, not bodies in the park.
Good to know.

As I've said, I'm far less concerned about wait times than I am about bodies in the park. I want to know what kind of traffic to expect driving in, parking, getting through security, getting served at CS restaurants, and just walking around in the park and in shops.

Wait times are important, of course, even if you are mainly using FPs because the FP line can vary from pretty much a walk on to a 20 minute wait when the park is really packed. We ran into those long FP waits a few times last week because it was so very crowded.

Personally, we just don't enjoy the parks that much when they're jammed full of people like they were most of last week.


Party at Mickey's
Oct 25, 2011
I visited either MK, DHS or Epcot every single weekend in October. MK was it's usual. Epcot is much busier on a Saturday than on a Sunday. If I were you I'd go in early September. There were times when MK looked like a ghost town


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