I need some photos!


Aug 14, 1999
I'm trying to get the DIS Convention Newsletter put together and was thinking it would be fun to put a few photos in each one of some of y'all at WDW with or without your family on past trips, maybe a little blurb about your family. Kind of a getting to know you type of thing.

Also If you have an article idea that you would like to submit I also open to that.

Please email me at linda@dreamsunlimitedtravel.com ASAP. There will be a small delay in the first issue as Marsha is on vacation and won’t be back till after May 1st – she is going to tell us about some of the mini-meets that will take place.



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FANTASTIC idea Linda! :) I love it. I'll go look for a photo...no promises though, as I havent' figured out how to scan a photo AND save it to send. :rolleyes: ;)


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What a neat idea, Linda! And, as Tia said, I'll have to figure out how to send a photo to you. :D Can't wait to see the first issue! :)

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Okay Linda. :D I just sent a pic of my DS, Michael, and I at Goofy's Kitchen in Disneyland. I hope that's okay. This one was taken with our digital camera so it was easy to send once DH downloaded them. :D

Still haven't figured out how to scan and send on my own yet. :confused:


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