How far of a walk is it to get To IOA from Parking lot?


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Jul 27, 2000
My Son and I are being dropped off at IOA for the day. Where do we get dropped off and how Far of a walk is it to the Entrance to IOA? :D
I believe the drop-off area is near the vallet parking (though I've never used either). This area is near the beginning of CityWalk(near the theater) just past the parking garages. The walk should be less than 5 minutes.

Follow the overhead road signs for the "Guest Drop-Off". You will be at the large domed area between the 2 parking garages. Take the elevator or escalator up to the walkway (Level 3). The walk is about 7-10 minutes. (quicker if you use the speed walk and walk on it at the same time.

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if i were you i would go and be dropped off at the valet parking. it is shorter from there

SPEEDWALK you mean the famous Univeral attraction that everybody loves to ride ?

YES please remember that you are supposed to walk while on these. Do not get on the thing and just stand there like a lump of coal. It is also easier to get off while walking. We saw several people almost kill themselves trying to get off while not walking.

These are not a ride!


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