Here's where we ate : 6/20 through 6/30 (part 2)

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    OK ... here's more.


    Prime Time Cafe for lunch
    This is Nana's favorite restaurant due to the nostalgic theme ... she loves this place ! We had a very good waitress ... or Cousin...very into her role. She was a hoot . DH had pot roast ... I assume excellent because it looked like he had licked the plate clean ... cousin made a big fuss over it and showed everyone in our dining area what a clean plate should look like ... very cute.
    Dsil and I had fried chicken ... fantastic ! We both had the all white meat selection ... plenty of food. Db had meatloaf and loved it and Nana had a chicken cesare salad ... could not eat it all... said it was very good. We ordered a banana split and smores for the table to share ... both were excellent. We were flying high during this meal as Dh had just gotten into the hot seat at Millionaire and got all the way up to $250,000 !! From this point on in the trip, he was known as Millionaire Mike !!! Great meal , great day !

    LeCellier for dinner
    This place was soooo hot !! They were obviously having trouble with their air conditioning system, and we were seated right by the front door, making matters worse. Everyone holds the front door open checking in, waiting in line, etc.. However, the food was excellent. Everyone loved the pretzel bread ... the kids loved it ... I think we asked for more 3 times. DB and Dsil had strip steak and thought it was much better than the Yachtsman. I tried a taste of db's and it was really, really good. Dh and I both had salmon and it was super. I think Nana had pork with an asian side dish of some kind (not sure on this ) ... whatever it was she loved it. Some ordered salads and were very pleased.

    Yacht Club Galley for breakfast
    All of us opted for the buffet and were very pleased. Not as many selections as Crystal Palace, of course, but very nice buffet. Decent service ... lower priced that other buffets because there are no characters.

    Chef Mickeys for dinner
    This was dd's 11th birthday, so she selected this for her birthday dinner .... only we weren't allowed to actually tell anyone in the restaurant it was her birthday ... "Please Mom, don't tell them ... I'll be so embarassed " ... so I respected her wishes and whispered the happy birthday song in her ear during dessert.
    Food was good ... the fish was excellent and db and dsil liked the prime rib. Everyone loved the potatoes ... especially 14 month old ! Kids loved the dessert bar and make your own sundae area. Great character interaction and atmosphere with the napkin twirling, etc. ... very festive and a fun choice for a birthday ... even if it's a secret !!!

    Pool day and Db and his family's last day with us. They made their last trip to Beaches and Cream before they left that afternoon. My sil had a shake in her hand as the town car came to pick them up !

    Sweet Tomatoes (off property) for dinner
    The reamaining party of 5 (Nana, me, dh, now 11 year old dd, and 8 year old dd) ventured out tonight. Went to the outlets to do some shopping and Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. DH and I had discovered this place last summer on a quick trip just the 2 of us made, and we loved it. This time I don't think it was as good. Very inexpensive buffet of primarily salads, pastas, fresh baked breads, soups, and desserts. I thought the place seemed kind of dirty ... or maybe just messy, I'm not sure, but something was kind of grossing me out. That was, however, nothing compared to how completely skeeved I was when I returned to our table with my dessert to find the lady at the table behind us changing her son's diaper about 4 feet away over my shoulder. No dessert for me tonight ... I had eaten too much this week anyway.


    We left the BCV and checked into the Poly for our remaining 3 nights. We met up with friends of our from home, their 3 kids, and their Grammie and Poppy.

    California Grill for dinner

    We had the kids and their 3 pals from home all go to the Neverland Club while the 7 adults went to the California Grill.
    This was magnificent ... the best dinner of the trip !!
    Grammie and I had the shrimp and crab stuffed artichoke for our appetizer and loved it ... large pieces of shrimp and the butter sauce was great. Poppy had the muchroom soup which he enjoyed, Nana had the mushroom flatbread ... which was huge and delicious, so she shared some with everyone. Dh had the goat cheese ravioli which he loved, and our friends had a spinach salad and a hearts of romaine salad ... they were happy with their choices.
    For our entrees: Grammie, Poppy, and I all had the filet. I can not tell you how good this was. Grammieand I said that it was the best steak we had ever had. I kid you not when I say I could practically cut this steak with the side of my fork ... it was so tender, but a great texture. I don't order filet very often because sometimes the texture reminds me of liver ... which I hate. But I surely made the right choice tonight. DH and one of our friends had the pork tenderloin and both enjoyed that very much, and Nana and the other friend had the chicken and were very happy. We ordered 3 of the chocolate cakes with the molten lava centers for the 7 of us to share ... yummy !!! Eveyone loved it and it was just enough as they are very rich and we were getting stuffed at this point. I was very pleased with this restaurant ... service was excellent ... fantastic view. Our friends are not the Disney nuts we are, so they left the arrangements for the evening up to me . I was so happy everyone enjoyed it ... they thanked me several times for making such a great choice.

    6/28 through 6/30

    Captain Cooks for lunch / dinner

    We stayed in the concierge building at the Poly and the food offerings were very nice and plentiful. We picked things up here and there at Captain Cooks and everything was very tasty. We had the chicken cesare salad, hot dogs, the usual kid's menu stuff, a wrap sandwich, a chicken sandwich and probably a few other things. Very convenient, fresh and tasty.


    Typhoon Tillys for lunch

    Nice wrap sandwiches and usual kids stuff for lunch.

    That's it !!!

    Hope you enjoyed reading and hope this helps when making your restaurant selections. Any questions, please feel free to ask !!!

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    Welcome home and thanks for the reviews!
    That stinks about the heat at Le Cellier, but at least the food made up for it. ;)
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    Thanks for the reviews! Sounds like you had a great trip. My family really likes the pretzel bread and steaks from LeCellier also.

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    Jul 23, 2003
    Thanks for the great reviews.
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    Great reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Oct 20, 2003
    Thanks for sharing your reviews. I had thought about going to Sweet Tomatoes in Dec., now I think we will pass. My FIL is a germophobic and I know he wouldn't like it.

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    Thanks for the great reviews, and congrats to your DH on his success playing Millionaire! :D
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    Great reviews!

    Your daughter sounds so cute not wanting to tell about her birthday and you are so sweet to whisper it in her ear!

    Thank you for sharing!::MinnieMo ::MickeyMo

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