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    Dec 29, 2012

    Newly registered even though we have been lurking on and off since our first WDW trip in 2010. Isn't that just creepy? ::yes::

    We are registered at the Residence Inn by Marriott LBV for June2-9. We wanted to stay on property, but with the growing family and shrinking income...this seemed the best. Breakfast and shuttle service included. Don't know how good the shuttle will be, but since we are driving down, we can always drive ourselves to the parks. The hotel rate was good so we can afford the parking.

    DH has been serving in the Army but is now being discharged due to medical. When it all finishes, we may or may not be able to take advantage of the military rate.:rolleyes2

    We have 4 children. DS18, DD15, DS2 and fosterDS19. The big boys are graduating from high school so this is our big celebration.

    We have our spreadsheet with must do attractions and have made our ADR's. We had it all planned using the DlxDDP so when we chose to go off property, we had to revamp all of that. Difficult, but it was also a relief not to be trying to max out the prepaid amount. Now we have been reading the DisneyFoodBlog and picking our must-eats. DS18 wants to the do the Cupcake Crawl. DD15 only cares about the French Bakery.

    Our choices to eat are: Hollywood&Vine (parents and little one @ lunch); 50s PT (teens @ dinner); TuskerHouse (lunch); Chefs de France (dinner); Nine Dragons (lunch)??; Ohana; Crystal Palace (lunch); The Wave (dinner). Have read much on all of them except the Nine Dragons. Any other food will be CS meals and snacks.

    Excuse me, it's time to sing the wheel on the bus. AGAIN:drive:
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