Has Pocahontas become an extinct character to find at Disneyland?


Crazy For The Mandalorian
Dec 18, 2020
Whenever I had gone to Disneyland I had always wanted to get Pocahontas's autograph and do a meet and greet with her but every time I had gone to Disneyland I had never ever seen her do meet and greets anywhere in Disneyland and the only rare time I got to meet Pocahontas was at the Disneyland Hotel with my cousin and aunt and Meeko was with her but it was a fast meet and greet and I got no autograph and so I'm wondering if Pocahontas no longer does meet and greets at Disneyland and she is an extinct character now?. Because I find it shocking that Pocahontas is popular and she should be doing meet and greets with the princesses and I find it odd that Meeko only did meet and greets and not Pocahontas when you would see Pocahontas characters in Disneyland. And it seems that the only time Pocahontas is seen in Disneyland is during parades. Disneyland should add Pocahontas and Meeko to the Storyteller's Grill for character breakfasts and that way any Pocahontas fans can meet her. It seems that Pocahontas has now become rare to find for character meet and greets and is impossible to get an autograph with her
Why is Pocahontas rare to find in Disneyland?
I once found her (completely by chance) wandering near the Rivers of America in Frontierland.


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Not too shocking.… no set meet and greet times, she usually is over by Rivers of America walking.

she may be out more in 2025, when her film’s 30th anniversary occurs.


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