Great price from MSP


Apr 26, 2000
Even though we are driving this year, I still check airfares just in case I can come up with a great rate on a flight.
I was playing with weeks in the middle of August and came up with many flights that are $166 ($177.50 w/tax) round trip flying from MSP to Orlando.
Except for a $160 price on Delta last May, this is the lowest I've seen for this flight. The other airlines are running around $240.
Hope this helps someone.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that this was on the United Airlines website.
Nice to hear from someone who is from MN too! That is a great price and would use it if I could. Thanks for the info. Its great to pass on the savings in case someone can use it. I have never flown United but I am considering it for a short trip with my husband on business. I have been watching the rates and they all just went up a couple of days ago to Salt Lake City except for United. Does anyone have a thought on flying with them?
I got the $160 from Delta last summer from MSP (to Daytona Beach). This year I took a chance and got a $90 RT ticket through Priceline on US Airways in July (to Tampa). Come to $112 with tax.

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All of the major airlines have their good points and their bad points. United is no different than the others.


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