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Sep 22, 2000
Help me decide between the Seven Mile Beach break versus the Rum Point Beach Adventure. Who has done what and what are the pros and cons? Any pictures?


Under da sea, under da sea, darlin' it's betta dow
Oct 15, 2005
I've not done the two beaches as excursions. I travel to GC for a couple weeks every year and can tell you a little about them though.

7 Mile Beach is pretty close to Georgetown ( where the cruise terminal is ) there are several beachfront hotels and the beach is lovely. The further you go west, the wider the beach ( IMO ). I'm not sure what the excursion provides you with, but it would be easy to walk into a resort and buy drinks, snacks, etc. ( But watch out, EXPENSIVE is key- DH bought a single scotch on 7 Mile last summer and paid $16.00 or it!!! ) That was at the Marriott.

Rum Point is a lovely spot more towards the east end of the Island. It's a pretty long drive from the port. You'd head east and basically go around to the back end of GC. Rum Point has beautiful water, the water is shallow for a long way out which would be good for little kids. There are shops, a bar and a grill to get food. We didn't eat there, but ordered drinks on our visit and hung out on Hammocks for a bit.

The big difference would be that if you stayed around 7 Mile, you would have time to do "other things", shop etc on the Island. I'd guess a trip to Rum Point would take up most of your day.


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