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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by bjc, Apr 1, 2008.

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    Jun 17, 2000
    Ha! That got your attention didn't it - what I really want to know is - does anyone know who usually has the best deals on convertibles? I would like a weekly rental with pick up at MCO and drop off at either WDW or DTD. Thanks for any advice. BJ
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    Jul 24, 2000
    i am also checking out convertable prices online for a trip in june.

    i have been using sidestep and from there checking out rates on tons of sites. the best i have found so far are thru payless (off site with shuttle from MCO) L&M (which is in airport) and Dollar (which is also in airport)

    i am renting for 2 days past a week, so it is slightly more, but i am finding weekly rates around 188 to 300 before taxes/fees. note the off site place is about 100 cheaper than the in airport place.

    i am probably going to post about opinions about these discount rental places and if being offsite is more trouble than the 100 savings is worth.

    - lori
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    I'd look on Kayak.com first, then see about discount/upgrade coupons through Amex or Costco and see where that gets you.

    OT: Speaking of "topless" getting people's attention, do you remember that episode of "The Beverly Hillbillies" where Jethro Bodine noticed that all the popular places had "topless" in the name, which he figures is a restaurant where the servers don't where hats? Having Ellie Mae shilling for the place helped bring in business, but the customers were none too impressed with Granny serving possum stew, or whatever, and teasing them by removing her hat occasionally. Just an old trash TV memory...
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    Aug 25, 2001
    A few days ago Aloha Airlines (serves cities within Hawaii) shut down operations, leaving some travelers inconvenienced and some travelers having to file refund claims with a bankruptcy court.

    Some of you may recall, years earlier, when one of their planes after suffering cracks in the fuselage sheet metal (as many Southwest planes did recently) and on one flight a section of the upper fuselage covering several rows of seats broke off. The depressurizing catapulted a flight attendent up out of the plane. For several weeks, newscasters and talk show hosts referred to Aloha as "the topless airline".

    Payless' shuttle gets you on the way to Disney, leaving the north airport entrance and going left at the first light and their office is a little ways down (west). Leaving their office in your convertible, go right (west) instead of their suggested left. Next light is Conway Rd. take two quick lefts here (Interchange 9 Tradeport) to get on 528 (Beach Line) west to I-4 west and Disney.

    Returning to the airport I-4 east to 528 east, retracing your steps, a nice gas station to top off at (no pun intended) is right there after you exited at Interchange 9 and crossed under. Then continue north away from 528 in middle lane and a block later you must take a right onto McCoy and Payless is less than a mile down (east).

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