Full day in DHS, or take a mid-day break


Mar 20, 2015
We will be in Disney World the 1st week of June, planning on doing DHS on Tues June 2. We will have 2 little girls, 4 and 5. We are planning on being there at RD, and doing what we can right away, and having FP's booked for late morning/early afternoon. We will only be at DHS for this one day. We also want to catch the Fantasmic show that evening. My question is-is there enough to do for the little ones to keep us there all day until the Fantasmic show? Or should we take a midday break and come back? We are debating whether to book a midday dining break somewhere there (either Mama Melrose or Sci-Fi) and just staying all day, or just head back to our condo for a midday break (we are staying at Windsor Hills) and then come back that evening.
Plenty to do to fill up a day. No doubt. A dinner ADR can be a very nice way to take a break and recoup.

Just fitting in all the shows in one day can be a challenge...

While I believe that you will have plenty to do to fill your day, the question is...can your girls make it ALL day? Mine at that age really needed some sort of rest to make it to 9:00pm if we were there at RD. Otherwise, it wasn't a very pleasant day.
I would definitely do a mid day break there and get an ADR for some place to eat. If you do Mama Melrose you can do the fantasmic dining package and the seating for that is great. We did that last year and we were center stage about 3 or 4 rows back. It was much better than the FP seating. But there is definitely enough stuff to keep you there. Also if you want a break towards the end of the day you could take the boat over to the beach club resort and get some ice cream from beaches and cream before fantasmic. Thats what we are planning on doing this year. Plus its always fun to see a different resort and the boat ride is nice I imagine too!

I know the girls can make it all day. They will definitely be tired by the end, but they will be fine. I like the idea of taking the boat over to the beach club resort-hadn't thought about that. But, we had also thought about booking at Sci-Fi for a later day break, where we would get milk shakes if we did. Should we do Sci-Fi, or head over to the beach club resort and hit Beaches and Cream?
We have sci fi booked for our lunch and beaches and cream booked for dinner. But I don't know if that's something you wanted to do bc u are going to fantasmic so you might want to book mama Melrose for lunch.
We go in September/October and at some point in the afternoon my kids always get too hot and beg to go back to resort and swim. If you want to see Fantasmic, I would take a break.

Can we pretty much do everything by arriving at RD, taking a break around 1:30-4 or 5pm, then coming back and doing anything we missed that morning. Then catching the 1st Fantasmic show? If we use our FP's that morning, we could get another one for when we come back, then maybe one for Fantasmic? We won't be doing RnR and probably not ToT either.
To me, HS is a half day park. I would take a break, swim 30min take a nap for an hour and a half, and then return to have dinner at mama melrose and do fantasmic.


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