Freedom stroller and lines??


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Nov 26, 2001
On our next trip we will be using an Advanced Mobility Freedom stroller. Has anyone had trouble in the lines making some of the tight turns? When we used an AM Liberty, we had some trouble at Nemo in Epcot with one turn and several others throughout the park had tough turns.


Oct 27, 2011
The Freedom is larger than the Liberty so if you had trouble with the Liberty I think you will find the Freedom more challenging. The listed dimensions are 41" x 30.5" x 66.4" which is larger than ADA standard to be accommodated. Would a wheelchair be an option instead?

Enjoy your vacation!


Apr 25, 2015
My son has an older Freedom stroller which we used at WDW in 2008. We used the front swivel casters, and I don’t recall not being able to navigate any of the lines, though it was tight and required some scooting in spots. I definitely wouldn’t recommend using the single front jogging wheel in the parks because it makes the buggy too long and unwieldy.

Not sure if you will be using WDW transportation. I will say that our Freedom is not ideal to use on the buses because it’s not sturdy enough to use the tie downs, and has to be folded. As you know, that can be time consuming and stressful when the rest of the line is waiting and watching, and the folded stroller is still very large. Having your own vehicle is a definite plus with this buggy.

Hope you have a great trip!


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