For those of you who have gone to WDW the 1st week of December....What do you pack?


Mar 24, 2002
We are going to be in Orlando from 11/30 - 12/7. We also live in S. Fla, where once in a while it may go below 60. I know that is can get chilly "up north". What are you experiences for this time of year? Do I really have to bring a little bit of everything, just in case?

Thanks for all your help!

We did and ended up wearing our jeans more than we worn shorts. check the weather forcast as you get close for orlando. That should give you a loose idea of what to expect.
We will be there Nov.30-Dec.7 too!!!!!!! Lucky us:p
We have been going the first week of Dec. for the past 10 years, and I can honestly tell you we have expierenced everthing from 40's to 80's all in the same week!!
The best stratagy we can come up with is to pack all pants,cause we figure even if it's hot we can deal with long pants as long as we have a light short sleeve shirt.Then I pack a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt for each day,per person,one heavy sweater and one jacket per person.Trust me on late nights like MVMCP, we have needed the jackets.Lots of times during the day we'll start out in sweatshirt over t-shirt,and then when it gets warm, we get a locker and throw our sweats in there till we need them at night when it cools off again.
Hope this helps some????
Well, we've gone the first week of December last year and the year before!!

We prepared for everything both years. We brought our winter coats (since we wore them to the airport anyway) and a blanket for the girls. Sweaters and pants but also shorts and bathing suits.

In 2000, it was freezing most of the week! We actually used our blanket and winter coats a couple of nights (one night it was MVMCP). We did swim once but had to run to our towels after getting out of the pool. The nights were 40s and the days were anywhere between the 50s and finally towards the end of the week, the high 70s low 80s.

In 2001, I was prepared for the same. BUT we never used them! No need for coats or blankets, except maybe one night. Definitely didn't need our winter coats, just pants and a jersey jacket at night. It was very nice each day, 80s!!! Perfect!! We swam a lot and it was great! For MVMCP it was hot and humid!

Both years, it didn't rain much either and we never used our ponchos.

It does help a lot to read the weather before you go right up until you leave. Just prepare for everything. You never know.

Good luck!
We went the first part of December in 1998 and 2001, and it was pretty warm both times. Last year I packed a little of everything; but we ended up only wearing shorts! I had checked the weather forecast before we left. The forecast called for lows in the 50's and 60's and highs in the 70's. It was in the mid 80's all week! We're going back this December and I'll still pack a little of everything--but I have a feeling it will still be pretty warm!

p.s. We also went for Christmas in '93 and froze our tails off! I don't think it ever got out of the 30's! I guess you just never know what the weather will be like! LOL
When we went in December we wore shorts and T-shirts most of the time, but brought sweat pants and sweat shirts that we could pull over our other clothes as needed. Since we had a stroller, I just put all the extra clothes in a mesh bag hung from the handles. If I didn't have stroller, I guess I'd get a locker. You really do have to be prepared for everything.

I've been in October and needed jackets in the morning, too. You just never know.
Pack for both cool and warm weather! We went in late Nov/early Dec 2000 and we had highs in the 60's some days and highs in 70's some days. I think we were jeans more than shorts. The weather is unpredictable but the crowds are very light which makes for great park touring!
Hi newbie here!!

When I went to Disney two years ago it was from 11/28-12/4 and the weather was great. The first and last day was in the 60's and the rest had been in the 80's and I do remember one day that was extremely hot. I would pack summery and bring at least 1 pair of pants with a light jacket and maybe a sweat shirt.
We've made our trip down that time of year for the last 8 years, and used to live in Phoenix. We usually packed shorts and T-shirts, but took a couple pairs of jeans, and a light jacket or sweatshirt. We almost always wear shorts and T-shirts during the day, and add jeans and sometimes the jacket at night.
I pack four or five sets of clothes for everyone & we do wash. Each set contains a sweatshirt, t-shirt type shirt, shorts & jeans. I also pack a light windbreaker type jacket, two long sleeve shirts and a few extra t-shirts. You can always wear the sweatshirt under the jacket & layer your clothes.
My experience in December is that by noon it is warm enough for the shorts & t-shirt, but by the evening you will need at least a sweatshirt & probably jeans. One year we really froze. It was 37° but, my son still went swimming. (this was in first part of January) We bought an exta suitcase & warmer jackets at Walmart .
I had a feeling we would need a little bit of everything, but DH kept saying I was nuts!! He forgets that 3 hours north can make a big difference!!!!

Thanks for all the tips!

95 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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