Fill in the blank: WDW admission costs less than or roughly the same as ___________.

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by KelNottAt, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. KelNottAt

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    Oct 29, 2002
    We're planning a big reunion trip to WDW in 2008. But, some of the family members are in a state of sticker shock regarding the cost of a MYW ticket.

    At today's prices through a discounter, a 5-day hopper with water parks & more will cost $282. If we use it for 5 days at the parks and 1 day at TL, that averages out to $47 per day.

    What's that less than or equivalent to? I need to illustrate that a WDW vacation is not necessarily more expensive than other trips these people have done. Here's what I've come up with so far:

    Less than 5 days skiing at Stratton Mountain, Vt: ($385/$64)
    Less than golf at their local public course ($95 per round)
    Less than 2 tickets to a Philadelphia Eagles game ($137 ea/$274 pair - plus tax)

    What else?

  2. mjbaby

    mjbaby DIS Veteran

    Jun 27, 2004
    The cheapest ticket, when broken down into a daily rate, is about the same as it would cost my family to drive to the Philadelphia Zoo, park, eat lunch, buy some craptastic made-in-China souvenir, and drive home again.

    Or, it's about the same to drive to Darien Lake amusement park (kind of in between Buffalo and Rochester) when I'm visiting my parents, park, eat a horrible lunch, buy a craptastic made-in-China souvenir, and drive home again.

    Or, it's about the same as driving to the nearest ski place, park, buy the worst lift ticket, eat lunch and drive home again.

    There are an awful lot of crappy, annoying, dirty, smelly things you can do for the same cost as a day at Disney. Sure, there's the travelling to get there and all but at least you also get the pleasure of getting away for a bit, you know.
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  4. got2lovedisney

    got2lovedisney DIS Veteran

    Feb 9, 2004
    I think we spent more than that on our "budget" trip camping in Ocala National Forest. the campground was super's all the "prep" stuff that's needed that breaks the bank. (tent, beer, sleeping bags, lanterns, beer, flashlights, food, beer, etc.)

    $282 is also about the cost of a teeth cleaning and a rootcanal. Given the choice, which do you think I'd rather spend my money on???
  5. MyLittlePiglet

    MyLittlePiglet DIS Veteran

    Apr 19, 2006
    I look at it this way..... Less than going to a show or amusement park (great Adventure) but in this case you can have both in one place several times a day. For example go to Magic Kingdom just in Fantasyland go see show (Philharmagic) ride some rides and then go to the Pooh Play area and let the kids have a run "through the park"

    Cheaper than a baseball game (professional)

    cheaper than my husband and I going to dinner and that only last 1 1/2-2 hours max


    The point is that money gets you entertainment from the moment you wake up and wantto get out to the moment you want to go to sleep!!!!
  6. nbodyhome

    nbodyhome DIS Veteran

    Nov 15, 2005
    Everyone thinks of things different as far as value. To me, it's like someone trying to convince me that I should buy a purse for $50, when I'd never do that. Yet I will spend $100 or a little more per night to stay in Europe. It is what is valuable.

    There are many events and tickets that cost more than Disney, and a lot of places (like museums) that cost much less. My family took me to see Mame in DC for $82 or so per ticket - and parking was $15. It was worth it, a GREAT show. Maybe your relatives can whittle down the tickets, and not do the water parks, or not hop - it will save them some money.
  7. faindrops27

    faindrops27 I love free DDP but love going on cruises too! My

    Apr 29, 2005
    A root canal. Here in NY, a rootcanal is approximetly, 500, and some dollars. Cheap dental. You have. I wish.
  8. robsmom

    robsmom loved it so much we might go back

    Mar 9, 2001
    $47 per day is less than:

    the $82 a piece that i just paid for tickets to the lion king (or any other theater show/musical/concert)

    a night on the boardwalk at the shore if we eat and do rides

    a day touring many major cities if you spend $10-$15 admission per attraction and do 4 or 5 things.
  9. angwill

    angwill I just want to live at WDW!

    Apr 20, 2005
    A root canal how funny and so right you are and to think you can have the tooth pulled for $100. :rotfl2: I was once told by a dentist that 80% of root canals end up having to be pulled anyway. That one would convince me. lol

    Back to the subject. Why not buy a basic 5 day pass everyone and buy the TL ticket seperate. Price it out. I have always read that if you only need one waterpark or DQ day it is cheaper to buy them seperate. Remember you can always upgrade and/or add plusses or hoppers when you get to Disney within 14 days from first use.

    I know this is not what you asked but it may help to convince them if the base cost is about $45 less per ticket per person.
  10. lindakmonty

    lindakmonty He's like "OH NO YOU DIDN'T"

    Jun 24, 2005
    $47 a day... that is only a tank of gas, if that...and that would last me less than 3 days!! Memories made at WDW... priceless!! :)

    I just sold our 2nd hot tub and will use that $ for our next disney cruise!! :woohoo: who needs 2 hot tubs anyway!!
  11. shirleyb

    shirleyb I'm a lot funnier in real life.

    Jan 1, 2001
    Well, $47 per day, times a family of 5 or 6 times 5 or six days, and add the cost of food and lodgings, and yes, it is expensive, no doubt about it. Like someone else said, it's all about value -- some family members will feel they've gotten their money's worth, and others won't.

    You can't just look and say oh, $47 per day, I spend more than that on a tank of gas, because that families total cost is going to be waaaay more than that.

    Each family will ultimately have to make the decision on whether they can afford the cost of the Disney family reunion. I know in our family, we've always talked about having the family reunion at a local amusement park that's about $15 per day, and people have balked at the cost. So, we end up at the state park and attendance has dwindled year after year. . . .
  12. nicknamy1996

    nicknamy1996 Disney Junkie...

    Sep 17, 2001
    I am loving this thread!

    "Craptastic" :rotfl2:

    and... "beer,...,beer," God I miss camping!

    "root canal"

    And yep, at 47 dollars you can get your money's worth pretty easy. But I guess the problem could be doing it that many days in a row and for that number of people. If WDW was around the corner and cost me $47/day I would pick it over just about anything that came to town. (Circus, Disney on Ice, etc...heck, even a baseball game) I would go down to the arena to buy Circus tickets and think... "well for a couple of dollars more we could spend 12 hours in a Disney park" and I'd probably walk away.
  13. powellrj

    powellrj DIS Veteran

    Mar 2, 2003
    If you plan that will spend 10 hours a day at the parks, it works out to $4.70 an hour!
  14. bartleby1

    bartleby1 DIS Veteran

    Jun 1, 2001
    Well, I don't have a comparison, but you could downgrade the tickets (skip the hopping and water parks) and get 10 day tickets for $210 a piece. Then you could rationalize that it is only costing them $21 per day for admission! :cool1: Of course this means a larger hotel bill for a longer trip though....
  15. patsal

    patsal <font color=FF3399>I've discovered I don't need to

    Jul 10, 2001
    We have PAP's so that breaks down to about $15 or less per day at the parks, but if you add in the cost of plus features that we use it comes out to about $7.00 per thing that we do. But to fill in you question: WDW admission costs less than or roughly the same as four months of childcare.

    This is my last year of paying for childcare and I have to say I am excited that my previous daycare costs will now pay for a two week all inclusive vacation to WDW.
  16. Momerath

    Momerath Mouseketeer

    Jul 20, 2005
    My husband and I also like to vacation in Las Vegas (although I think those days are behind us with a little one coming along...). Anyway $47 would only last 30-60 minutes if that on cheap slot machines or a few minutes at a table game or a couple hours at a cheap show. At Disneyworld, you get entertainment all day for $47! Now, that's a bargain! :cool1:
  17. Nolcrest

    Nolcrest DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2000
    I use this analogy all the time to justify the cost to family.

    The price of a 5 day ticket is equivalent to an evening for 3 at our dinner theater.

    At least at Disney I get 5 days worth of fun instead of 3 hours at the theater.
  18. Redwitch

    Redwitch DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2006
    How about this...

    NASCAR race weekend @ Pocono
    2 Friday tickets $20.00
    2 Saturday tickets $50.00
    2 Pit Paddock Tickets $60.00
    2 Sunday Tickets $160.00
    3 nights hotel $419.43 (Comfort Inn :scared1: )

    And remind me again how much I'm paying for my Free Dining Trip????
  19. LizinSTL

    LizinSTL DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2006

    Cheaper than a long weekend at the shore?

    Cheaper than a couple days in Atlantic City?

    Cheaper than dinner and a Broadway show?

    FWIW, if you are only using 1 "plus" option, you should probably just pay out of pocket for TL rather than adding the options. 1 admission is less than $40/pp but adding the plus options is $50 plus tax.
  20. disney4us2002

    disney4us2002 Tagless by choice!!

    Jun 16, 2001
    The cost of 5 5-day hoppers are the same cost as my monthly mortgage payment.

    I'm not sure that's a comparison that will convince your family to go, but imho, all this per day pricing is unrealistic. They won't pay per day; they will have to upfront the cost all at once. Any members eligible for SoG or will you have enough to get group rates at the AllStars? People need to be prepared for the true cost - transportation, hotel (house rentals are way cheaper if you'll be offsite), food, and admission. Maybe suggest they begin a vacation account at their bank. With nearly two years to save, perhaps some will buy into it if it can be broken down into payments.
  21. KelNottAt

    KelNottAt <a href="" targ

    Oct 29, 2002
    Thanks, everyone.

    Yes, I see your points about only needing 1 Plus and buying it separately. I agree, good strategy.

    Likewise, I agree that the total cost is really the factor for everyone to consider. But, since these people will be staying for free (on us) in a DVC villa, their main expenses are admission, meals, and transportation.

    This question focused on admission because it's really the only thing that separates a WDW vacation from other types of trips we're considering. That is, meal and transportation costs exist no matter where we vacation. For comparison purposes, family members will either pay for WDW admission, OR allocate that budget to accomodations elsewhere. (Am I explaining that in an understandable way?)

    Thanks again! :thumbsup2 :wave:

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