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Apr 1, 2001
Making plans now for our Sept. trip, and want to be sure and get PS for some good restaurants.. tell me, what is your favorite place to eat..keep in mind we have 2 boys..3 and 7 with us !!
Thanks for all your help !! :)

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Nov 25, 2000
Chef Mickey's! Chef Mickey's!

It is very cool for kids (and adults) it is a buffet style, all of the characters are there, they take pictures with you, sign autgraphs, and play cool interactive songs, lots of fun...great desserts...It's a good time! :D

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Jan 20, 2001
We really like the Prime Time cafe at MGM. The food is good (I had some great salmon , while my husband had pot roast, and the kids had the Disney chicken strips). The 50's kitchen atmosphere, the waitstaff reminding you "no elbows onthe table", all were great fun. Our waiter Dale had the people who didn't clean their plates feeding each other their last bites of vegetables! We always try it.

We always do Chef Mickey's too. The fun starts taking the monorail to the Contemporary.

We tried the restaurant at the Living Seas at Epcot - while the food wasn't memorable, watching a shark eating his dinner while we were too was fun.

Our kids like the Garden Cafe (I think that's what it's called) in the Land at Epcot because it revolves. Also has characters. Food is family style, chicken, pot roast, and fried catfish. Different from somer of the fast food we eat the rest of the time.

Interstingly enough we have never made PS ressies for anything except the character buffet at Chef Mickeys. Luckey or ??? :)


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Mar 24, 2001
Our Favorite spots are Liberty Tavern, California Grill, and Tony's. Good Luck and have fun in September. 40 more days and we return to the magic.


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Apr 4, 2001
Try the Garden Grill character lunch in the Land
Pavailion @ Epcot. A later p.s. (1-1:30) and
chances are if they are not busy you'll get great
character interaction from Mickey, Chip and Dale.

Have a great time in Sept. We'll be going in July!!


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Apr 29, 2001
Chef Mickeys is the best to me. Im 29 and the minute I step into CM I feel 5 all over again. There is great food for adults and kids both, not to mention some of the best desserts in WDW.

p.s. If you go to chef mickeys you should try the parmesean mashed potatos(they are great) :D

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