EEEK! We're leaving in Two Weeks... A ? about HIFS


Earning My Ears
Sep 27, 2000
PANIC TIME! We're leaving for FL in two weeks!!

Is now the time to call/fax HIFS with certain room requests, or should I wait till a week before our arrival date? I've heard you can request a certain theme (kidsuite) and they'll try to accomodate that request. True?

We have two girls, ages are 3 and 9 months. We'd like a room close enough to the pool where we can walk back to our hotel room rather quickly, but not so close that the pool noise would interefere with a nap. Anyone have a good building suggestion for us?

Any other good tips about HIFS to know before we arrive?

Thanks! :)
It was so Great!! The themeing still puts a smile on my face!! :jester: It was a 1000's better than All Star Music Jazz now that was yucky!!:mad:

I remember building six was very hard to get to.

Since I have a bad knee we wanted a building we could drive up to. Then we would drive around to the lobby for breakfast!!:)

When you go to Breakfast,stay to the right,clear to the back,and go thru the glass door to the screened porch. this is the most relaxed place to eat!! and enjoy eating with your family!!:cool:
Don't have too much info for you here, but...

We stayed there in November '99, a few months after it opened. We had requested a Coca-Cola igloo theme, and got a Hi-C of the ugliest things I've ever seen painted on a wall. :rolleyes: But the kids thought it was fine, so I was glad most of all that they weren't disappointed. (They were just thrilled to have their own room!)

Not sure what room to request...don't remember our room number, but we were on the 4th floor or so, overlooking the rectangular pool. It was a bit of a hike to everything.
help us out....I leave in 7 days and would also like to know what rooms to request..I already asked for Disney themed and just need a bldg. number that would be close to the pool and lobby buffet area......thanks


When were were there in September 2000, they did not officialy 'assign' our room until were were physically at the hotel (I tried to call when we were about an hour away). Anyway...what they did for us was show us a map of the hotel and showed us what was available. We chose building #8 which is located right at the foot of the pool. It was also nice and close to the lobby. When the door was closed, you could not hear any of the noise from the pool. The kids room is in the back of the suite, anyway, so even when you open the door the pool noise (which is just the sound of the water) doesn't really filter back there.
When we were there in Feb we were in building #7 on the 1st floor. The location was GREAT, close to everything...... BUT, I would ask for a higher floor next time. Being on the ground floor, we had a lot of traffic passing by the room and you could hear the kids walking in front of the room.:)

We just got back and had requested a Disney Room also. We did get that and were given the choice of the 1st or 4th floor. We took the first, and we happy that we did so. My DS (4) is a bit of a dare devil and the 4th floor just made me nervous. We did not have any problem with people above us. We were in Building 14. This was right around the corner from one of the entrances to the pool, but not at the pool so my DD (2) could nap in peace everyday!! I think our room number was 1405, can't beleive I can't remember that for sure though!! There was also an easy back route to the dining room for the breakfast, though we did a few Character Breakfasts so we didn't eat there everyday. Hope this helps.
Building 11 was the one inside the square. There was no passing traffic since it went no where. The third floor and up would be quiet. The lobby is across the pool area but it was nice setting! If you like really quiet then maybe aroubnd the lap poll but then itr would be a walk to the kid pool.


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