DVC resales


Feb 1, 2002
We are looking to make our first purchase of DVC. We have really been focusing on the resales b/c of price and b/c we would like to purchase OKW. Is there any difference purchasing a resale rather than through Disney? Any other suggestions or comments would be much appreciated:)
Not to worry. We've bought 2 BWV resales. Disney treats resale buyers in the same fashion as direct purchasers except that you cannot make your initial reservations with resales until closing. Disney also offers some attractive financing opportunities as well.

GO FOR IT!!! Remember that each resale deal must be individually judged upon its own merits, i.e. banked points, dues negotiations,etc. Just think of buying a car; everything is negotiable!!!!;) ;) ;)
We originally bought at BWV from Disney. Just today we signed a contract on a resale at OKW. The broker was quite friendly and knowledgable. In fact, she told us she owns DVC at HH.

Go for it! There are some good deals out there.

Going home to BWV in 8 days :D
I've yet to hear anyone give a really good reason to pay the retail price for points directly from Disney when you can buy exactly the same thing from, for example, The Timeshare Store for much much less (you'll be able to buy more points this way and increase your vacation options greatly).
Do NOT buy retail. It is a BAD idea.
The only possible reason is if you can't afford the downpayment and need Disney's excellent financing options, such as Magical beginnings where they buy back some of your first year's points to offset the down payment. This is, of course, making the people who can least afford it pay more because the only way you can do Magical Beginnings is if you buy retail from Disney.
If the downpayment is not a problem, buy a resale.

It's not the down payment, it's the total cost...

We are in the process of buying two contracts, one Disney, and one other timeshare. We paid cash for the other timeshare, and wanted the DVD offer too because:
(1) The financing -- when we told our guide we might not buy, he came up with lower interest and lower monthly payments than the original offer.
(2) Magical Beginnings -- makes the cost comparable to most resales we've seen.
New points come soon anyway, and the other timeshare comes with 2 free weeks.
(3) DVD pays closing costs -- brings down the total cost.
(4) We wanted VWL because it is the smallest and may be hardest to get into.

So we went with DVD because the total cost isn't all that different, we need financing, and we got the resort we want...
I've bought 9 timeshare over the past few years (sold one) and also just signed a contract on another DVC points package. I have never bought retail. Having said that, DVC is likely the only timeshare I can think of where I'd even consider buying retail. Buying straight from Disney can make sense for the newer resorts and for smaller points packages. It also makes sense if you need to finance and don't have other viable options to do so. The difference between a resale and direct can be only a few hundred dollars for the newer resorts for smaller points packages and that may not be worth the hassle, even if it's still pretty easy. If you can save $1000 or more, then resale is much better. Resale is also the only way to go for resorts that are sold out. I do feel resale is best for most but not everyone. Add on packages are definitely a consideration through Disney directly.
If you are trying to add on a smaller contract 50-100, going through Disney is very quick and fast. Also, it is very hard to find a smaller point package(50-100) through re-sale. Going through Disney also gave us our same use yr. It took 5 minutes on the phone to complete the deal. I know using MB's we lose the first yr's pts, that wasn't a factor with us, but you will have them for the next "40 yrs" anyway. If you happen to get lucky and find a smaller contract through "re-sale", what are your chances of having same use yr?? And after closing costs,etc do you think you would be able to get the points for less than $62 each, like we did through MB"s??We didn't need financing, so it was cash add on.
And I would agree to use the re-sale route if I was looking for a larger contract (150-300pts). But even then you wouldn't get the same use yr in most cases.:D

I bought my original timeshare thru resale (I used the Timeshare Store and had no problems!) However, I was not able to find a 50 point add on for my use year at resale so I bought it via Disney. For really small things like the add on, by the time you pay the broker fees you don't really save much.


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